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Category: Soap
Episode 25 of 46 | Season 34
Mon 4 Jul
8:00am-9:00am (1 hour)
Starts in 6 hour(s) 38 minutes
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6691 votes
Violette tries her best to get clean in rehab, and is prepared to fight Ruby for custody of baby Harmony. However, a bad decision leads to devastating consequences for the sisters. Faith struggles to cope with Luka's diagnosis and considers joining a support group for parents of children with cancer, and turns to Dylan for comfort. After complaining to Will about his latest dating rejection, Ethan meets Fenisha at the vending machine. Starring Kelly Gough, Maddy Hill, Kirsty Mitchell and Jack Nolan

Category: Soap

TVGuide.co.uk User Reviews

Totally insensitive this school shooting story. The reality is horrendous without a dramatised fabrication. Take the programme off it has lost all credibility!
Hideous   9:21pm Sat 18 Jun Report Abuse

I absolutely love Casuty
Casualty is a really good ?? tv programme I love casualty so much
Fern casualty lover   7:08pm Sat 18 Jun Report Abuse

So not enjoying this anymore
Millymoo   7:00pm Sat 21 May Report Abuse

All about the staff and very little to do with the workings of the department. Too close connection with patients too. Since when would a member of staff tell a patient about her private life?
Sister   10:11pm Sat 12 Feb Report Abuse

Boring boring Casualty
Casualty has lost it! No good characters, uninteresting storyline, poor diction. Ugh! Where did it all go wrong?
Big Al   9:50pm Sat 11 Dec Report Abuse

Lost the plot
The most depressive episode yet. Bizarre!
holbyfan   10:02pm Sat 4 Dec Report Abuse

Pathetic music while I’m trying to watch the programme
Wasafan   9:34pm Sat 4 Dec Report Abuse

What a lot of dribble
I have never watched such a lot of crap that bares no resemblense to what is natural in the world today.
crap on tv   10:09pm Sat 27 Nov Report Abuse

What’s Happened?
I’ve been an avid watcher of Casualty for many years but recent episodes have been so slow and boring and I’ve ended up turning over. Same actors so can’t be them that’s at fault. Hope this blip is temporary!
TJ   10:53am Sun 19 Sep Report Abuse

Watched for the first time in ages, hardly recognise it, awful….
Old fan   8:56pm Sat 18 Sep Report Abuse

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