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Mon 15 Aug
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In-depth current affairs report covering a story behind the headlines

Category: News/Current Affairs

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With every one of these examples of mankind's destruction I am more convinced that the root cause of every problem is that there are too many people in the world. Can you think of a single advantage to our current population?
Tog   7:38pm Mon 22 Feb Report Abuse

There's no better investigative journalism programme
As per usual, a sensitive issue has been dealt with in an engaging, educational, and balanced way...excellent.
Truthseeker   9:12pm Mon 18 Jan Report Abuse

A Country Headed by Thieves and Liars
I do not forget easily and shall certainly not forgive our corrupt MP's. We, 'the people' would be in court for they have done. One rule for 'us' a totally different one for them.
Nelly the Elephant   7:45pm Mon 7 Dec Report Abuse

"Always", "Useless"
always always always always useless useless useless useless
Microsoft Paperclip   8:43am Mon 7 Dec Report Abuse

People only have themselves to blame for debt. What idiot goes to a loan shark when they know they can't pay back. And they blame the loan shark for giving them a bad life!!!
...   9:00pm Mon 16 Nov Report Abuse

dis prog 2daze wuz abt da loinshux wot teryorize dem peeps wot corzed da credy crunch. Fairy nuff sez i.
Klein   8:54pm Mon 16 Nov Report Abuse

Repeat repeat repeat
I saw this programme in the early hours of this morning and they're repeating it again this evening. What is going on? The main channels repeat programmes so often nowadays, one could die of boredom watching more than 30 minutes in 24 hours. It's pathetic and cheapskate and we should all be objecting.
Hi   11:14pm Thu 5 Nov Report Abuse

Freed to Offend Again
Our lieing government hiding the number of serious crimes committed so the figures don't look so bad ... Guy Faulkes had the right idea
Grumpy Oldman   12:56am Fri 30 Oct Report Abuse

How come they let you out of the asylum?
True Blue   2:15pm Sun 25 Oct Report Abuse

Why so racist, Britain?
The culture of violence we have in this country is sickening. You look at these people and the mind boggles. How can they possibly think what they are doing is acceptable? They think it's cool to victimise people based on some irrelavent difference and yet they don't realise just how sad and pathetic they are. It's all bravado. Have you noticed how the rarely behave this way without a crowd of equally moronic, gormless layabouts to applaud them? Seeing this sort of behaviour makes me deeply ashamed of this country. These idiots are claiming British pride when all they are doing is making a mockery of it. They claim that "pakis" come over here and take our jobs and yet at the same time argue that they come over here and abuse the benefit system. So which is it Mr Racist? For one thing, if every non caucasian-British person were to leave this country, the economy would be worse than it already is. The NHS would collapse as most medical proffesionals are of a different cultural origin. As for the benefit system. Well, these same violent morons who are hostile towards "foreigners" often brag about being on the welfare system. It's young single mothers and young men who won't get jobs who are crippling this countries finances. How pathetic, childish and petty it is to discriminate against someone because their skin has a different pigmentation to theirs because that is what racism essentially is. You may as well discriminate against someone because they're eyes are green and yours are blue.
Hannah   1:22am Fri 23 Oct Report Abuse

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