25 May 2019  | 
Bear Grylls: Born Survivor Comments
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Is Grylls still in the 5 star hotel??
w davenport 9:16am Sun 2 Aug
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Freeview channels?
Is Bear on any Freeview channels that are not HD?
Bear Query 5:54pm Sun 6 Oct
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Freeview channels?
Is Bear on any Freeview channels that are not HD?
Bear Query 5:53pm Sun 6 Oct
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aron smith 11:58am Mon 5 Mar
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anyone who thinks hes fake come have me a scrap
fmd 2:18pm Tue 24 Jan
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Bear Grylls for the win!
Bear is awesome and always will be no matter what!
JC 10:16am Thu 17 Nov
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best show at mo.
Bear rules! Bear instead of pub!
evs 7:51pm Sat 11 Jun
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Under achiever
Neddie I think you might be an under achiever, jealous of what others have done with their lives. You need to get out and do something with yours before it's too late and everything has passed you by. Best of luck for the future. Paul
Paul 2:55pm Thu 9 Jun
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Bear drinks his own wee!
Steven T. Breen 2:04am Wed 16 Feb
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bear grylls
the parachuting was absolutely amazing, I was at the edge of my seat
severus 5:56pm Sat 12 Feb
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@ Sir M Grylls
I want the SAS landing on my roof and teaching me a lesson please!!! I love people who talk rubbish on the Internet with false threats. Were you bullied at school by any chance? lol Regardless of wether Bears ia fake or not, the truth is in this show he was staying in a Hotel and not roughing it outside overnight as the programme tries to portray!
Katie Price 1:33am Wed 5 Jan
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When alls said
he's a really decent family guy who has a great sense of humour.
sid 3:21pm Thu 4 Nov
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Love or Hate Debate
These are always a laugh anywhere there is a Bear comments section its always the same. The haters know way too much about him lol and the defence is always about Everest and the SAS. Its TV people in the same token as I don't watch Dragons Den for business tips.
Kneal 9:01pm Tue 3 Aug
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al you people sayin he's fake.. ad like to see do all that stuff.. go on i chalenge you... go out in to the wild and eat everything and sleep where ever he can
hutch 8:23pm Mon 26 Jul
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shut it neddie
my son was in the sas not dfs so if you want the 21st paracheute reggement lannding on your roof and teaching you a lesson continue making those false comments.
Sir M Grylls 11:07pm Wed 21 Jul
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Armchair heroes
Bear broke his back in a parachute fall then went on to become the youngest Britain to climb Everest. Thats more than any of his 'armchair critics' ever did.
Hj 4:03pm Thu 3 Jun
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Brilliant Bear
Bear falls from sky, jumps from moving vehicle or swims in dangerous waters. And has to sort out his own food! bet he wishes he went all inclusive....Great easy viewing, well done Bear!
Welsh Survivor 11:47am Mon 17 May
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Bad times
Love this programe. Disapointed its not on freeview channels! we enjoyed watching it.
Maza 8:53pm Mon 10 May
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where's ya mama?
my mam's in the SAS, she's tought!
nursejim 6:27pm Tue 6 Apr
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Just turn off!
I have a really simple answer for you Bear haters. Do not tune in to this programme and go watch playschool instead! Maybe this will be more suitable for your limited intelligence. Do not criticise a man who has more balls than any of you could ever dream of. as for not getting a girlfriend, I for one would eat leeches myself just for one date with Bear!
Bear Fan 6:25pm Mon 8 Feb
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Passing TA SAS selection does not not give you automatic entry into the elite (22) SAS. Therefore they are not equal; As British Army selection standards confirm. Chris Ryan passed (23) SAS TA selection then went onto to pass (22) SAS selection. He is one of the very few TA SAS guys ever to achieve this in the history of the Regiment. Bear did not; he passed TA SAS selection only. If you actually believe the Bear Grylls hype you are deluded,he was SAS TA not SAS; with no active service. He served just months training part-time over a 3 year period. Hence why guys from (22) SAS inc Chris Ryan and Andy McNab have slammed him publically for exaggerrating his SAS CV. They spent more time on leave with (22) than he actually served in the TA. I don't want to knock the TA SAS they are tough guys and do a good job(I'm based in Hereford and have family connections with both)but to compare them as equal to those in the SAS just shows gross ignorance and disrespect regarding selection standards. Grylls is vague with the 'SAS' truth, as a way to further his media career. That's why I have no time for him.
