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19 August 2022

Sue Thomas: FBEye

Category: General
Episode 12 of 19 | Season 1
Fri 19 Aug
2:00pm-3:00pm (1 hour)
94 votes
by TVGuide.co.uk users
94 votes
The Heist The team is called on to find a missing armoured car, and Lucy feels left out when Sue meets up with an old college classmate. Drama, starring Deanne Bray and Enuka Okuma

Category: General

TVGuide.co.uk User Reviews

Closing theme seems inspired by Forrest Gump.
Jim Burrows   6:59am Sat 20 Mar Report Abuse

You don't immediately fall in love with this, something's wrong with you.
JB   1:39pm Wed 9 Sep Report Abuse

Who was the other Signer?
who was the lady at the hospital with the hearing dog? Was she the actresses alter ego. I think the name was the same and she was an actress?
Nan C   10:05am Tue 13 Feb Report Abuse

I waited for this to get started but it really didnt. 40mins in and the script is really dire and rather simple. Quite trendy re issues - disability, social norms and US mores, no real detection content or depth of analysis. Trendy multicultural, multi-gender, detective team with star role for deaf, lip-reading female member. It's on in the background right now while I check the schedules. It's crime procedural light. TV wallpaper for background noise. Target audience? I'd say teenage girls.
Discerning   1:47am Thu 25 Apr Report Abuse

Sue Thomas FBEye
One of those series I really really enjoy watching Lots of human interes & 1 thing of that Jack and Sue really really should get together
eve   11:00am Thu 24 Nov Report Abuse

Heather 9
for those people who don't enjoy the show - don't watch it. nobody is forcing you to. please let jack and sue get it together xx
scooby9   11:07pm Sun 25 Jul Report Abuse

sue thomas fbeye
could you tell me when there is going to be another series please as i cant wait to se what happens to sue and jack getting together
ellen   4:40pm Sun 1 Feb Report Abuse

Worst Show Ever
This show is an absolute waste of time. It's like Law and Order for mentally challenged housewives. Poorly cast, over acted, horribly written tripe. An absolute affront to the majesty which is otherwise the hallmark line up.
Electro Guy   10:42am Mon 29 Sep Report Abuse

Sue Thomas FBEye
One of those series I really enjoy. Lots of human interest
charliemor45   3:01pm Fri 11 Jan Report Abuse

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