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18 August 2022


Category: General
Episode 32 of 55 | Season 26
Thu 18 Aug
5:15pm-6:00pm (45 minutes)
Starts in 2 hour(s) 39 minutes
Subtitles Repeat
4206 votes
by TVGuide.co.uk users
4206 votes
Quiz in which contestants try to score the fewest points possible by giving the least obvious correct answers to questions. Presented by Alexander Armstrong, with Richard Osman

Category: General

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In the final it should be that every category should have 3 or more pointless answers. Tonights category where Peter and Gordon was the only pointless answer was in my opinion pointless.
Gizmokatz   5:02pm Mon 20 Jul Report Abuse

You've got some real anger issues here Rodney. Maybe if you turned it all off, had a lie down & watched the clouds for a bit your teeth would stop grinding.
your friend   1:50pm Sun 19 Jul Report Abuse

We need Xander to repeat the questions so we can understand. Richard needs to tell us what they could have picked because we need to see his smug face.
kb   12:29pm Fri 17 Jul Report Abuse

How to watch pointless
I.Turn sound off for whole of first round with its senseless banter. 2.Turn sound off for any round involving foodd (mmm...) or animals (ahhh...) 3.Turn off completely if two men get to the final because they will answer the turgid sport question.
Rodders   11:53am Fri 17 Jul Report Abuse

groundhog day
Got to the point when you know all the answers now, all the results & all the banter. Crying out for a new series!
locked in   2:11pm Thu 2 Jul Report Abuse

Getting very stale
It seems to be all repeats and it is very same old same old now.
Fran   12:13pm Tue 30 Jun Report Abuse

Both presenters are on auto pilot now, Armstrong reaching deeper into his bag of smarm, Osman trying to upstage him at every opportunity. They're both better than this.
nostalgic mick   8:48pm Sun 21 Jun Report Abuse

still waiting
Would you accept the fact that you got it wrong, or is my whole question pointless?
Big fat Joe   9:20am Thu 18 Jun Report Abuse

I previously entered a comment concerning a mistake about the singer Adele's birth decade. Why did you not post it?
Big fat Joe   8:37pm Tue 16 Jun Report Abuse

Time to move
time To move this show to the Challenge channel. Presenters are past their sell by date
Mick   4:46pm Tue 14 Apr Report Abuse

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