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19 August 2022

Channel 4 News

Category: News/Current Affairs
Fri 19 Aug
7:00pm-8:00pm (1 hour)
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3196 votes
Including sport and weather

Category: News/Current Affairs

TVGuide.co.uk User Reviews

Excellent investigative journalism and engine reporting style
Offers more depth and alternative opinions to other news channels - helps to watch a combination that includes channel 4 news
Sharon   5:43pm Fri 23 Oct Report Abuse

Excellent news
Always covers stories that other news channels don’t. Cover each item fully with interviews and good investigative reports
Dom   5:58pm Sun 9 Aug Report Abuse

Channel 4 News Is Excellent
Other news programmes should be watching and learning, brilliant journalists with something to say. Keep up the good work.
Hrv   6:06pm Wed 15 Dec Report Abuse

Real News
One of the few real news programmes on television. Excellent.
Jo   6:11pm Mon 6 Dec Report Abuse

The News
John Snow reading extracts from today's Guardian newspaper.
Dubs   7:13pm Tue 14 Sep Report Abuse

A plague on both your houses
The news for the angst-ridden Liberal left...not that the Tories are any less obnoxious.
Nasty Nickname   7:18pm Thu 2 Sep Report Abuse

best news prog on uk tv.
I have also met Jon Snow, didn't like him either. Zeinab Badawi was my fave, hot & spicy!
cronx   8:26pm Tue 24 Aug Report Abuse

problem with news cast
in the net i am unable to access the news as before. sometimes it would not play at all other times not full script of the news is played e.g. fri. 20 aug.10 7.00 pm news. the cast started from middle-east section rather trhan from the english defence leage. furthermore, a lot of the time at the end the weather is lost.
ahmed   7:19pm Sat 21 Aug Report Abuse

Snow Job
I met Jon Snow once.. no wait .. I'm wrong. What I mean is I saw a rotting dog in a sewer.
Jimmy   7:43pm Tue 27 Jul Report Abuse

Jon Snow and the gang continue to lead the charge on behalf of the middle class left....long may you keep on tilting at those windmills.
Don Q.   8:01pm Mon 26 Jul Report Abuse

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