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6 July 2022

Great British Railway Journeys

Category: Education/Science/Factual
Episode 14 of 15 | Season 12
Wed 13 Jul
4:00am-5:00am (1 hour)
4404 votes
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4404 votes
Blaenau Ffestiniog to Barmouth In the Welsh mountains of Snowdonia, Michael Portillo reaches an abandoned mine with an art-related history. He also explores the harbour town of Porthmadog, and the fantasy village Portmeirion, crafted by architect Bertram Clough Williams-Ellis, and made famous by The Prisoner TV series

Category: Education/Science/Factual

TVGuide.co.uk User Reviews

Great RailwayJourneys
Fabulous programme - Michael Portillo is brilliant - so interesting and can be quite funny. We all really enjoy his various trips - very informative and well filmed. Beats tripe like Eastenders and Corrie. Love his outfits. He is a touch of fresh air.
Daisy   8:25pm Tue 15 Mar Report Abuse

Botty Portillo
Another glut of tripe from Botty.
simon   5:08pm Sat 18 Dec Report Abuse

Not another
pink shirt presenter. Jobs for the "boys" TV !!!
Campaign4BetterTV   11:13am Fri 26 Mar Report Abuse

Have mercy
Please, please etc use your air time to broadcast something other than Sweetie Portillo. I hesitate to think what inducements he's offered to the schedulers but really, enough's enough.
simon   7:46pm Fri 22 Jan Report Abuse

Have mercy
How much longer will we be fed a diet of sweetie Portillo? What inducements id he offering to the programmers?
simon   7:04pm Thu 14 Jan Report Abuse

Dreadful music
Love Portillos journeys,but oh,the boring music is so off putting...
Rosy   8:44pm Thu 28 Jan Report Abuse

missing episode
why wasn't the advertised episode on on Wednesday the 27th.january 2016
snowie   4:09pm Thu 28 Jan Report Abuse

Episode not shown
Why was episode for 27 th jan 2016 not shown and when will it be shown
Kj   9:23am Thu 28 Jan Report Abuse

Balcombe Tunnel Murder
Really found the part about the railway murder on the train very interesting! Has a book been written about this case
Charles   7:22pm Mon 18 Jan Report Abuse

Great British Railway Journeys.
I really like Michael Portillo. He always has a smile on his face & it makes me smile too. He knows a lot about the railways almost as much as George Bradshaw. I am sure Mr Portillo must enjoy presenting this great programme more than being in parliament
SueQ1   6:23pm Sun 5 Oct Report Abuse

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