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30 June 2022

Silent Witness

Category: Detective/Thriller
Episode 4 of 5 | Season 20
Thu 30 Jun
10:40pm-1:05am (2 hours 25 minutes)
Starts in 13 hour(s) 57 minutes
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2922 votes
Covenant Feature-length episode. Father and son Bill and Frankie McAteer are killed in an apparent car accident on their way home from work at Billingsgate Market, but Nikki and Jack arrive to discover the younger man's body is riddled with bullets. Back at the Lyell centre, Clarissa summons her husband Max, a digital forensics expert, to help crack the case - and he uncovers disturbing video evidence showing a sexual encounter between Frankie, his girlfriend Becky and best friend Liam. Crime drama, starring Emilia Fox

Category: Detective/Thriller

TVGuide.co.uk User Reviews

Really enjoyed this series and it’s been good that the storyline has been maintained for 6 episodes rather than a new case each time. Can’t wait for the final part tonight
Mo   3:18pm Tue 7 Jun Report Abuse

Great stuff
Lol at some of the comments, it’s obviously very popular or it wouldn’t be on series 25 , I for one can’t wait
Granty1977   7:02pm Sat 21 May Report Abuse

Season 25?
Can't this implausible crap be put out of its misey?
Dawn   11:46am Sat 21 May Report Abuse

Amanda Burton
The only mystery here is how Burton managed to last so long. Her part could have been played by a plank of wood, for all the cmmitment and acting ability she bought to the role.
Ken   12:50pm Tue 29 Mar Report Abuse

They get worse each episode. Writers must be used to comics.
Davey   9:01pm Mon 4 Oct Report Abuse

Nothing new and refreshing. Tired old storylines.
Jenny   9:19pm Tue 21 Sep Report Abuse

This story was absolutely ridiculous. Who writes this stuff? It is not the bl**dy USA!
Martin   9:02pm Tue 7 Sep Report Abuse

Wait for series 9
These early series were renowned for the terrible acting of Amanda Burton. A plank of wood could not have shown less emotion or less acting ability.
Gran   1:43pm Tue 2 Jun Report Abuse

Theme music
Nmmewm series but if only they had dropped that haunting song.....gives me the creeps and adds nothing!
mazza   10:17pm Tue 15 Jan Report Abuse

Burnt body
I have seen this one before about the woman in the burnt out car. The close up on the slab was horrific to see and I remember how gory it was in the beginning. However that does not excuse the "cloud cuckooc plots they are showing in the new series.
don'tbelieveallyouread   11:32am Mon 26 Feb Report Abuse

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