17 April 2021  | 
Antiques Road Trip Comments
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Previous comm
They all do it. It's the aim of the show to try and make money.
Bridie. 6:00am Thu 1 Apr
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Enjoy the show
We enjoy the show very much with the exception of Anita, she believes the aim is to buy as cheaply as humanly possible and wants to win above all else.
Antiquer 4:43am Thu 1 Apr
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Too much chatting
The inane talking by certain dealers when the auction is taking place i dont want to listen to them but the auctioner
Antique Lady 3:20pm Sun 28 Mar
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Why on bike cycles
Why are they riding bikes
Angel 4:37pm Fri 18 Dec
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So here we have another anti -brit mouthing off, a lefty snowflake that we are all sick of hearing spouting bile climb back under a stone please?.
006 6:58pm Thu 12 Nov
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Quit Whinging and get back to your couch..
TVGuide 6:01pm Thu 12 Nov
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What tripe.
We are watching adverts and trailers that have very few white people in them is that not racist, the snowflakes etc are bigots and being racist work both ways.
Highlander. 7:27pm Wed 11 Nov
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Katharine Sandarland
Katarines behaviour at auction is uneseptible .She is pooshing Charles prices dow and loosing charaty money . She is very nasty and should not be on Tv .
Jo ja 2:10pm Sun 11 Oct
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Katharine Sandarland
Katarines behaviour at auction is uneseptible .She is pooshing Charles prices dow and loosing charaty money . She is very nasty and should not be on Tv .
Jo ja 2:07pm Sun 11 Oct
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Term racist
Those who can't get their way think this term is acceptable - when they can't provide evidence or state a rightful opinion!
Bleddyn 11:29am Tue 18 Aug
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Prev comm
Everyone's a racist?? Get over yourself!
paddy 12:01am Tue 18 Aug
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I find members of the team very racist when they go to Scotland with their exaggerated imitation of the Scots accent.
kop 6:55pm Mon 17 Aug
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Sanctioned comments removed again - no meaning to your comments.
Anon 10:56am Mon 17 Aug
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Ahh. Couldn't you get your muffin for 50 cents. Couldn't you get 2 for your dollar. Greedy obese lard bucket.
Mac 9:10am Thu 13 Aug
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2 new aliases - watch those BIG MACS puke!
karen 6:48am Thu 13 Aug
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Mac don't encourage her. She needs to cut down on the sugar. It is making her hyper!
Paddy 7:19pm Wed 5 Aug
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Didn't you get your $1muffin.
Mac 4:37pm Wed 5 Aug
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another meltdown now Mazza - heard of the definition!
karen 3:55pm Wed 5 Aug
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I did know that but I also think it should be another name for troll seeing as it is her that causes all the arguements.
mazza 8:38pm Tue 4 Aug
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Google the meaning of "the karens " a very apt nickname for her.
Pack it in. 6:46pm Tue 4 Aug
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Don't start on me troll!
mazza 5:03pm Tue 4 Aug
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their right of opinion - accept it!
karen j 12:04pm Tue 4 Aug
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Riddled with the same garbage as Bargain Hunt
karen 12:02pm Tue 4 Aug
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Attractive women flirting with some not so attractive & very strange men. Par for the course I guess on TV these days. Either that or they are desperate.
Buymytat 7:09pm Mon 3 Aug
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Prev comm
Aren't you a joy? Most programmes are edited etc but basically I think they go with the flow otherwise they would all be damn good actors! It is good entertainment . What more do you want?
mazza 6:46pm Mon 3 Aug
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Set up
Obviously prices with dealers are agreed beforehand and compensation offered because profit margins are low. Occasional surprise otherwise pretty boring tat on offer. Annoying, loud and inane chatter by 'experts' during auction would not be allowed in reality.
