20 October 2020  | 
60 Minute Makeover Comments
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My review.
Burlington Bertie and his half sister Chinese Lil were due a makeover, due to Bertie having one leg and lil being as mad as a box of frogs. Unfortunately lil attacked a crew member with Bertie's false leg. ITV covered up the story on the condition that lil was sectioned. Punkawallah was devastated as he and lil planned to elope.
Neil Leslie Gilbert-Williams-Jacksnephew 4:17pm Sat 1 Dec
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stick insect
why do we have to suffer her condescending comments and prattle, she always makes dispsraging comments as to how a home looked before. she is so annoying get rid PLEASE
honest henry 1:23pm Sat 15 Sep
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Watching Peter Andre's 60 minute makeover which now takes a day and so boring compared to the old ones. Definately not going to watch it any more. So disappointed.
Marg 1:56pm Fri 7 Sep
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Get her off the show -
I feel uncomfortable watching her speak to Peter Andre, like his a little boy....he must be squirming in his seat watching this. If I'd know she would be on the show wouldn't watch it in the first place.
JT 7:48pm Mon 12 Feb
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Coming back
apparently according to Anna Ryder Richardson, the funny looking ginger designer.
don'tbelieveallyouread 11:34pm Sun 4 Feb
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The shows about 10 years old so everythings dated. It's as stale as last week's bread. No one has jazzy patterns or lime green anymore.
Inga. 2:09pm Sat 3 Feb
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Avid viewer
I love 60 minute makeover, the new one with Catherine Gee, I don't like the comments people are making about her being too thin, she's a very good presenter.I love all the designers besides Linda Barker who thinks she's still on changing rooms, she has no clue what the ordinary person wants, her designs are too over the top.
Lynni 12:38pm Sat 3 Feb
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Pat. 11am today.
Pat looked underwhelmed, though she said she was happy. Try telling that to your face.
Patty. 12:03pm Sat 20 Jan
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Catherine gee
I think she's anorexic. She looks very frail.
I like Catherine gee 11:23am Wed 27 Dec
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Catherine gee
She looks like she has cancer. Does she?
Sandy 3:30am Wed 27 Dec
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Probably their local charity shop. The shows about 10 years old. Or failing that, in rita tanners flat in corrie.
Cranky jo. 2:25pm Sat 18 Nov
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Supplier details
Hi, need to know whetethose pictures for the lounge wallarefro. Super gorgeous.
DD 10:39am Sat 18 Nov
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They should revisit the homes and see if anything has changed as these makeovers which were fashionable at the time are now dated and old fashioned. I remember the half and half wallpaper from the 80s, all the rage at the time and stone cladding. Which are now cringeworthy.
Maz 9:44am Sat 28 Oct
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Catherine Gee
Oh dear ! Love 60 minute make-over but very off putting seeing Mrs C. Gee looking emaciated and so very ill looking. So distracting. We need positive healthy role models to present shows and there are very many talented people who would give anything for a chance and a break to work in the media. Give someone else healthy a chance and let Catherine take take off and receive the help she so desperately needs. Are the chief executives of the show blind ?
Ladylaw 11:05am Sat 14 Oct
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60 min M O
both presenters are whining and posturing annoying femails
tubby 11:31am Sat 7 Oct
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wall paper
Omg if you going to do wallpaper . Get rid of all bubbles . I could do better .appalling wall papering
tobybear 9:33am Wed 27 Apr
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shoddy work
Why is it that the wallpaper is always wrinkled and bubbly/ disappointing for owners and a waste of timer Poor work
skip 6:07am Mon 15 Feb
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Catherine Gee
Not only does she look emaciated, she also has one of the most annoying voices I've ever heard in a media presenter. I avoid her shows.
Musiclover 12:06pm Mon 18 May
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Mum makeover time
Our ma's house needs a makeover
Sistaz 2:52pm Tue 7 Apr
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Catherine Gee
What is wrong with this woman? Presenters should not make me feel sick...when did she last eat?
lee 5:44am Thu 5 Feb
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say that about someone of a different skin colour if you dare!
ria b 7:39am Sat 6 Dec
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Not a fan but I find him genuine!
ria b 9:44am Sat 29 Nov
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Peter Andre is too sweet to be sugar
He is a very false individual and clearly loves himself
Mary 3:05pm Fri 28 Nov
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Catherine Gee
What a presenter! Who put this woman to this show? She looks horrible,she is boring!!! I can't stand her and watching this program any more!!
81wp 11:16am Tue 25 Nov
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Quality of work
I find myself looking for the mistakes the painting isn't good Furniture to big to fit So it blocks doorways bad joins between units and walls in kitchen Flooring to small I like the show but I would be frightened if I was surprised that they had been in my house x
Lolly 12:23pm Mon 11 Aug
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Cannot understand why show is called 60 minute makeover when it is obvious it takes much longer.Trades description and all that
Un believable 5:33pm Christmas Eve
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WORRIED 1:21am Fri 9 Aug
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stick thin
Yep,Catherine Gee is very very thin/emaciated. I keep looking at her legs when I watch the program. Each time I see her I comment on her legs to my husband. Can't help it.
nickki 8:40pm Sat 27 Jul
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makeover in southampto
when will the southampton makeover be shown,saw them outside the house in radstock rd today.3/7/2013
sam 11:35am Wed 3 Jul
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Is Catherine sick ?
