4 April 2020  | 
Breakfast Comments
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Nagging munchetty
I only watch BBC breakfast when it's not that annoying Naga. She thinks it's her chat show.
Kinger 6:32am Tue 31 Mar
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Get rid of Naga...please
So irritating and condescending Get rid
DT 8:35am Sat 28 Mar
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This week whilst we're supposed to stay at home, she suggested that if you're out and about, look at the magnolias, there glorious!!! she's so immature, irritating, always putting her foot in it, annoys fellow commentators, don't know how Charlie puts up with her.
Time flies 6:15am Sat 28 Mar
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Naga Naga Naga
I wish you would stay at home as much personality as a talking weighing machine
Wisey 23 10:09am Thu 26 Mar
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Naga muchetty
Always change to itv when she is on bbc breakfast. Not suited for breakfast tv.
BBC watcher 7:19am Thu 26 Mar
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She is still on breakfast I can't believe it awful woman
Lizzie 11:32am Sat 21 Mar
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lousy BBC propaganda that needs taking off air.
Fed Up Viewer 9:33am Sat 21 Mar
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Is leaving because of trolls.The wrong is leaving imo.
Loulou 4:34pm Wed 5 Feb
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Well done Louise
Louise Minchin looks absolutely fabulous today. Wonderful example how BBC presenters should look, professionally make up and professionally hair done.
Snowdrop 9:07am Wed 5 Feb
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naga saga,
its time nagga was took of air full of self importance, right up her own anus.
chas 11:59am Sat 1 Feb
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Replace Munchetti Please
Why does she constantly place her achievements above other guests & presenters. She is totally arrogant, self centred and painful to watch as her co-presenters cringe inwardly. Please BBC get rid of her to stop viewers switching channel’s
Steve 9:31am Sat 1 Feb
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Previous comment
Totally agree. She excelled her self this morning. I too have to change channels when she is on
Annoying 8:47am Sat 1 Feb
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I can't watch Naga
A BBC 'tick box' presenter / employee. Munchetty is irritating, smug and an obvious air of arrogance. As soon as I see her on in the mornings....it's over to SKY News for me.
Wosco 12:46pm Thu 30 Jan
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Angry ape. Only quoting Shakespeare.
Right turn clyde 11:08am Thu 30 Jan
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BBC News Cuta
So.....BBC to cut 450 jobs from "news" staff! Let's start with you know who!
Wob 10:00am Thu 30 Jan
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Staff on this rag
Clear out most of the 'one side' bigots would be a start
olliver 9:49am Thu 30 Jan
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Cannot believe she is going because of trolls? How can Naga continue when she is the one no one likes.
Loulou 6:54pm Thu 23 Jan
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Naga the Nurd
Unprofessional presenter who has been described by a BBC program director as an excellent journalist and presenter who the Breakfast team are proud to have onboard. So there lies the problem. Blinkered and biased views which sums up the BBC. Can't wait for Boris to sort them out !!
sammydee 6:26pm Thu 23 Jan
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Naga the Nurd
Unprofessional presenter
sammydee 6:21pm Thu 23 Jan
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She gets away with stuff cos shes bl@ck.
Innit. 1:49pm Thu 23 Jan
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We now watch breakfast Monday to Wednesday can’t stand Naga aggressive interviewer and what she obviously considers funny comments to colleagues which aren’t at all funny but offensive.
Beagle60 9:08am Thu 23 Jan
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naga out
sack her.
oap 12:03pm Sat 18 Jan
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Naga Manchetty
Please take note of all Naga comments. She is unbearable. What is protecting her. Louise Minchen is a breath on the few days she is on. BBC...she has to go.
MAN chetty hater. 1:55am Fri 17 Jan
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Stop funding this biased station, British Broadcasting, far from it
george 9:45pm Sun 22 Dec
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the most irritating woman i have ever seen on tv. arrogant boring thinks she is funny talks over people
everose 11:58pm Fri 20 Dec
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Naga at it again
Why oh why is Naga so bad mannered- apologising for talking over people but still doing it.
JJ 7:41am Thu 19 Dec
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naga munchetty
fake laugh
fran 5:19pm Thu 12 Dec
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Why O why O why is this woman still making me and many others turn over what was our preferred morning programme. BBC listen SHE HAS TO GO !
|CB 8:59am Fri 6 Dec
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Wonderful, smart, talented, nice person, hard working, nice dress sense. Bit of personality and character is nice to see. We all like her and most of the others. Nothing negative to say really. One of my favourite news readers!
