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One Tree Hill

Category: General
Episode 15 of 22 | Season 3
Mon 4 Jul
10:15am-11:10am (55 minutes)
Starts in 8 hour(s) 14 minutes
3682 votes
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3682 votes
Just Watch the Fireworks The time capsule video's contents are exposed, forcing Lucas and Mouth to face a figure from their past, while Brooke deals with the repercussions of her own contribution to the tape. Drama, starring James Lafferty and Sophia Bush

Category: General

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learning/believing through other people
one tree hill helps you to learn things that other people have experienced so you can understand what u are going through more. Also it is appropriate for children and i love watchiong it myself because it is so addictingxxxx
Amelia2563   9:39pm Sun 17 Jun Report Abuse

The oxygen must suck there mmmmm carbon dioxide. Love it.
aron smith   11:56am Mon 5 Mar Report Abuse

this is a good one tree hill on E4 or E4 plus one
cherie   5:11pm Tue 24 Jan Report Abuse

Season 9
Lucas and peyton dont return when they leave with baby sawyer buy lucas is making an appearance in season 9 the final season of one tree hill but not peyton..
CEEJAY   4:58pm Sun 13 Nov Report Abuse

i love one tree hill, i have only just got into it! but its insanely good!! xxx
isaacnewton   7:26pm Mon 5 Sep Report Abuse

what happened
where is lucas and peyton? are they coming back or what would love to know it not the same without them
nix   9:51am Mon 8 Aug Report Abuse

oth fan
best thing evar, get l+p back on de show hunnie x
fitbabe x   8:36pm Sun 29 May Report Abuse

Last Night's Episode
This is random, but I LOVED LOVED LOVED the song Haley sang on last nights episode!! I felt so old listening to Walk on the Ocean again. I was toootally shocked to see it’s a Toad the Wet Sprocket song! I wonder what they're up to lately :)
jsomethin520   9:58pm Wed 18 May Report Abuse

One Tree Hill Help Please!
hi everyone, i have been recording One Tree Hill seris recording and i dont know if i missed one because i watched the one from Friday 22nd April 2011 and then watched todays (Tuesday 26th April 2011) and its completely jumped 14months later and i am just wondereing if i have missed on from Monday 25th April 2011, was One Tree Hill on on Monday 25th April 2011? Because i really want to know whats happened top Peyton and Lucas like have they lost the baby, has Peyton died, adn i am just totally lost!!! Helpp Please Someone!!!
DLGoddard   8:37pm Tue 26 Apr Report Abuse

series 8
when does season 8 start on e4 please
dawny   11:35pm Sun 24 Apr Report Abuse

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