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11 August 2022


Category: Sitcom
Episode 9 of 18 | Season 10
Thu 11 Aug
12:00pm-12:30pm (30 minutes)
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The One with the Birth Mother Monica and Chandler travel to Ohio to meet the mother of the baby they plan to adopt. The pregnant mother, Erica, likes them but only because their files got mixed up with a doctor and a female minister. Meanwhile, Joey is set up on a date with one of Phoebe's friends, but soon regrets it when she tries to take some food off his plate, and Ross has a fashion faux pas when he accidently wears women's clothing on a date

Category: Sitcom

TVGuide.co.uk User Reviews

Boot from WB
Let's hope Warner Bros give you losers the boot.
D Schwimmer   7:34am New Years Eve Report Abuse

This is getting worse and worse. Now it's only five episodes of a weekend? Did you know the franchise pulls in one Billion USD annually in royalties from around the world? Not in the UK on C5. It's a wonder they get anything at all that way. Also a wonder they don't take it back, what with the way the ninnies at C5 abuse it.
Jim B   9:32am Sat 20 Nov Report Abuse

Wizards. Geniuses. Experienced programmers. For otherwise they put this show on in the middle of the night. Then they can't make up their minds from one week to the next how many episodes to show at the weekends. Everything is so random on UK telly. Especially the collision of brain cells.
Alf Komm   1:03pm Sun 9 May Report Abuse

No Respect
Cheers, Everybody Loves Raymond, Frasier, every morning on C4. C4/E4 had Friends for while, then they got a new manager from ITN. Same nonsense happening to C5.
Alf Komm   8:19am Tue 20 Apr Report Abuse

Afternoons Please!
Belongs back in its original slot. Stop messing about.
JB   3:29pm Thu 25 Mar Report Abuse

Stop showing repeat please
There is nothing on now in lockdown
Royal   2:24am Thu 3 Dec Report Abuse

They were on season 7 yesterday. They have no respect for their viewers. They also have a complete idiot in charge of programming.
Jim Burrows   5:24pm Thu 20 Dec Report Abuse

The Ladder
The ladder, CarolineI I can literally see it! Gotta be the worst and most annoying advert ever.
Jim Burrows   3:06pm Sun 16 Dec Report Abuse

Paramount took over Skyview 159 two months ago. These geniuses at TV Guide still haven't noticed. Top drawer.
Drake Ramore   4:10pm Wed 26 Sep Report Abuse

I miss Friends!
I want Friends back! How can they stop such an amazing show?!
Mrs.Shelley   3:41pm Tue 9 Apr Report Abuse

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