JOE 12:37pm Sat 17 Oct
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The internet is the only place u can get away with talking like u do.. don't listen to him Mark, he's just one of those sheeple who realised they're stuck in the pen, while Bear is out there enjoying the splendours of Earths inhospitaple plains, you have to watch it on your cruddy T.V. ALONE
tormentor 4:58pm Tue 4 Aug
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Bear Fake
Bear, why don't you go and help that idiot Fogle "On thin ice", maybe together with your combined skills the ice will break and we not have to suffer both of you again. Sas ta @ 22, Huh! who cares? You will be telling us next that he and Fogle are twin brothers. They certainly could be because they are equally incompetent in what they do.
Eamonn 12:46am Fri 31 Jul
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get it right
bear grills did pass selection for the sas,but it was for 23 sas the t.a. side of the army,get off this guys back as its the same rigerous selection coarse as 22 sas,the only thing bear didnt have is a parent company in the british army to enter 22 sas as they dont allow guys from 23 ta sas to enter 22 sas anymore like they used to in the past with the likes of chris ryan that came from 21 ta sas in prudhoe,northumberland....keep up the good work bear!!!
whitie 66 6:04pm Sun 19 Jul
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Total fake!
Mark, Bear passed UK special forces selection (SAS selection) Huh! Don’t be taken in by this nonsense. You really mean DFS, and he still couldn’t sell a settee? The nixonator stated that Bear climbed Mount Everest at 23? Whoopee do. This would be a feat indeed if by doing so he would save a life or similar. Thousands of people have climbed. Mount Everest and for what?. Losers like him do this to avoid the responsibility of getting a real job like the rest of us. By doing so he would be forced to contribute to society instead of sponging off it like he does. Mark, if you are indeed a 13 year old then why on earth are your parents letting you watch this rubbish? How incompetent is that? They should be reported to social services for neglect.. Haven’t you got some revising to do? No doubt you will grow up to be as useless as Bear if you do not change your ways. The fact remains that Bear is a total fake. .Mark will be telling us next that Santa really exists. Whoops sorry Mark I now busted your bubble.
neddie 1:21pm Mon 13 Jul
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Great programme for a wannabe 13 year old.
Review 5:27pm Sat 11 Jul
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waaa waaa waaa
why dosent this guy get a normal job ??!!
luluuuuu 6:22am Sun 5 Jul
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Fake, no way!!!!
For a start, you ignorant person Bear Grylls is allowed to stay in a hotel if he wants as it is not a Documentry, it is 'How to' which means he shows how, he is not being filmed for a documentry so therefore he is not misleading! Secondly Bear Grylls passed UK special forces selection (SAS selection)and served part time as a survival expert, trooper and patrol medic, the only reason you deny this is because you are jealous that you would never be able to pass the selection. I'm a 13 year old and i just owned you, so next time you should research before you make ludicrous accusations!
Mark 9:42pm Sat 4 Jul
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Total fake?
This guy climbed Mt.Everest at the age of 23 (thats the youngest briton to ever climb it). Bear Grylls is not a fake. You haters should read up on him before you go slate him. This guy has achieved a lot.
The nixonator 7:05pm Sat 4 Jul
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J Logan,
J Logan, well spotted, but this one was sealed. However donut Grylls wouldn’t be affected by this, he would be too busy trying to find “Stanley” in order to borrow his knife. This guy couldn’t survive in Tesco’s. He is a total fake. ROAR that’s a laugh, you mean squeak like a rodent rat that he is. Let’s hope you never get stranded, using his techniques will see you dead in 24 hours – guaranteed.
neddie 1:58pm Fri 26 Jun
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The Best !
