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16 January 2022


Category: Education/Science/Factual
Episode 2 of 52 | Season 2022
Tue 18 Jan
12:15am-1:15am (1 hour)
Subtitles Repeat Sign Language

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Farmers tan
The BBC weather presenters have to wear a chequered shirt with arms rolled up for this programme, even more bull.
Harry   7:49pm Sun 14 Feb Report Abuse

Oh Dear
One of the presenters, a lady of colour, was in some woods near London and happened to mention something in those woods was believed to be around 8,000 years old!!!!!!!!!!!! What is she on?
MammaMia   7:22pm Sun 10 Jan Report Abuse

may i ask what was the music played while ellie harrison and simon king were watching deer on the estate in bristol
mo   6:30pm Wed 30 Dec Report Abuse

box ticking seems to have taken over from programme content and quality these days. Disappointing viewing.
The Voice of Reason   5:56pm Sun 2 Aug Report Abuse

Patronising beyond belief
This used to be an interesting program, especially with John Craven. But who is your target audience now?... CBBC??
JB   6:18pm Sun 26 Jul Report Abuse

Name of teal coloured flowers
Please could you tell me the name of the plant with teal coloured flowers seen in the Wales plant centre ( sorry cants remember exact name of location )
Catherine   7:18pm Sun 17 May Report Abuse

Oh dear.
Shame one of the presenters thinks she is talking to the under fives. Are you listening AR?
Jacki   3:08pm Mon 19 Mar Report Abuse

Annual Photo Comp
Much as I like the show I do not appreciate the judges mickey taking of the entrants work. Jo Brand, comedienne does not provide any knowlegeable input whatever and its not fair to put down peoples efforts in order to raise a laugh. It spoilt an otherwise well connect nature programme.
doubletake   2:26pm Mon 3 Sep Report Abuse

the only prog of its kind that I know of. Very informative with an easy going style that keeps you interested. On the whole the presenters are ideal.
doubletake   7:23pm Sun 22 Jul Report Abuse

Ruined Castle, Where?
Someone was talking & I missed the name of ruined castle(:-(( Don't really want to watch whole prog' again on I player. Anyone out there know where it is?
Ellude   7:34pm Sun 20 May Report Abuse


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The Cairngorms Sean Fletcher is in the snowy Cairngorms as the programme marks the centenary of the death of the legendary explorer Ernest Shackleton. In this mesmerising yet unforgiving landscape, Sean meets adventurer Mollie Hughes, who crossed the Antarctic following in Shackleton's footsteps - and discovers just how tough it is to train and trek in some of the harshest conditions in the UK. Sean also meets two scouts who are preparing to go on a Shackleton expedition, and learns some vital survival tricks. Plus, catching up with young naturalist Xander who is on a mission to help save the Northern Damselfly, while Adam Henson discovers the damage growing numbers of deer are causing to farmers. Tom Heap investigates the cost of renewable energy to rural homes

Category: Education/Science/Factual

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