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18 August 2022

Blue Bloods

Category: Police/Crime Drama
Episode 6 of 16 | Season 11
Thu 18 Aug
2:00pm-3:00pm (1 hour)
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334 votes
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334 votes
The New Normal The Reagans confront hard choices when Frank deals with a police captain who is losing his grip over his precinct, and Danny faces backlash over a tough call he made in the field

Category: Police/Crime Drama

TVGuide.co.uk User Reviews

Blue Bloods forever!
I have watched each episodes over and over at least 20 times and I will continue to do so; this is such a fabulous program. Suspense and no gore; a huge bonus!
Helen   5:01am Thu 16 Jun Report Abuse

This was played last week. Its a repeat again!
Joe   8:04pm Fri 9 Feb Report Abuse

Sunday dinner ritual
Really like blue bloods, brilliant... However, I'm surprised they don't all suffer from indigestion the rows they have at Sunday lunch haha... And I wish someone would show them how to use a knife and fork correctly rather than hold a fork like 2 year old and stab at food! No manners!
Dobbie   7:36pm Wed 21 Jun Report Abuse

beautiful blue
love this show cant wait for season 4.
kit   6:03pm Mon 21 Oct Report Abuse

Season3 blue blood
I love the series, especially the banter around the dinner table as a whole family. Jamie is so lovely. All of the players are excellent & real.
Soppy   12:41am Fri 4 Oct Report Abuse

Love blue bloods
Waltons meet nypd love it nite ma nite pa
Winnie   5:49pm Sun 22 Jul Report Abuse

what a brilliant programme
I love blue bloods, there's such a good mix of characters who work so well together and they make blue bloods what it is.. it's fantastic !!
shopaholic   10:08pm Tue 31 Jan Report Abuse

Doomed to die......
Awful contrived rubbish !!
Terrydaktil   2:29pm Fri 11 Feb Report Abuse

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