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27 January 2022

Bargain Hunt

Category: Leisure/Hobbies
Episode 6 of 32 | Season 56
Thu 27 Jan
11:15am-12:00pm (45 minutes)
Starts in 3 hour(s) 4 minutes
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Ardingly 5 Natasha Raskin Sharp is at Ardingly Antiques Fair in West Sussex, where David Harper and Raj Bisram help two teams find items of potential value to take to acution. Natasha also visits the Millennium Seed Bank and learns about a tree saved from the brink of extinction

Category: Leisure/Hobbies

TVGuide.co.uk User Reviews

Would be laughed at!
If I went into an antiques store and saw something at £150.00 and offered something like £90.00, I would get laughed at! I bet antiques are overpriced to allow for knocking the price downwards. How sad we live like this!
Deano   12:28pm Sun 16 Jan Report Abuse

Can we lose Ross and Hanson and replace them with the Krankies please.
Harry   12:19pm Thu 13 Jan Report Abuse

In that case,I hope the people in tkmaxx,have a we don’t care who you am,attitude.
Lizzie   3:46pm Tue 11 Jan Report Abuse

Shopping in TkMax and having a high opinion of yourself is a bit of a contradiction I would think.
Selfridgefan   9:46pm Fri 7 Jan Report Abuse

Phil serrell
He goes into tk maxx Worcester. He's a miserable man with a dont you know who I am attitude.
Wacca.   2:39pm Fri 7 Jan Report Abuse

Phil Serrell
In his defence he isn't the type of person who will demean himself by acting like a clown and faking jollity. There are enough others who will gladly do that.
Dave   9:57am Fri 7 Jan Report Abuse

He’s bored,we’re all bo…
Once again Phil Serrell,dragging his feet,hands behind his back,and pofaced,trailing behind his team.It must be a good days pay for him,otherwise,why does he even bother.
Lizzie   1:29pm Thu 6 Jan Report Abuse

Ridiculous BH format
What a crazy format BH had adopted. Not seen this for a while but it's crazy now. Why would you go to the bonus buy by video format ? Sheer madness, when two teams wishing the other team to loose money and Boo the others. Ridiculous idea.
Mr Blue Sky.   1:23pm Thu 6 Jan Report Abuse

Harper, Hanson and Hawley today. It can’t get any worse. Got the remote ready for when Hawley is on.
Harry   12:20pm Wed 5 Jan Report Abuse

Expert. Ex... a has been Spurt. A drip under pressure.
Martin   1:34pm Mon 3 Jan Report Abuse

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