The best Bear on tv...listen to him ROAR !!! "He couldn’t open a paper bag with a Stanley knife."... why would you need to open a paper bag, it's got a hole in one end, that's why it's a bag?
J.Logan 1:37am Thu 25 Jun
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Total fake
This guy is total fake. Ex SAS huh! ,that's a joke, more DFS. The SAS would not associate itself with this idiot. Once filming has finished he stays in a 5* hotel with all mod cons. Do not be taken in by this crap. With any luck he just might be eaten by a Bear. Let’s hope it happens soon so that this rubbish will end. He couldn’t open a paper bag with a Stanley knife.
neddie 3:59pm Sat 20 Jun
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Far better than the fat dude who does a similar show over on the BBC.
L.Peters 2:45pm Sat 20 Jun
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He's a fake!
4:13pm Sat 6 Jun
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good stuff
this is the kind of programme that should be on tv more often instead of crappy britains got talent x factor and all those retarded documentaries...
tt 1:52pm Sat 23 May
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I agree
He's an idiot & got no idea
Benny Hill 7:52pm Sat 16 May
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Harry Hill 10:54pm Sun 10 May
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wrong on both subjects
he has a wife and kid and in the special forces u get trained in most climates
yeah 8:22pm Sun 22 Mar
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i love him he is amazing i luv his shows go bear grylls!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
cool dude 8:15pm Wed 28 Jan
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He ate WHAT now?!
One thing this guy will never get is a girlfriend! Unless she's into kissing a guy who eats raw reptiles and other unappetizing critters and never sports clean nails...arrghh!
Apalled 4:04am Wed 21 Jan
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There is probably a whole team of survival experts advising him on this show (Bear cant be such an expert in all these remote climates , it wouldn't fit in his memory) great show for entertainment though :)
Adam 7:00pm Fri 28 Nov
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What a Body!
I've been watching his show religiously and one thing that amazes me is his physical condition. He can survive on grubs for 3 days (admittedly they have 6 times more protein than meat), but when he takes his shirt off he is still really well conditioned, phwoar!!!! What a man!!!
Matt Ellis 1:34pm Thu 27 Nov
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What a Body!
I've been watching his show religiously and one thing that amazes me is his physical condition. He can survive on grubs for 3 days (admittedly they have 6 times more protein than meat), but when he takes his shirt off he is still really well conditioned, phwoar!!!! What a man!!!
Matt Ellis 12:40pm Thu 27 Nov
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Never ceases to inspire....
I mean seriously is there anything this man can't do? Whether it's eating a live bullfrog or catching a fish with an old flip flop it's seriously amazing stuff. My flatmate's so impressed he's just about ready to turn for him....
Wannabe Bear 11:58am Thu 27 Nov
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Bear Grylls is the coolest person in the world, in fact, probably the whole universe.
Bear Baynes 11:47am Thu 27 Nov
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sceptical at first
After a few episodes now I'm starting to find Bear Grylls quite fascinating, it's clearly obvious that some of the things he does is for entertainment and television, nonetheless - they are educational i.e. dont do this at home, the locations he travels too are fascinating and ultimately accepting the show for what it is, is very entertaining.
justbetter 8:41am Fri 14 Nov
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His Name...
His real name is Edward, hence 'Teddy', hence 'Teddy Bear'. Therefore Bear is used as a nickname, it is from his childhood, apparently.
You asked 7:49pm Sun 9 Nov
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Bear Grylls
What type of name is Bear Grylls really.
... 5:55pm Sun 9 Nov
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I think he's great and really enjoy watching these documentaries.
cmf 3:49pm Sun 9 Nov
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would you do it?
yea he's a prat and should get an ordinary job but maybe the guy gets kiks out of doin wat he does { sounds sik urgh he likes his urine lol} but would you do his job?
jlmb xxx 9:34am Sun 9 Nov
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