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7 August 2022

Police Interceptors

Category: Education/Science/Factual
Episode 3 of 15 | Season 19
Sun 7 Aug
10:00pm-11:00pm (1 hour)
1591 votes
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1591 votes
Officers pursue a car with no insurance, no tax and a suspected banned driver behind the wheel, but as soon as the driver clocks the cops, he takes off and gives one unit the slip. Meanwhile, Sergeant Brian Blackmore and his team execute a dawn raid on a man who intel suggests is concerned in the supply of Class A drugs, and officers Chris and Lee embark on a high-risk rescue mission when they spot a broken down car in the fast lane on the M1

Category: Education/Science/Factual

TVGuide.co.uk User Reviews

Excellent show
It shows the difficulties faced in modern policing and some of the types of criminals that plague the nation. It also often demonstrates the failures of the CPS when said criminals are let off with a slap on the wrist. I'm guessing that the other 'reviews' on here are people who featured on the show at some point...
The General Public   4:54pm Wed 29 Jun Report Abuse

bob holness
i really love blockbusters
jeremy kyle   7:02pm Tue 15 Mar Report Abuse

media distortion...
I do wonder with these types of cop programs, if the media presence has an impact on their behaviour ? Thats a rhetorical question really - im sure it does - but i wonder how much ... how big is this skew.
ventriloquist   5:40pm Mon 18 Oct Report Abuse

I have just been watching police interceptors. I am a law abiding citizen but I have to question the severity of an £80 fine given to a poor chap (who had been verbally abused by a man in a van) for sticking his finger up! I mean...please... SURELY the police have worse offenders to spend their time on. I am even more shocked to find that it is indeed an offence to stick your finger up at someone in public! Whatever next??
Loulou39   9:01pm Fri 17 Sep Report Abuse

Emily Freeman
It's about time that this silly little girl grew up. Her whole attitude is condescending. She should also learn to speak properly. "Oy mite," doesn't sound very professional, does it. Police should never call anyone in such familiar terms. I cringe every time I see and hear her. I reckon she has only been included in the "team" to appease the feminists.
Not part of the Emily Freeman fan club   7:26pm Wed 28 Jul Report Abuse

Big kids in uniforms & there fast toys
I know coppers have a job to do but why do they all have to speak in such a sanctimonious manner. For christ sake, they really do believe there're better than everyone else. Its a job, get on with it without being a sarcastic moron.
Real Career 1992   8:40pm Mon 21 Jun Report Abuse

Out of Order
what i didn't like is the way the coppers were laughing at his answers. would they still have been laughing when they knocked on the door to tell the parents of a child there son has been killed by an unlicenced, uninsured elderly gentleman!!!!!!
Jimmy   12:54pm Tue 12 Jan Report Abuse

One rule for one, and one for others
Think when I get old I'm going to just say, I'm not paying for Tax, Insurance, Mot or licence as its all too expensive and see if I get a lift home and my shopping Carried in, yeah I noticed that too, yet we get pulled and fined for EVEN a slightly looking 'show'plate or a light out!
Mitzi   12:42pm Tue 12 Jan Report Abuse

oioi can u get some of da shows on dat was filmed in newcastle
dj deadpool (google it)   3:38am Wed 12 Aug Report Abuse

Irritating Presenter
Get rid of the Annoying woman present, she is painful to watch and ruins the show GET RID OF HER PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE!!!
ainsley Cheshire   2:07pm Sun 26 Apr Report Abuse

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