21 May 2019  | 
Breakfast Comments
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Why oh why oh why is Naga on a lot of the time . People like myself keep sending messages about her . This woman needs to go NOW!!.
NIGGLE 3:07pm Tue 21 May
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Don't be Sorry
Don't apologise for criticising Nagaaaagh! She's a witch!
Wob 11:08am Sun 19 May
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Prev comm
I agree with your comment. Sorry but I cannot even bear to watch when she is on. I cannot stand to listen to that voice!
jenB 4:55pm Sat 4 May
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Please please please do something about Naga Munchetty . I cringed this morning when I saw her . She always wants to be No 1. She thinks she is better than anyone else . Bring her down a peg or two and get rid . PLEASE TAKE ACTION NOW .
NIGGLE 11:28am Sat 4 May
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Was it necessary to have two small children on the sofa this morning. They were obviously not comfortable
A. P 7:35am Sun 21 Apr
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Four day week naga
We see more than enough of this woman. Four days is four days too much. She will do any shift going to get herself on the box.
Retep 6:35am Sun 21 Apr
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Solution re nasty munchet
I We do like breakfast TV but I can't watch it when nasty is on. Solution: sit with back to television, subtitles on, tv muted. That way at least husband can find out the news!
Annie 7:19am Thu 18 Apr
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Had to turn off that drone Steph has started up....my ears my ears!
jenB 7:36am Mon 15 Apr
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Is it mild or is it not this morning??
That was the question with interfering Naga today. The weatherman told her to "let it go" and "we are not in school now". Really what has she got to do with the weather reports! Charlie's look was telling as he also told her to let it go.
jenB 8:55am Sat 13 Apr
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Her voice is one long tedious drone. Does she never stop to breath in. Well I've said it again....go ahead and delete feel free you sad speciman
mazza 12:43pm Wed 10 Apr
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What on earth is she wearing. She looks like she's been all night line dancing.
TRS. 6:56am Wed 10 Apr
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Obnoxious stupid Naga
How this horrible gobby up-herself woman keeps her job is a mystery. She is more suited to being a wheel clamper than a TV presenter. For heaven's sake BBC, get rid of her!!!
TK 8:54am Fri 5 Apr
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BOB THE BUILDER 8:18am Thu 4 Apr
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Naga really irritates me . The way that she behaves is so childish . Please please do us all a favour and get rid of her . Her voice is so monotone and grating . She really talks down to Charlie Stayt . Please please get rid of her NOW.
NIGGLE 3:09pm Tue 2 Apr
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Naga is awful
She is so opinionated, often lacking the knowledge necessary to debate. I heard her making comments about the way her tax is being spent recently; an incredible hypocrisy, given the amount oftax avoidance she is guilty of through her personal services company, Naga Munchetty Ltd.
Viewer 10:00am Sat 30 Mar
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What brand of iron does she use for pressing her hair.
Gizmokatz. 9:13am Sat 30 Mar
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Munchie Munchetty
You used to be able to get chewy chocs called munchies...maybe you still can. She should try some to keep her droning voice quiet.
mazza 11:09am Fri 29 Mar
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Big mouth naga
Please BBC. Do something about Munchetty. She try's to trip other presenters up whilst trying her best to be Queen bee. She has a voice that grates and a dress sense of atwo year old
Notnownaga 8:31am Fri 29 Mar
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get rid of Naga
she is the most annoying person on tv.......at least charlie is getting a break today in westminster.....she needs to go......
annoyed 6:45am Fri 29 Mar
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She must have contacts in high places to be doing what she does.
mazza 8:16pm Thu 28 Mar
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Irritating Naga
Please take Naga off the BBC. She is the most irritating presenter. Spends the whole time making stupid, silly comments. I feel sorry for Charlie - you can tell he wants to smack her. She makes Piers Morgan watchable.
Naga 7:14pm Thu 28 Mar
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Can you please please do something about Naga . Please take her off Breakfast TV NOW
NIGE 3:39pm Fri 15 Mar
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Prev comm
Or when she is away yelling out the numbers at the bingo.
mazza 3:21pm Fri 8 Mar
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Breakfast Tv
The only time I watch breakfast tv is when munchetty is playing golf , the rest are fine
Diablo 3:06pm Fri 8 Mar
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Yet again had to reduce the volume Naga at it again??give us a break PLEASE!
