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10 Years Younger Comments
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Do we get comments asking to get on the show? This site is all about reviewing programmes and has no control over what is shown fgs!
once more 8:48am Wed 12 Oct
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Make over for person who had a sroke
please could you tell me if you do make overs for people who as had a stroke?
Stephenie 10:52pm Tue 11 Oct
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Lisa Adsett
Hi I have been trying for years to apply for this programme. I lack confidence in clothes face figure please consider my application.or let me know .
Chickmunk 10:20pm Mon 3 Oct
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Hi there
I lost my 21 year old son a few years back, since then I have lost all my confidence, I feel I have aged a lot, there is no sparkle, no zest for life, I was 60 in May but I feel much older.
Lexylou 1:33pm Thu 7 Jul
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Miss valentina
Hello.our amazing mum and amazing grandmum is 55.she is single for more then 10 years.she looking tired and feel like it.this wiil be great surprise for her.thanks a lot
Valentina 2:31pm Sat 4 Jun
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Dear Team
I do love your programme . I need a help I have left with a diastasis recti and hugs hanging skin after 3 kids ( 1) 3 years old 2) 10 month old twins . . I have bad teeth as well which needs veneers . Thank you , ??
Lost 6:00pm Thu 12 May
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Want to feel beautiful after breast cancer
After battling breast cancer, any confidence I had is gone. Please help me to feel like a woman again
Sad mama 1:11am Thu 14 Apr
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I need you and your team
After 17 attempts and finally my son i worked all my life to afford treatment i neglected me and my son who is 12 is fed up with people asking if i am his gran
Susan 5:54pm Fri 8 Apr
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falling apart
I'm 55 this year. And it's all going south. Confidence at all time low. Saggy skin. Mushroom colour teeth. And my kicking my tities when I walk. Would so love a make over
chel 7:27am Fri 25 Mar
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would love a make over
i am a 54 yr old mum / nan and i feelold n tired would love to feel young and sexy again and put the sparkle back instead of feeling oldand dowdy
jojo 3:52pm Wed 16 Mar
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I Want to be given a makeover please
I am 58 worked in Mental health too long feeling old and saggy Want to feel me again
Laurie 6:11am Fri 11 Mar
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I am 50 but look 70 wish I could appear on your show. Never miss it
wrinkles 1:03am Sat 5 Mar
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Hi dears im 28 years old mother of one year olde my face skin getting older fast im scared I look much older please I need help thanks
Haj 11:46am Sun 17 Jan
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please help my mum
My mum is a wonderful person she has been single now for four years, although she's tried dating I believe she's lost her confidence ..she works full time in a hospital and I myself also work in a hospital ..on my mum's days off she has my three children for me to have a break . She's looking tired and feels it . This would be a wonderful gift I know she'll be over the moon. What better way to thank an amazing mum and grandma . Please give her another opportunity to feel good about herself ....thank you .
Scott .... 3:06pm Fri 15 Jan
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10 Years Younger
You need to write to the programme itself. The comments here are only read by TV viewers, not producers etc.
FeatherHG 11:05am Sat 2 Jan
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Prev comm
Glad you aren't my sister-in-law!
once more 10:02pm New Years Day
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HELP - My Sister-in-law
I would love to give my sis-in-law a new lease of life ... for her self esteem and now she has Grandchildren that I would love her to laugh with and take an active life with .... since the death of her mum - the family fell apart and she has let herself go - please help bring back my sis-in-law
Polly13 4:32pm New Years Day
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Scared to smile
I'm 40 years old and my teeth are such a mess, well what I have left of my own. I wear a denture in the top and although my dentist did try his best for me. I'm embarresed to socialise with friends and family as I'm so scared they will see and I cover my mouth a lot when I talk to people or if I laugh or smile. I also look much older than I am. It would be a challenge for anyone to make me look younger . But I'd be up for it 100% xx
Bigdeb 11:47pm Wed 30 Dec
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Surgery needed
hI, I would like surgery due to looking old with a fat tummy. I have had a stressful life,losing my fiancé 3 years ago to cancer also my dad 18 years ago. I have eaten chocolate a lot as I have feel very down. I need a tummy tuck. I want to start my life again and a new me would be wonderful.I am 56 years old and both my older sons ask me to take care of myself,to wear nice clothers,ect,but due to my fat tummy,i feel,i cant. I would love to look 10 years younger. thank you very much.kim.
kim 8:50pm Sun 15 Nov
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I say shops instead of chops
My teeth are bad and I have wrinkles
BigG 8:29pm Tue 10 Nov
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Comments on here make me laugh . Get over yourselves , its real life
HAHAHA 5:59pm Thu 29 Oct
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Need help badly
I always watch show and always say wish I could get theses things done my teeth sorted I love to smile but hate my teeth my life been so stressful over last two years and it taken its toll
Lykeepie 2:43pm Wed 28 Oct
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5 out 5
Great show. I am another 50yr old Who needs help I have a slim body And long hair so when I turn round People look so shocked. Have not got a clue what to wear since I was Forty iI like colour but not on me Thanks for the show PS cannot find how-to apply I live in northern Ireland
cat 2:14pm Tue 27 Oct
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Help me please
Been looking after my 2 disabled sons 24/7 for 27 years has taken it toll on me . I have a very young out look on life . but my looks say different I would love help with looking my age I am a 51 year old mum with a lot of zest still for live please could you help me , kind regards .
