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17 January 2022

Foyle's War

Category: Detective/Thriller
Episode 3 of 4 | Season 3
Fri 14 Jan
10:05pm-12:10am (2 hours 5 minutes)
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Try watching the content of an excellent series instead!
ria b   9:04am Sun 7 Dec Report Abuse

Bad Mistakes
Routemaster buses 15 years too early, too many white painted and even uvpc windows. Everything was black, brown, green and cream then. Oh, and too many iron railings. They were taken to make armaments. The production team need to study these things. I know it is difficult but "could do better!"
LondonRT   9:35pm Sat 6 Dec Report Abuse

Great detective show
This show is exceptionally well done. It makes you think. It is not about special effects more about good values. Acting is well done.
Boccigallupo   5:35pm Wed 6 Aug Report Abuse

Action Vehicles....
... suplied by Stephen Carroll (hang your head in shame!) - so it was filmed in Ireland. @avud quizzer - difficult to enjoy when such things are wrong. Agree with Harry totally.
Mr Neutron   10:57am Fri 31 May Report Abuse

Foyles War
Brilliant production, make some more!
A Fan   7:54pm Sun 14 Apr Report Abuse

Its Not Real!
I would suggest trying to enjoy the drama without the pedantic comments.
avud quizzer   10:13am Tue 9 Apr Report Abuse

Foyles War
Kitchen probably the best actor I have ever seen in a TV series but the vehicle props are a disgrace...not one car seen has even a made up believable registration number, modern accessories abound and the cars are simply not "right". At least get your cars from a source that hasn't robbed them all of their proper registration numbers....or don't have them at all !
Harry.   8:28am Tue 9 Apr Report Abuse

Obviously kept the best one till last. This one was similar to last series. However that Sam is so irritating now, especially her vowels.
avid quizzer   11:57pm Sun 7 Apr Report Abuse

Thank you!
For bringing Foyle back. I know some errors are present, perhaps the plots need 'tweaking' in later series; but Michael Kitchen is wonderful in this role and does us proud. Long live Foyle's War and here's to many more series!
Jackie   6:08pm Fri 5 Apr Report Abuse

Foyles War
Hard work watching it, but i'm trying hard. That Routmaster bus shouldn't be there.
Fozbox.   10:29am Mon 1 Apr Report Abuse


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Fifty Ships The year is 1940, and Sam is made homeless when a bomb destroys her boarding house, alerting Foyle to a system of organised looting around Hastings. However, when a corpse is found on the beach, the investigation brings the team into conflict with British attempts to secure vital American aid for the war effort. Police drama, starring Michael Kitchen, with Anthony Howell and Honeysuckle Weeks

Category: Detective/Thriller

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