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26 January 2022


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Wed 26 Jan
10:25pm-10:30pm (5 minutes)
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Category: News/Current Affairs

TVGuide.co.uk User Reviews

How stupid!
Using reviews for a third rate TV series for a first rate film. Someone needs a good kicking!
Jonjo   1:12pm Fri 22 May Report Abuse

exeter X'mas light switch on
Does anyone know how I can view yesterday's (Tues 16th Nov 18:30) spotlight again? My daughter was in the crowd when they talked about the Exeter Christmas Light swith-on & firewords! :)
Law   7:51pm Wed 17 Nov Report Abuse

Liven it up
Now ITV local news is pretty much dead and gone, please liven up Spotlight its dull dull dull, always seems it is done to the same formula and no variation, everyone on screen looks bored - so are we the viewers!!
pikey   9:48am Mon 16 Feb Report Abuse

Low standards at BBC
If you are Mr Leigh from Spotlight then you have just highlighted how bad the standards are now at the BBC Here is the correct spelling of appreciated.
Dewan Kerlott   7:22pm Fri 10 Oct Report Abuse

i am justin leigh, it saddens me my work is so under appreaciated :'(
juzzers   6:29pm Tue 26 Aug Report Abuse

Westcountry has higher viewing figures you are right, Spotlight is BAD!!!
Mr Hanky   4:55pm Wed 25 Jun Report Abuse

Look at the ratings!!
Says it all
bob the waste management control engineer   10:18pm Wed 7 May Report Abuse

Westcountry Live - so much better!
Who watches this rubbish? Get some new presenters and ditch the over long amateur VJ crap that is of interest to only the person being filmed, i know its cheap to film and produce but what happened to the BBC standards-and you want more from me in my licence fee?
M Grade   10:33pm Fri 18 Apr Report Abuse

Poor Bad Dull Boring
ITV are the best at local news wherever you are in the country
soundy   12:43pm Wed 5 Mar Report Abuse

why waste the licence fee on this
very patronising and dull -watch ITV instead
rat a tooooie   8:23pm Fri 15 Feb Report Abuse

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