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17 May 2022

The Bill

Category: Police/Crime Drama
Episode 1 of 94 | Season 20
Sat 14 May
9:00am-10:00am (1 hour)
3498 votes
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3498 votes
Trust Means Nothing The race is on to find Cathy, who has abducted Brandon's kids and gone missing, and when a number of leads amount to nothing, it becomes clear she is giving her colleagues the runaround. To make matters worse, the story is leaked to the press, infuriating Supt Okaro and putting the team under extra pressure to find the psychotic cop. Away from that little drama, Smithy remains convinced that the truth should come out about Gabriel's parentage, and Gina is given the perfect opportunity to tell all when June confides that she gave up a son for adoption years before. Can the inspector bring herself to spill the beans?

Category: Police/Crime Drama

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this is bob's review .
the Bill's decision time ......was a very interesting, watching its story unfold. And at the end i expected more cos i got into the story ,but it ended .
bobhazimb   6:03pm Sun 23 Jan Report Abuse

no subtitles on part 2, of Great Responsibility
fedup   12:11pm Wed 13 Oct Report Abuse

Prev comm
I agree with you. They don't make them like it anymore. The early ones are even better if you get the chance.
reuben   2:13pm Wed 12 Apr Report Abuse

The bill is so good that I watch it all the time I am not at school
Pp   11:02am Wed 12 Apr Report Abuse

A big bowl of anus soup.
HA! HA! HA! unbelivable stories and MFI school of acting level performances - what a load of absolute pish . GFR.
Ricardo   5:00pm Fri 14 Feb Report Abuse

where 's the Old Bill gone?
I sat down today Mon.Jan 6th to enjoy my favourite programme and find its all changed and there's such a stupid story line. Bring back the Old Bill I cry!
Jinnie   8:36pm Mon 6 Jan Report Abuse

fab show
fab show
dale   1:07pm Fri 6 Dec Report Abuse

No bill
A family refuse to pay for their gas and write to the company giving them a piece of their minds
Duck bill   10:45am Fri 27 Sep Report Abuse

the bill
i would like to see it again in 2013
peter   10:02pm Thu 23 May Report Abuse

lost its way years ago
the best thing that happened is when it was put down.
get real   10:01pm Sun 2 Jan Report Abuse

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