Fab. 7:42pm Wed 4 Dec
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Previous comment
Totally agree.. There is no alternative on other channels worth watching either. Back to the radio.
Annoying 6:10pm Fri 29 Nov
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Naga and Charlie
No more BBC news when these 2 are on the sofa. Is any guest ever allowed to finish a sentence. It’s painful to listen to, irritating and actually no real answers are heard. Stanley Johnson this morning was never allowed to finish anything he said. If you want to hear the annoying voices of charlie and naga and no-one else, then this is the news programme for you.
ML 8:29am Fri 29 Nov
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Naga's bad clothes day!
'Holy Utility Belts Batman......what on EARTH is Manchetty wearing today? She's got one of your outfits but in yellow'. Lol......c'mon BBC ….give her some words of advice. Nana nana nana nana nana nana nana nannnnna …...Batmaaaan ;-)
Wosco 9:19am Thu 28 Nov
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Mrs Mopp,,try and wash a dish(plenty of youtube guides , take your time)!
pol 8:09pm Fri 15 Nov
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Naga is a bore
Biggest turn off in the morning TV is Naga
Kali 8:20am Fri 15 Nov
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this woman needs to be sacked, she is unbearable.
loz 8:16am Fri 15 Nov
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Stephs had her sprog. She's almost as annoying as naga.
Sadie. 2:12pm Fri 8 Nov
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You see! She even annoys farm animals!
Panda 1:22pm Fri 8 Nov
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Baa,don't like naga, baa baa, don't like naga, baa baa baa don't like naga. Sheep syndrome.
Sean the sheep. 7:15am Fri 8 Nov
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Gets paid a fortune to get people turning over when she is on, that voice drives me mad.
Drifter 6:33am Fri 8 Nov
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Naga Munchetty
How long is the BBC going to persist with a presenter who is so unprofessional it is incredible! She has obviously never been taught the very basics of interviewing. I have been a loyal fan of BBC breakfast for many years but have made the switch this morning to Sky news.
NewSkyFan 1:38pm Thu 7 Nov
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Cringeworthy viewing once more. Get rid ASAP
Chris 7:07am Thu 31 Oct
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Re bore
It got to the stage a long time ago when I would rather eat my own head than listen to that whining,self-important witch againQ
Wob 11:26am Tue 22 Oct
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Naga bore
It has got to the stage that i would rather watch anything else than this super arrogant and irritating bore Munchetty but we all know she's untouble. Box ticks you see!
Panda 5:28am Tue 22 Oct
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Wowzers???? Really
Naggy Manchetty…..actually used the word 'wowzers' in a news report! It reflects her level of professionalism. Most annoying news presenter on the BBC in a very long time.
Wosco 6:58am Fri 18 Oct
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Munchetty......get rid
Naga Munchetty. Well, if I see Muchetty on the News, the first thing I reach for is the remote. She is quite arrogant, overbearing and really does think that she is funny.....but isn't. Now she is going to lead on another programme!! BBC, WAKE UP! She is of a poor standard and I dread to think how many more programmes you now see her as lead presenter. Thank goodness for SKY News....as BBC....you've lost me.
Wosco 6:38am Fri 18 Oct
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Naga a big turn off.
I have stated to turn over when Naga is on. She always seems to take the mickey out of Charlie and make him feel awkward. She seems to think she's funny but she's not.
DerbyR 5:28am Thu 17 Oct
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Naga Munchetty
Munchetty is the most staggeringly incompetent, condescending, arrogant, and opinionated presenter on the BBC. Like so many, I switch channels the minute I hear that horrid. nasal voice. Time for her to exit.
Esmeralda 8:18am Thu 10 Oct
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The BBC need a big shakeup of the Breakfast programme and get in people who are more professional (and ditch the sofa). Had to change channels this morning when Munchetty started spouting.
JohnM 7:53am Thu 10 Oct
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Ian 9:42pm Mon 7 Oct
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BBC Breakfast on Wed Thurs and Friday
No longer watch BBC Breakfast when Naga is one of the presenters as her style of presenting and interviewing techniques are irritating and annoying.I would have to disagree with some comments that Naga is professional,quite the opposite in fact.My message to Naga is you are not John Humphries or Jeremy Paxman.Take a leaf from the book of BBC Breakfast presenters past then maybe I will switch you back on.Or message to the BBC find another presenter to join Charlie on the sofa.
Birdwoman 10:47am Mon 7 Oct
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