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11 August 2022

Blue Bloods

Category: Police/Crime Drama
Episode 1 of 16 | Season 11
Thu 11 Aug
2:00pm-3:00pm (1 hour)
Starts in 2 hour(s) 11 minutes
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333 votes
Triumph Over Trauma Amidst a shifting political climate, Frank faces a battle with council speaker Regina Thomas at the city government over police brutality protests. Meanwhile, Jamie and his nephew Joe Hill work together to search for Danny and Baez, who have gone missing

Category: Police/Crime Drama

TVGuide.co.uk User Reviews

Blue Bloods forever!
I have watched each episodes over and over at least 20 times and I will continue to do so; this is such a fabulous program. Suspense and no gore; a huge bonus!
Helen   5:01am Thu 16 Jun Report Abuse

Where's it gone
Why did you take blue bloods off the 1pm/2pm slots? My wife and enjoy watching it while we have our lunch, as there are so many episodes were haven't seen! The best least you could do world be to put all seasons on catch up
101Snake   12:15pm Wed 23 Dec Report Abuse

This was played last week. Its a repeat again!
Joe   8:04pm Fri 9 Feb Report Abuse

Sunday dinner ritual
Really like blue bloods, brilliant... However, I'm surprised they don't all suffer from indigestion the rows they have at Sunday lunch haha... And I wish someone would show them how to use a knife and fork correctly rather than hold a fork like 2 year old and stab at food! No manners!
Dobbie   7:36pm Wed 21 Jun Report Abuse

beautiful blue
love this show cant wait for season 4.
kit   6:03pm Mon 21 Oct Report Abuse

Season3 blue blood
I love the series, especially the banter around the dinner table as a whole family. Jamie is so lovely. All of the players are excellent & real.
Soppy   12:41am Fri 4 Oct Report Abuse

Love blue bloods
Waltons meet nypd love it nite ma nite pa
Winnie   5:49pm Sun 22 Jul Report Abuse

what a brilliant programme
I love blue bloods, there's such a good mix of characters who work so well together and they make blue bloods what it is.. it's fantastic !!
shopaholic   10:08pm Tue 31 Jan Report Abuse

Doomed to die......
Awful contrived rubbish !!
Terrydaktil   2:29pm Fri 11 Feb Report Abuse

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