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11 August 2022

Stargate SG-1

Category: Adventure
Episode 15 of 22 | Season 2
Thu 11 Aug
2:00pm-3:00pm (1 hour)
Starts in 1 hour(s) 41 minutes
Subtitles Repeat
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3795 votes
A Matter of Time O'Neill and the team mount a rescue when fellow squad SG-10 is endangered by the gravitational pull of a black hole,. Unfortunately, opening the Stargate causes further complications, which put Earth at risk. Sci-fi adventure, starring Richard Dean Anderson

Category: Adventure

TVGuide.co.uk User Reviews

The entire series was filmed in widescreen, I know this because i have the series on DVD
Why   9:06am Sat 23 Jul Report Abuse

Gracee Southin
Love it
Dib   3:08pm Tue 12 Jul Report Abuse

Mitchell's addition to SG1 gave the series a much needed boost. This and "Atlantis" by far best sci fi on the box ????
Jimbo   5:28pm Tue 22 May Report Abuse

Agree, Spock
I do miss O'Neal. He was the linchpin of the series. I want him back!!!
Maz   7:08pm Wed 14 Aug Report Abuse

Used to be good
Then it went downhill fast once Richard Dean Anderson left.
Spock   10:22am Thu 8 Aug Report Abuse

Last Night's Episode
Love the character, Thor! I also appreciate the quality of acting by the Senator; he really is a piece of work! Love the throw away lines of humour (particularly) O'Neal's! Great show!
Maz   1:54pm Wed 15 May Report Abuse

Thank you
Thanks for not giving the plot away before this evenings Stargate SG-1. I appreciate it.
Maz   8:17pm Mon 13 May Report Abuse

Why is this under adventure and not sci-fi?
Jenks   8:08am Fri 25 May Report Abuse

Another Season Missed
What is it with Sky, the last time they showed Stargate SG1 they missed out Season 9, this time around they finished showing it at the end of season 9 and forgot about season 10 then replace it with Stargate Universe which was a flop that lasted 2 seasons.
uncletufty   2:03pm Thu 27 Oct Report Abuse

Better than Atlantis
Atlantis is easily the weakest, with mega 2 dimensional characters we know nothing about
Yaspaa   11:24am Thu 3 Jun Report Abuse

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