Diane 1:11pm Fri 16 Oct
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I'm done feel like opting out of life
My dentist has done so much damage to my teeth I have to get them all out and dentures are not going to fit because of bone disease and I can't afford implants
Spoibrat 8:22am Mon 12 Oct
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anne marie rooney
screaming inside and want my family to love me
gabbyanny 10:30pm Sun 11 Oct
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apply for the show plz
I have a very young outlook but after stopping smokeing looseing weight loss I fear my skin has totaly been through it and I don't look as young as my youthful outlook it would be nice to once and for all for my mind and body be in zink
lynnie 1:33pm Tue 6 Oct
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A willing candidate
Hi I'm 54 and have lost a lot of weight, but why don't I feel happy with myself? Loose skin under my double chin and bags over my eyes. I also need some inspiration with style and colour into my greying hair. My teeth are no longer at their best either. Do you thin you can help? I thin you can!! lol
Lara 8:01pm Mon 5 Oct
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I'm a 50 year old woman who with help would like to look younger .. I am prepared to do what it takes even go under the knife Regards Alison
Alz 10:09pm Mon 14 Sep
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appearing on your amazing show
hi, i desperatly would love to be on your show, i have lost a lot of weight & would love your help with tge excess skin. im 45 & extreamly unhappy that i look about 60. tgankyou for taking the time out to read this. x
mandy 10:24am Sat 22 Aug
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appearing on the show
Hi my name is Kim I am 56 years old and I look older and I have awful baggy jowls, I would love to be on your show.
kimmy 11:19pm Fri 21 Aug
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10 years younger
How do we apply or nominate someone
lola 11:15am Thu 13 Aug
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10 years younger!
Hello, my name is dawn I'm 55 years old, I would like to improve my teeth and wrinkles, and get a makeover as well as learning how to put makeup on, this would be an amazing opportunity for me as i've got disability's and I'm mostly in pain so it's hard for me to make an effort on my appearance, if you took please help me I would be very great full, thank you!
Dawn Wendy Mayes 12:57pm Fri 7 Aug
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I would love a makeover as I am 57 bu look older my kids would like to see the real mum again
cookie 6:24pm Mon 3 Aug
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Need to look my age
I'm 47 and I need your help please!!!
Izzyjamal 8:19am Sat 1 Aug
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Too old
I would like to make my best friend on the show as I told him about the she he sad he would like that
Kaz 3:57pm Thu 30 Jul
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Looking tacky
I would like to look 10 yrs younger as I have lost a lot of weight and hate the way I look I watch the show amazing
Kaz 3:48pm Thu 30 Jul
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looking 10 years younger
I would like to know when your next applications for this programme are available
deezeay 7:29pm Wed 29 Jul
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please help me from being a prsoner in my home
hello my name is lesleyann and i really would like to seek your help i am only 36yrs old and a prisoner in my own home i look 50 and i would like your help to gain confidence in my appearance and be able to live..
lelbell 9:45am Thu 25 Jun
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How to apply for yourself
I would like to apply for me. I've worked really hard to do 2 things, lose my weight and give up smoking and now the remains tell the tale. Please help.
Nicky E 7:59pm Fri 19 Jun
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Private Makeover
Would you possibly know how I could have a 10 year makover without being on television and what it would cost. Thanks
Jo 2:42pm Wed 17 Jun
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To apply
Hi..I would like to put my sister forward for your show..can you let me know how I go about doing this please,thanks x
ella 9:01pm Sun 7 Jun
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Is there anybody there!!!!!
Sad to see so many desperate comments with no reply. Shame on you ITV
Twinny 2:20pm Sun 24 May
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Apply to 10 Years Younger
Hi, I would like to nominate my Sister for 10 Years Younger. How do I go about this please?
Nettles 3:42pm Wed 20 May
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im begging for your help
I am only 49 yet I look older than my years, I feel ive aged quicker since taking my young grandchildren in to live with me, ive endured a lot of heartache in my life and now looking as old as I do depresses me to the extent where I'm constantly in tears and push anybody who tries getting close to me away because I feel ugly, I don't want to be single for the rest of my life but if I don't love myself how can I expect anybody to love me ;-( id give anything to be on your show, please help me get my life back
Donnaw 9:20pm Wed 13 May
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10 years younger for mum
I want to apply for my mum. Please tell me how to do this. Wud be nice to see her happy with herself again. Please . Michelle
wellywoo 1:45pm Tue 28 Apr
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HOw to apply?
Hi, I would like to apply in 10 years younger, how to do it? Thx Jitka
Jitka 1:27pm Thu 23 Apr
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Help my mum
My mum has spent the last 18 years helping her special needs child succeed and even help other mothers with their special needs children ... By achieving her dream of owning her own farm and helping her children she has neglected her self ! Please help me help the woman who has only ever helped others !!
treasure95 8:03pm Mon 20 Apr
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help please
I would like to take part in your programme 10 yes younger. Over the last 2 years I've managed to lose 3 and half stone but have no confidence and desperately need your help. Thank you.
Jools 2:23am Mon 20 Apr
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I would like to help my mum get get confidence back
Her skin has aged dramatically over the last 10 years she is now 49 she has loose skin over her eyes that causes droopy ness so she looks sad all the time.. Her chest could do with an up lift..her teeth have decade with few old crowns on it witch look to fall out soon plz help!
Paulapaterson 11:59am Sat 18 Apr
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