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11 August 2022

Food Unwrapped

Category: Education/Science/Factual
Episode 3 of 6 | Season 16
Fri 12 Aug
3:15am-3:45am (30 minutes)
Starts in 5 hour(s) 14 minutes
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Kate Quilton uncovers something surprising about small hens' eggs, Matt Tebbutt tracks down where the bubbles in beer come from, and Jimmy Doherty investigates why supermarket burgers should not be eaten when the meat is still pink

Category: Education/Science/Factual

TVGuide.co.uk User Reviews

Ancient wheat flour
Can you buy the ancient, low gluten bread flour seen in last nights show?
Cazzieb   3:56pm Tue 5 Jul Report Abuse

mega airmiles
to discover what we already know... Hey, that's the way forward!
SchoolB   7:34am Tue 7 Jun Report Abuse

Feral Cheese
The programme mentioned a low fat British made alternative to Feta Cheese. What company makes this I missed the name.
KazB   9:05pm Mon 11 Jan Report Abuse

Is there nothing
the food industry doesn't tamper with? No wonder processed food is damaging our health! There's little "natural" left in it!!!
Fed Up Consumer!   11:42am Sat 18 Apr Report Abuse

Food unwrapped 150319
Do you really think we have no bacon or cheese in the UK?? Sandwiches will be as good ever! Your programme is a bit misleading for anyone who doesn’t think things through.
Rose   8:33pm Fri 15 Mar Report Abuse

The stepson no one wants to talk about...
Having worked in the food industry for a number of years, I have been witness to many of the issues raised by the Food Unwrapped team. It's actually refreshing to have an outsider report it to the public as many in the industry want to keep the issue quite as upset to the system causes severe problems leading to job loss and considerable financial loss. Thank you Food Unwrapped for bringing out to the open something no one wants to address.
K Ralston   7:09pm Tue 24 Mar Report Abuse

romanian wine
what was it called please
tony tt   9:08pm Mon 23 Feb Report Abuse

Patronising drivel.
GMPTE   9:04pm Mon 16 Feb Report Abuse

An uncovered beard in a food processing and packaging facility? Even visitors should not be allowed into this area without correct PPE.
Food Manuf pro   9:09pm Mon 12 Jan Report Abuse

Don't believe TV
Nothing is perfectly safe. Have everything in moderation plus plenty exercise and you'll be ok!
Fitness Trainer   12:21pm Mon 10 Feb Report Abuse

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