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24 January 2022

Homes Under the Hammer

Category: Leisure/Hobbies
Episode 48 of 80 | Season 24
Mon 24 Jan
11:15am-12:15pm (1 hour)
Starts in 21 minutes
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Dion Dublin is delighted with the quirky original features he finds in a house in Staffordshire, and Tommy Walsh meets a sports insurer who is keen to try out his DIY skills on an end-of-terrace in Suffolk. Martin Roberts, meanwhile, is surprised by the extra benefits that come with a pair of old garages in south London

Category: Leisure/Hobbies

TVGuide.co.uk User Reviews

When she says things need updated,instead of saying things need updating,it drives me potty.Grrr!
Lizzie   11:39am Fri 10 Dec Report Abuse

He needs to get a new coat and a size up.
Jess   11:49am Fri 3 Dec Report Abuse

dion dublin
Tom   9:45am Fri 22 Oct Report Abuse

Dion Out.
Another nonsensical remark from Dion on today’s program. “ now this is a double bedroom, do you know how I know that ? There’s a double bed in it “ More of our money being spent on wasteful presenters.
Broomy   10:35am Tue 19 Oct Report Abuse

Does anyone listen
Reading all these scathing reviews of DD and MM (which I really agree with) I wonder if anyone from the BBC is listening or don‘t they care? They don‘t seem to take much notice of what the viewers think. So sick of DD telling me “this is the bathroom, this is the kitchen“ etc. …. duh … can see that. And no, I’m not interested in hearing him talk about his football career either. Where‘s the developer‘s take on what we all can see? That‘s what Lucy used to give us. As for Martell‘s hands …. no comment!
Jen   7:24am Fri 8 Oct Report Abuse

Why does Martin speak to the buyer like he doubts what they are saying. He's so annoying like he's calling them liars.
Bridget   10:41am Tue 28 Sep Report Abuse

Wrong town
Lengthy introduction telling us about Sheffield but Kiveton Park isn't in Sheffield. It's been part of Rotherham ever since there's been a Borough.
NeilL   10:22am Thu 16 Sep Report Abuse

I wish Martin would smarten himself up he looks like a tramp.
Sue   10:08am Sat 21 Aug Report Abuse

I usedcto love this program but since they have employed Martel it's gone done hill why o why dose she have wave her arms and hands about so much. If I'm watching now I record it and fast forward when she is on
Cabbage patch kid   9:12am Tue 17 Aug Report Abuse

Ocd presenter
That woman Martel who replaced the charming Lucy should be replaced as soon as possible. She is a severe case of ocd and should be treated in an asylum in stead of presenting. She is unable to speak a sentence without waiving her hands. Like a lame bird that tries to fly. Such a bird is pityful; she is horrific.
Lucy admirer   10:19am Wed 16 Jun Report Abuse

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