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11 August 2022

Traffic Cops

Category: Education/Science/Factual
Episode 10 of 12 | Season 11
Thu 11 Aug
8:00pm-9:00pm (1 hour)
Subtitles Repeat
1099 votes
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1099 votes
Derbyshire officers pursue a suspected drug driver along one of the county's busy motorways during rush hour. When arrested the driver says he didn't know it was the police following him, and on the way to custody his behaviour becomes erratic. In the Peak District, police respond to an incident involving a middle-aged drunk woman who has crashed her car into a farmer's wall and then tried to drive away on three wheels

Category: Education/Science/Factual

TVGuide.co.uk User Reviews

Our wayne
Which episode is Wayne Couzens on?
Sarah E   6:44pm Tue 28 Dec Report Abuse

wrong episode / series
tvguide .. you are continually posting the wrong series episode listed.. it's annoying...
ello ello ello   1:12am Tue 13 Jul Report Abuse

wrong episode
channel 5 list a different series / episode to you e.g. on their site its s9 ep. 14 NOT series 7 as you are listing
fix up   7:42pm Tue 27 Apr Report Abuse

So fake.
Why is this waste of air time being shown at prime time? It does not warrant a showing at all.
Plod   1:50pm Mon 26 Oct Report Abuse

Vehicle recognition!!
Fancy a traffic cop not knowing the difference between a Rover Metro, and a Renault Modus, and what sloppy proof reading for the programme!!!
cpochin   7:52pm Mon 7 Apr Report Abuse

comments of traffic cops
traffic cops are paid by people so that they are not able to be arrested.
kwazi   9:00pm Thu 12 Sep Report Abuse

Would i be o.k to drive after
16 ciders, a vodka and 3 bottles of wine. I only want to nip to the chippy?
edna   8:01pm Fri 23 Aug Report Abuse

The simplest comment I can make is how unprofessional our British police are. Some don't seem able to communicate properly. Very low standards mean law enforcement is low.
Chessman   11:52am Thu 16 Aug Report Abuse

It's just propaganda
Nothing is real here.
Bill   2:24pm Tue 14 Aug Report Abuse

thought it was heavy handed to confront an old man who picked up a discarded cat scratching post and made him put it back and then accused him of drinking. His breath test showed zero, infact he was diabetic. When that didn't work they tried to find fault with his vehicle to no avail. Some policing that was. We can all rest easy...not.
doubletake   11:35pm Thu 19 Jul Report Abuse

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