17 February 2020  | 
A Place in the Sun: Home or Away Comments
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my secret pleasure
I love watching this programme and dreaming of when I might be in the same position!
Jillo 2:56pm Tue 7 Jan
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No to gender neutral
Women are not "guys" Danni
Miss Peale 2:41pm Tue 7 Jan
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Danni menzes hair
At least Danni is looking more feminine now she has grown her hair. That masculine style she used to have was absolutely horrific.
Mr. D 2:51pm Mon 6 Jan
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Danni Menzes voice!!!!
York....shigher!! No dear! Yorksher!!
Hey'up 12:03pm Sat 7 Sep
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Eva R.
She's another BBC box ticked.Same as Dion Dublin in HUTH. Let's see if kirstie allsop can play football for England.
Pea sea. 5:36pm Wed 19 Jun
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Jean Johannsen
Yet another annoying voice!!! If you Google her she has no experience in buying and selling properties as she is implying!
Eva R 4:07pm Wed 19 Jun
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Danni Menzies
Totally characterless!!
Sandune 3:33pm Mon 17 Jun
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Hate A Place In The Sun
with Danni Menzies and her droney voice.
Loolo 3:04pm Mon 17 Jun
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Jonnie Irwin
Please do away with this presenter. His croaky, load voice that 'goes up' at the end of each sentence is SO annoying! He is very full of himself and extremely pushy!!
Benj 4:00pm Fri 31 May
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A Place In The Sun
Danni Menzies!!!!! Hate her characterless, monotone voice and the way she calls everyone 'guys'!!! Why are the most annoying people with the most annoying voices, chosen to introduce or do the commentary on all these holiday-type programmes? Quite frankly, puts me off watching.
Laura 3:19pm Thu 16 May
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Which did Ginny choose
We watched the episode about Dorset of Costa Tropical but the recording was cut short before the end. Which did Ginny choose?
Mave 7:31pm Mon 18 Feb
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Lovely sunshine
I love watching this programme and seeing all the town's and villages. The presenters make the programme and motivate some very boring house buyers to see the value in the properties. Love all the presenters!
Sunseeker 4:49pm Thu 6 Sep
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Good entertainment
Interesting program, well presented and an effort to update buyer's decision, unlike some house programs.
Dave 9:54pm Mon 3 Sep
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Jasmine Harman
Jasmine Harman Jasmine Harman Jasmine Harman Jasmine Harman Jasmine Harman !
roon 5:25pm Fri 17 Aug
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Can't watch laura Hamilton on it. She's worse presenter. Very patronising.
Merlin 4:06pm Tue 24 Jan
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Did they do it
I was watching the show made in 2008 of Paul and Diane looking for a hotel in Emilla Romagna I was wondering if they made it
Geoff 3:24pm Sat 6 Feb
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Laura Hamilton
Surely the worst presenter on TV. She's like a 16 year old on work experience. although even a 16 year old would not make so many inane comments.
Scallywag 12:16pm Tue 19 Jan
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It's not grand
Why, why, why does Jasmine have to say grand instead of thousand when she gives the prices of the homes? So annoying.
apostrophes matter! 8:58pm Tue 12 Jan
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It's not grand
Why, why, why does Jasmine have to say grand instead of thousand when she gives the prices of the homes? So annoying.
apostrophes matter! 8:48pm Tue 12 Jan
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Jasmine the whine
That woman must have the most irritating voice on telly..oh and by the way she's not gorgeous quite a strange shape really.
Meldrew 9:32am Mon 16 Feb
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I still enjoy the show but would suggest the date and currency rates to be included in the intro. Also lets here what the younger ones who intend to move permanently are doing to survive. Overall I still think it's a good show but let's have more new ones please.
Abbey Ales 6:50pm Mon 9 Feb
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the overseas property show
if you wanted to find out about buying a overseas property there is a property show in surrey next week
Peter tv 10:15am Mon 8 Sep
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Hi can you tell me when the fuerteventura 2014 will be shown
carolcat 10:01pm Wed 16 Jul
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New ones
Amazing entertainment. Great cast and crew which have made this great. Keep going. But the same episodes repeat agin and gain, make some NEW ones. But what s the point of some of them, half of them don't even end up buying a house. That's a waste of an hour.????
RR 5:38pm Fri 28 Feb
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Repeat and more repeats
Utter bilge
estate agent J 3:43pm Wed 18 Sep
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How irrelevant
Is there nothing better than a 7 year old programme where they don't even bother to tell us if the goons bought the house??
cpochin 8:38am Fri 26 Apr
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Glasgow boy
Love it
G boy 11:38pm Wed 7 Nov
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Laura Hamilton
Claims to have been a property developer for 10 years - this is utter lies. She is a 2 bit z-list presenter and nothing more. CH4 should be shamed of themselves for telling such lies!
misleading viewers 11:16am Wed 31 Oct
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Echoed Sentiments
I used to like this show, But as the person below commented it has now become stagnant and tired. I certainly agree regarding the state of Daytime TV.
