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Thu 27 Jan
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Hundreds of miles of our highways have been turned into 'smart motorways', which use technology to keep vehicles flowing. However, critics say this has contributed to the number of deaths on the roads. This month, the government announced a pause in the rollout of new smart motorways while safety concerns are investigated. So are smart motorways really dangerous - and how do we make them safer? Ginny Buckley investigates

Category: News/Current Affairs

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Not the full Story
Cannot understand why the most important information is not included in this programme. If you accept 23000 patients on your books and you know you cannot provide a reasonable level of service then why are you taking on so many patients (I think the annual patient fee paid to GP surgery's for every patient on their books may have a lot to do with it). We are told this GP practice has 24 GP's but are they full time GP's? My GP Surgery has 9000 patients in their books and 9 GP's. Not one of those 9 GP's work full time. So it's easy to see why the service we get is so poor. Let's remember that in 1948 when the NHS was launched it cost £500million for year one and serviced 52 million people. You could see a GP on the same day if you needed help, if you could not get to the surgery your GP completed a home visit. Fast forward 72 years, increase the population to 67.6million and inject an additional £156.5 BILLION of funding and what do your get?? I can see my GP unless its an emergency (they do not do home visits) and if its an emergency I'm informed to call 999 or go to A&E. The NHS is a failure it's that simple.
JackDan.   7:52pm Thu 13 Jan Report Abuse

No sympathy for the trades
Both my son's wanted to be painters and decorators, plumbers or sparkles and not one company had an apprenticeship or offered to train them up. 2 great lads let down. Both found alternative work and been there since they felt school, they're 27 and 31 now, they would have been great employees in the jobs they really wanted when younger.
Al D anything   6:54pm Thu 22 Jul Report Abuse

Its Not
Please refrain from calling it 'Boris Johnsons Government'. It is OUR Government Boris happens to be the leade
Alan   6:53pm Thu 10 Jun Report Abuse

Very one sided
Although I found the program interesting I believe it presented only one side of a far bigger story of which the program creators neglected to address. The positives far outweigh the negatives and both should of had a equal opportunity during the program to be presented for consideration and discussion.
MarkB   10:09pm Sat 22 May Report Abuse

One sided
Surely programmes like this should be providing a balanced view of escooters. Try talking to privately owned scooter owners who treasure their escooters and who would not be leaving them laying across pavements.
JW   8:41am Fri 21 May Report Abuse

What a load of trollop.
Very biased show. Not worth the watch. Some of the worst journalisms I’ve ever watched. Very very poor.
Derrick   8:55am Thu 20 May Report Abuse

I get so fed up when these so called professionals say you cannot lose weight on dieting alone and that you need to exercise. They never consider people like myself who cannot do any of the normal exercises due to extreme osteoarthritis, it annoys me intensely as there is never any examples of people like that and what sort of exercise they could do so cine on get inclusive .
Alibar   10:54pm Fri 30 Apr Report Abuse

Zoom close up
They actually used a zoom close up during an interview on this programme.??????
Stateofplay   8:02pm Thu 4 Feb Report Abuse

Prev comm
You need to get some help and support for both your sakes. Your son may have underlying issues.
beenthere   12:40am Fri 17 Jul Report Abuse

I worried about my son anger issues problems because of the PlayStation. Refusing to listening, getting voilent.I am scared sometimes
MURRAY   6:59pm Thu 16 Jul Report Abuse

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