12 May 2021  | 
8 Out of 10 Cats Comments
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It's not Whose Line is it Anyway. And, blame Jimmy's financial adviser. Hilarious.
Yaspaa 11:31pm Sat 9 Nov
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All scripted
The panel know the questions and answers before the show so they can prepare jokes and Carr can give info/facts on even the wrong answers .
So so 9:15pm Sat 26 Oct
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Soft bast@rd
Jimmy Carr - is he an alien ?
Po 8:41pm Fri 11 Oct
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8 out of ten
Best panel show around love it!
Tvwatcher 9:29pm Sat 9 Feb
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Jimmy Carr...
... Can I hide my Multi-Million Pound earnings from the Taxman, and Still pretend to be a Left-Wing Activist?
KBeee 9:30pm Fri 25 Jan
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Carrn't stand...
Jimmy Carr. Odious man.
Thoony 11:15am Fri 25 Jan
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Not Enjoyable To Watch
I don't like Jimmy Carr Don't Like The Show 3.0/10.0
simpsoap01 11:41am Sun 13 Jan
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mmm hmm
Jon is Dishy.
Hugh Jarce 10:24pm Sat 22 Dec
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Good Comedy
Sean Lock and Jon Richardson are the funniest ever and would make a good comedy act together.
doubletake 10:24pm Mon 26 Nov
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pay your taxes
Jimmy Carr should pay his taxes or he should be deprived of British citizenship.
jikeslaw 1:48pm Mon 5 Nov
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Freed of Speech
JC contrite - doesn't seem to be! Barefaced.
doubletake 10:22pm Sat 23 Jun
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Hit! awful
alan van 7:15pm Sat 18 Jun
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da truth
8 out 10 cats prefer watching paint dry
Jimmy Bike 9:40pm Sun 12 Dec
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8 out of 10
cats voted labour.
i luv labour 9:15pm Sun 5 Dec
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8 out of 10
are unfunny 7:51pm Fri 15 Oct
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Tim Minchin yehhhh
Ahhh can't wait for this don't usually watch 8 out of 10 cats but seeing as Tim Minchin's on I'll have to brave it :)
Jess 1:15pm Thu 7 Oct
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Beyond it's expiry.
So bad even Jimmy Carr is apologising about the writing. Dreadful.
Jaded Viewer 11:44pm Fri 1 Oct
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It's the TV highlight of her week for goodness sake. Everybody watches TV, get over it.
HitsMan 9:53pm Fri 17 Sep
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To kidVicious
If that's your idea of funny, perhaps you should stick to Russ Abbot and the like.
Rastus Claatus III 8:02pm Sat 11 Sep
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A TV show is the highlight of your week? That's saaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaad.
Anonymous 8:56pm Fri 21 May
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top marks!
i love this show. jimmy carr is so funny and sean lock is hilarious. it's the highlight of my week!
XpixieX 12:33pm Sat 17 Apr
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Not at ease...
naught eighties
naughty tease 10:25pm Mon 22 Feb
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Uncomfortable Fact
Like your highbrow opinions, the quality, content and outcome of these staged pantomime shows is immaterial. You sit down like a cabbage and watch them anyway, just like the programmers/advertisers devise.
Quality of Life Fan 9:55am Fri 19 Feb
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Anoying show about nothing
suzi 12:57am Sat 6 Feb
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i love this show its soooo funny i can't wait for it to start, i love jason manford he's so funny lol x
Lauren :) 6:36pm Fri 22 Jan
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This is the most dumbed down thing on telly. Basically taking all the worst bits of tv and putting it together. Its good if you like highlights replayed to you of the contents of stupid peoples heads. very scripted and annoying. Dont know what Shaun Lock is doing on there.. you can tell he isnt interested in half the 'stories' he has to talk about. He has some sense.
maddening 1:38pm Mon 7 Sep
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This show is so funny, they get away with things, and i'm always left creasing myself. All the 3 main guys make the show what it is...:L
11ZMW 9:17pm Sat 4 Jul
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This show is so funny...
...that i am writing a review of it instead of watching it. ha ha!
Mr Irritable 10:05pm Fri 3 Jul
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Jason Manford .. x
i love jason manford !! ginsters pasties =P lol
Jay 9:20pm Thu 25 Jun
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Jimmy Carr - Rocks My Socks
Jimmy, Jason & Sean Are Hilarious!! Love This Show.. It Always Cheers Me Up & Has Me In Stitches :)
Feebz 6:30pm Fri 19 Jun
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8 out of 10 cats FRIKEN RULES!!!
josh8347494 5:38pm Fri 5 Jun
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Telegram for Jason Manford...STOP
So? 9:59pm Wed 6 May
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points of view
Dear Mr Carr, re: not finding anything better on a Thursday night.. well your comment made me laugh!!
kidVicious 9:59pm Thu 27 Nov
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Great show
You won't find anything better on a Thursday night.
Mr J. Carr 8:23pm Thu 27 Nov
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Jimmy Can't
8 out of 10 cats prefer to maul Jimmy 'not funny' Carr. the other 2 cats will watch something else instead - Zzzzzz
kidVicious 12:33pm Thu 27 Nov
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Yes, but
Thank heavens for grafters like Jimmy who just keep soldiering on trying to convince us they're funny. We do get occasional laughs, don't get us wrong but oh how one longs for some real comedians. This P.A.Y.E. career comedy is just so, terribly nineties isn't it?
Charles 10:44pm Thu 13 Nov
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oh yes, peter kays on... oh no wait its not peter kay its that guy who pretends to be him. shwing!
the prof. 7:29pm Thu 30 Oct
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I'd try to explain, but you're obviously too thick to understand - a bit of a care in the community I'd say.
I love Whiskers 11:25pm Thu 9 Oct
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why is it called 8 out of 10 cats? i dont get it..
......... 6:54pm Thu 9 Oct
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Meks my larf two
Kitty 8:49pm Thu 2 Oct
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Love it
This show is really funny most of the time. Jimmy Carr and the team captins are proper jokes. Makes my thursdays no doubt
Maz 8:09pm Thu 2 Oct
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I love this show
killer 9:48pm Thu 18 Sep
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10 out of 10 cats
This is one of the best shows ever invented! It is so funny! Every week i end up in stitches. It is thought out perfectly and the people are incredibly witty! Who ever came up with it is pure genius as 8 out of 10 cats is so simple but so creative! i always look forward to thursdays! i only wish it was extended from half an hour to a whole hour
Double Z 9:25pm Thu 18 Sep
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yeah spot on guests have always been crap when ive watched it but jimmy carr and sean lock are brilliant - but mock the week probably beats it
yaya 8:31pm Thu 18 Sep
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Jimy carr is a genious.
i perfer this to mock the week, carr isn't afraid to say anything. the guests can be a bit crap though (but mock the weeks guests aren't exactly prime-choice)
Nosplashback 8:04pm Thu 18 Sep
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boring, dull and vague.
YourMum 10:18pm Thu 11 Sep
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This show is great I would recomend it to anyone. Though one thing to point out is, if your only watching it as there is a guest that you like, dont be offended it jimmy car insults them
matty 11:55pm Thu 24 Jul
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i get turned on by this show quite a fair bit love rob turner dereham
rjt dereham 10:53pm Thu 17 Jul
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Nigel 11:13pm Sun 13 Jul
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This is a funny show. Went to see it being filmed... They got very annoyed with Johnny Vegas..
laura 7:30pm Fri 11 Jul
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