Carl Robinson 10:02am Thu 4 Oct
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Think i may pass on this...
Oh what joy, Another new series of this tired, boring show. Why is it all Daytime TV is either property, cooking or pointless chat shows?
tv is dead 5:43am Mon 1 Oct
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Bad Form
A lot of nasty unwarranted comments on here. Shame on those that post them!
commercial 5:05pm Wed 22 Aug
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bored of the same episodes looped
REPEAT SERIES 1 FFS. Why is it always 3, 4 & 5????
disabled tv viewer 5:27pm Fri 10 Aug
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talentless harman sukin for airtime
So bad in Today's climate. Why indulge in this pyramid property ponzi scheme?
jasmine harman is horrible 4:55pm Wed 20 Jun
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Stunning!!!! How many more times?
Stunning!!! 6:04pm Mon 18 Jun
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"Stunning" - like a stuck gramophone record!
Last year on one single show Jasmine Harman used the word "stunning" 16 (sixteen) times! I wrote then that it must be the sum total of her adjectival vocabulary. In one show last week she used it 6 times and Johnny Irwin twice. While changing channels today I chanced upon the show at the point where Johnny handed over to her - and there it was again, within 10 seconds: that b***** word "stunning". Utterly irritating! I have vowed never to watch the show again.
Arthur 5:42pm Mon 18 Jun
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This show was OK, but after 60000000 repeats it is now utterly pointless.
Jasmine Smells of Fish 4:22pm Wed 4 Apr
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Is a really nice person. I have met her and her husband. They both do a lot of charity work.
Deanna Mary 2:07pm Mon 12 Mar
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Well Said...
I totally agree, Jasmine is a self promoting, talentless pair of (.)(.) and legs. That is her USP (Unique Selling Point). Apart from acting and dressing like a tramp she has no personality or appeal whatsoever. I would rather look at Page 3 of The Sun than watch this property scam
fibiotic 3:17pm Thu 1 Mar
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Jasmine Harman is such a fake, self prmoting imbecile. Was anyone unfortunate enough to cath that show featuring her & her Mother on the BBC about hoarding? Nice to see Jasmine exploiting her Mothers condition for her own self media promotion!
md - c 3:20pm Fri 3 Feb
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Which Episode Was it Now?
Can anyone remember an episode which featured Luxury Lakeside Lodges at The Costwold Waterpark?
LakeSideLove 4:22pm Sat 12 Nov
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catch up with couples
We would love to know how living the dream has worked out for them. seem a natural next step to catch up with the people a few years on.
nosey parker 11:13am Tue 23 Aug
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Facts were wrong
Im sorry but watchin this and would like to say in france the charente is at least an hr+ away from the seaside,so its not classed as local to the sea, and u can tell this was filmed at least 2 - 3 hrs ago as the airport in Anguleme dont excist anymore, and they havent learnt the pronounciations of the places properly as they both kept sayin Anguleme wrong, The reason i know all the above is cause my parents and family live there
frenchie 8:36pm Fri 10 Jun
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Jasmine is the hottest bit of tasty on TV. Fact.
roo 8:59pm Fri 15 Apr
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Revisiting participants?
It would be good to know how some of the people who have appeared in these shows have settled in their homes.
Larna 5:21pm Sun 13 Mar
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How about repeating series 1? Instead of repeating series 3 for the last 2+ years!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
please 5:06am Thu 10 Mar
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enough already...
Can More4 stop repeating the same 40 episodes over and over again? They have been repeating these 40 or so shows for over 2 years, 5 episodes a week. They must have aired each episode at least 20 times each!!! Repeat something else for gods sake, they are loads of shows on 4OD you could re-run :)
Crack mcAdams 5:47pm Mon 10 Jan
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harsh but true..
@ bud I suppose it is better than looking at your tobacco stained, gum disease infested smile :D
Feed The Pigeon 9:38pm Tue 30 Nov
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Love the show
Jasmine Harman is a superb presenter, Totally gorgeous. Jonnie is without doubt the only male presenter of a property show i can tolerate, he seems a totally genuine & nice guy! Unlike Phil Spencer, et all Channel 4 make another series please!
Jasmine-is-perfection 9:53pm Sun 24 Oct
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Jasmine is brilliant. She listens to the prospective clients and at least attempts to fit the buying criteria. Jonnie however needs to stop assuming the couples will buy everything they see! I bought a house in France in 2002 without any help and I only wish I would have known Jasmine!!
Amour 3:35pm Wed 13 Oct
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Dreadful woman
As someone who lives near la Rochelle I would be horrified at the thought of bumping into that dreadful woman Jasmine; she is far too self opinionated.
Chantemerlière 8:40am Fri 8 Oct
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