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28 May 2022

The Bill

Category: Police/Crime Drama
Episode 12 of 94 | Season 20
Sat 28 May
10:00am-11:00am (1 hour)
3504 votes
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3504 votes
Running with Scissors The hunt is on for Des, who has taken Sheelagh and Cameron hostage - and as the full force of Sun Hill close in, he drives straight into a tunnel. With the road ahead closed, it seems as if the fugitive copper's days on the run are numbered - but then the relief hear two gunshots ring out. Meanwhile, June finally discovers the truth about Gabriel's identity - how will the trusting sergeant react to the shocking news? Paul Usher, Sheelagh Murphy and Trudie Goodwin star

Category: Police/Crime Drama

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this is bob's review .
the Bill's decision time ......was a very interesting, watching its story unfold. And at the end i expected more cos i got into the story ,but it ended .
bobhazimb   6:03pm Sun 23 Jan Report Abuse

no subtitles on part 2, of Great Responsibility
fedup   12:11pm Wed 13 Oct Report Abuse

Prev comm
I agree with you. They don't make them like it anymore. The early ones are even better if you get the chance.
reuben   2:13pm Wed 12 Apr Report Abuse

The bill is so good that I watch it all the time I am not at school
Pp   11:02am Wed 12 Apr Report Abuse

A big bowl of anus soup.
HA! HA! HA! unbelivable stories and MFI school of acting level performances - what a load of absolute pish . GFR.
Ricardo   5:00pm Fri 14 Feb Report Abuse

where 's the Old Bill gone?
I sat down today Mon.Jan 6th to enjoy my favourite programme and find its all changed and there's such a stupid story line. Bring back the Old Bill I cry!
Jinnie   8:36pm Mon 6 Jan Report Abuse

fab show
fab show
dale   1:07pm Fri 6 Dec Report Abuse

No bill
A family refuse to pay for their gas and write to the company giving them a piece of their minds
Duck bill   10:45am Fri 27 Sep Report Abuse

the bill
i would like to see it again in 2013
peter   10:02pm Thu 23 May Report Abuse

lost its way years ago
the best thing that happened is when it was put down.
get real   10:01pm Sun 2 Jan Report Abuse

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