Buymytat 6:30pm Mon 3 Aug
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Great entertainment
Full of fun and very informative. Luv it!
kikabolockov 8:00am Wed 29 Jul
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Why have the background music, it's not necessary and personally I find it annoying
kop 6:04pm Mon 27 Jul
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Rip Off experts
Rip me off before you Go Go,as a dealer/Restorer of Antique Clocks & Pocket Watches I wouldn't pay these numpties in washers.
Vernon Smith(Lincoln) 5:34pm Thu 23 Jul
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Annoying Voiceover, Great Programme
I find Tim Wannabee's Voiceover really irritating & inane. He calls the Male Experts, Gentlemen & the Female ones Girls or Gals, show some respect please. Does anyone else find Tim totally unnecessary to the Show ?
Fee39 11:55am Fri 10 Jul
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Pure fun
I love all these types of programmes especially this one full of fun and laughs and all for a good cause.
Debbie 11:21am Sun 10 May
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this programme is a joke.if it was not on tv ,no way would the exsperts would get there items for half price or lower.big joke
trekkie 7:43pm Thu 7 May
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Even The Repeats ..
.. are watchable when Christina Trevanion is on Antiques Road Trip, why can't the BBC recognise her natural abilities and bin some of of the less talented competitors??
Linden 6:05pm Tue 21 Apr
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Made the programme as for the present cr@p !!
Peter 9:26am Wed 6 Mar
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Lay Off Tim
and try and get a sense of humour. Antiques don't have to be too serious.
mazza 7:27pm Tue 5 Mar
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Background commentary
I love Antiques Road Trip, but I am often finding myself turning it off because of the annoying and inane comments by Tim Wonnacot. Apart from the odd historical fact, his comments are not only unnecessary, but detract from the point of the show.
Ron 5:43pm Tue 5 Mar
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The dealers get free publicity by selling cheap, which makes it worthwhile.
Obs 5:50pm Fri 1 Mar
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Stop ripping people off
Stop ripping the traders off trying to get knock down prices..Its awful, they need to make a living too? and its cheating...Use your knowledge properly....mkaes me so angry, its got worse...
pooch 5:20pm Fri 1 Mar
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Hanson Hater
Charles Hanson makes my skin crawl, check his hard drive.
Anita Rani's Bra 9:42am Thu 28 Feb
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He's so tight he wouldn't give you the droppings off his nose.
TRS.aka septic. 5:57pm Fri 15 Feb
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God knows what appearance fee they are receiving...The BBC should be ashamed for producing this garbage..What these so called experts do in the real world is impossible to imagine...
Get a Grip 5:38pm Fri 8 Feb
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What is it with these antique people??..they have not the slightest grasp of there subject..that Harper man needs some therapy...preferably in outer mongolia...away from polite society...
The might and merciful. 5:27pm Fri 8 Feb
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FINALLY, Someone new and interesting on the show, with not a 'Im so wonderful attitude' Keep him on and get rid of Harper Big head.
chippers 5:24pm Thu 7 Feb
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David Harper
He is so patronising to the new expert, and quite unkind
GG 6:49pm Tue 5 Feb
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couch potato Tv
The show that makes big brother look like a meeting of Mensa members ......
Rev 2:55pm Thu 31 Jan
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why? why?
WHY won't you put insulting things on here about 'experts' ha ha ha, they insult dealers every day, But thats ok, is it.
chippers 3:28pm Wed 30 Jan
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Oh yes he is and he still is on this too imo.
mazza 5:50pm Tue 29 Jan
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T w
Oh yes he is it's the script writers that aren't funny/ but when he jokes himself he is very witty.
chippers 3:43pm Tue 29 Jan
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Tim Wonnocott
I really enjoy Antiquesi Road Trip but is it really necessary for Tim Wonnocott to make so many inane and totally unnecessary comments. He isn’t funny at all.
Vintage 7:17pm Mon 28 Jan
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Cathryn is the most discusting human being om tv please get rid of her Natasha is an angel cmpared to her
chippers 7:04pm Tue 22 Jan
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