Catherine looks so gaunt and extremely thin. Not a good look for a presenter. Definitely not jealous she looks dreadful even her posture is affected. I think a a break is needed and then maybe she should actually focus on filling out a bit not a good look at all !!
Nannaannie 8:18am Tue 2 Jul
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To all you Naysayers,I am currently watching Catherine now dressed in blue jeans and a blue to and I CAN SEE that she is naturally slim so you must be all JELOUSE.
Curvy Woman 7:28pm Sat 9 Mar
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Why oh why must I be subjected to a painfully thin, less than average presenter who looks like a bag lady who got dressed in the dark! She is wooden, unappealing, unattractive and frankly not worth the money she is being paid! No need for a presenter at all, let the designer do the presenting. P.s Quality of workmanship is SHOCKING! I would have it done in my house only to get the furniture which does tend to be really good stuff.
Nortywitch 10:51am Sun 17 Feb
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physically sick watching her!!!!
i totally agree with everyone else. i am watching the programme now but want to turn over because of her ghastly appearance. such a good programme spoilt. needs new presenter!!!!
allie 10:34am Sun 17 Feb
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Then YOU granwen should understand more than anyone how important it is to have good, healthy role models on our screens. This is encouraging people with eating disorders, showing them that it is ok and acceptable, it is promoting eating disorders. ITV, this is disgraceful and I am absolutely disgusted that you have allowed this to happen!
Angry teacher 4:48pm Sun 3 Feb
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catherine gee
as the parent of a daughter suffering with anorexia, I empathise with sufferers but would YOU want to lose your job because you have a mental illness? sufferers need help, not rejection.
granwen 3:34pm Sun 3 Feb
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catherine gee
as the parent of a daughter suffering with anorexia, I empathise with sufferers but would YOU want to lose your job because you have a mental illness? sufferers need help, not rejection.
granwen 2:11pm Sun 3 Feb
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catherine gee
I think it´s disgraceful that the TV consider it acceptable to use a presenter who quite obviously is very anorexic and it makes me skin crawl to watch her. A good programme totally spoilt by her appearance.
Arbizu 12:47pm Sun 3 Feb
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catherine gee
felt very sad watching 60 minute makeover. clearly catherine looks very thin and unwell. please seek help
marnie 12:43pm Sun 3 Feb
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definitely painful to watch
Catherine is such a good presenter, but visually is a real problem. She needs urgent help. If she is anorexic she probably thinks she looks ok. but look again Catherine.
gina gee. 12:16pm Sun 3 Feb
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Catherine Gee
Painful watching her on TV. She had a serious eating disorder and I think it is disgusting that ITV allow her on Tv, knowing that so many different people of all ages, including children, will be watching. What sort of example are you setting ITV!? Sort it out, get her off of our screens and get her some help!!!
Enfield Lady 12:03pm Sun 3 Feb
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Catherine gee
Catherine gee - painfully thin, distracting from theme of the programme, get her some help. I watch it with a grimace on my face
Bubble 11:29am Sun 3 Feb
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Obviously the presenter has a eating disorder which is awful. I'm not sure whether she should be presenting a programme, people of all ages are watching this, and she needs to get some serious help. I feel for her but itv should step in x
Hmmm 11:13am Sun 3 Feb
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Catherine Gee
It is clear to me that she is anorexic and it is no longer pleasant to watch the program. I hope she gets better soon, she is not OK.
MGG 11:13am Sun 3 Feb
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Catherine Gee
Catherine looks painfully thin and it really upset my family, I hope she is ok
Lisa B 11:02am Sun 3 Feb
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Catherine Gee
Regardless of her medical prognosis it's utterly distracting from the subject watching an unusually thin presenter.
Lozel 11:01am Sun 3 Feb
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catherine gee
wake up to yourselves,catherine gee is naturall thin,not anorexic
js 9:09am Fri 18 Jan
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60 minute makeover
i really like that programme when will it be back
carol 7:37pm New Years Eve
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I think al you critis should be abolutely ashamed of yourselves. I can bet none of you would be happy in being critsed the you have done so to to Catherine. Shame on you all!!!
Val 6:17am Fri 28 Dec
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Catherine Gee is the best
Can't believe so any negative co nets about Catherine. She has a beaut natural presentation style on 60mm. She's far more relaxed on this than she ever was on ettc. You go girl!!!
Haybabe 10:37am Fri 19 Oct
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Catherine Gee
I used to like 60 Minute Makeover, but cannot stand it now Catherine Gee is the presenter. She comes across as so conescending and I am annoyedat how many times during the programme she asks the same questions about the person's health problems or why they deserve the makeover. Her accent is annoying as well.
rod 6:47am Thu 11 Oct
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