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Deadly 60

Category: Children's/Youth
Thu 23 Jun
2:55pm-3:00pm (5 minutes)
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Category: Children's/Youth

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When is deadly 60 on usually what day and time
The questionier   2:47am Sun 5 Mar Report Abuse

the best
you are best i love your tv show
paige   3:17am Fri 31 May Report Abuse

I love the program but it sometimes drones on and on and then frankly gets a bit boring. I an a fan but make it more intresting man!!!
sss   1:59pm Thu 9 May Report Abuse

deadly 60
your show is alright but i am not a big fan xxx
nnnnnnx   10:57am Wed 22 Aug Report Abuse

deadly planet
in deadly planet add a jauguar
big al   3:00pm Sat 18 Aug Report Abuse

the hunting kestrel
loved the video but the kestrel was female not male =)
gizmo   6:47pm Wed 2 May Report Abuse

i love deadly 60 and would love to go to a live and deadly show like my friend she also got his autograph.the best one is where he is in the amazon rainforst
meg   1:17pm Sat 3 Sep Report Abuse

deadly 60
i love watching deadly 60 it's my favourite...
monster   9:50pm Sun 3 Jul Report Abuse

what would you do if you came face to face with a massive stealthy couger
brandon   1:03pm Mon 21 Feb Report Abuse

i like deadly 60 and i watch it every day
nick   7:53am Fri 11 Feb Report Abuse

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