A. P 8:53am Fri 8 Mar
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Naga Charlie and Stef
Three worst presenters on tv. He is so surly, she is nasty and poor Stef with the unfortunate voice. Get rid for good and save some money
Teresagreen 7:02pm Fri 8 Feb
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Had to switch channels
Naga Munchetty is so annoying and makes me switch over to Good Morning Britain when she is on. I really enjoy Dan and Louise so why cant they be on more? Her interviews are cringeworthy and uncomfortable.
Sharonaie 9:01am Thu 7 Feb
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Naga needs to go!
I always watch BBC breakfast EXCEPT when that bloody annoying Naga is on then I switch to Sky. I can't stand the woman.
Popstar 10:44am Thu 24 Jan
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Previous comment
Also repeats all day Saturday and Sunday. And sport sunday morning's.
Irritated 8:48am Sun 20 Jan
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Abolise the TV liscense
We pay £150 a year for this!!
Mike 7:24am Sun 20 Jan
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Pushdy boom boom
Greg 2:06pm Boxing Day
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does Naga wash her hair in motor oil
HAHAHA 1:36pm Fri 21 Dec
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Plastic hair wig, and awf
How can people watch BBC Breakfast when that nauseating Nagga is on,her voice is awful, and l am surprised her plastic wig doesent melt under all the lights, lve watched Piers Morgan this, week, much more interesting,
magic mike 10:45am Wed 19 Dec
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One "Special-One" Gone...
Perhaps the BBC will follow Man. Uniteds example and sack Breakfasts own Mourhino in the person of the dreadful Naga?
Wob 8:52am Wed 19 Dec
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I like watching breakfast
Ben singleton 5:44pm Mon 17 Dec
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Are we being bombarded with all of yesterday's Brexit news on this show this morning. It's on the BBC news channel so let's get back to everyday topics.
Ap1947 9:11am Thu 13 Dec
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A horrible woman with a horrible voice ,its plain to see her co workers dont like her please get rid of her im starting to watch Piers Morgan before her thats how bad its getting.
Roberto 6:30am Fri 7 Dec
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Cannot watch BBC news when this woman is on, so self centred , always wants to be the centre of attention, do not understand why she is on so often, bring back Louise ASAP. Please get rid of her.
Paddy 1:48pm Wed 5 Dec
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Breakfast tv
Munchetty earningvmoneyvunder falsevpretences ,what a waste of tax payers money , always full of wilful criticism , easy i switch off when she appears. Who on earth selects this kind of person for what is a top job. BBC must have had thousands of complaints ,she should go now.
Amazed 1:39pm Tue 4 Dec
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Sunken features, thunderthighs.
Mickey Magoo. 4:06pm Sat 1 Dec
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steff mcgovern
Didn't steff have time to change this morning,wearing her pjs
james 2:56pm Sat 1 Dec
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Naga Munchetty
How much longer have we to put up with this useless woman.
Bugs 7:33am Wed 21 Nov
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Bowel movement overload
HAHAHA 6:04pm Sat 17 Nov
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A step too far
How dare Naga speak to guest the way she did this morning. Telling him not to keep calling her ma'am.
Not a fan 9:01am Sat 17 Nov
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Naga Munchetty
She has too go. overpaid, whinging voice. I cannot watch Breakfast any more.
Get rid of Naga. 8:12am Sat 17 Nov
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naga munchetty is a loud mouth know all she takes a rise out of the other presenters , cant stand her, she should be put in a room with equally loud ben shepherd and throw away the key
chrissy 2:49pm Sat 3 Nov
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Me too. Seems even more irritating this morning.
Taylor 8:54am Sat 3 Nov
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If you have to ask...
This morning there was a news item about a new UK bank note that will depict a woman scientist. Naga asked if the Bank of England has said why... As Louis Armstrong once answered to a similarly inane question, ‘if you have to ask, you’ll never know.”
JS 8:03am Sat 3 Nov
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i turn her off every shes on
MICK 1:39am Sat 3 Nov
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I never thought I would say this.....but where are you? That brash "know it all" McGovan, she who is on everything even Have I Got News For You, is painful to watch and listen to. Louise looks fed up too!
lila 7:49am Tue 30 Oct
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