15 September 2019  | 
Breakfast Comments
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Tinpot website
Please remove
karen 5:49pm Tue 3 Sep
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I totally agree. All regions of the U.K have their own regional accents. But the short time I watched this week it's all about Stef and her baby. Hope it does not drag on for much longer. Between Nagga and New baby info every day I have given up
Annoying 5:53pm Sat 31 Aug
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Unconcerned about her accent but she does drone on and on without stopping for breath. Also fed up with her reference to her pregnancy over and over again! Cannot wait for when she goes.....
roseanne 12:46pm Sat 31 Aug
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Naga Charlie et al
The questions are getting longer and longer!!! They invite someone on but don't give them the time or courtesy to answer. Also pleeeaaase stop all talking at once!!!
Hoof Hearted 7:35am Fri 30 Aug
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So agree but why does she still have a job? Why do the BBC take no notice of its viewers? She is even commented on in the newspapers so they must be aware! Same goes for that McGovern bore.
Jed 9:08am Thu 29 Aug
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Foghorn Leghorn Naga
Naga is unwatchable. Terrible voice, overbearing, smart Alex, nerd humour (eg not funny), patronising to colleagues, long winding questions.
Naganemasis 10:08pm Wed 28 Aug
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Stayt of it.
Hair styled by Liberace.
Shelly. 9:27pm Tue 27 Aug
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Whoever styles his hair needs to stop. He is looking ridiculous!
jenB 8:04am Tue 27 Aug
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So glad I am not the only one who finds this woman unbearable. I have to switch over as she asks the stupidest questions usually with loaded answers.
Scamster 5:54pm Wed 21 Aug
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This isn't news.
Discussing the formula of a fart. I'm so glad that they have enlightened me on that subject.
Mel. 5:26am Wed 21 Aug
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Itsno use complaining about Naga on here, you need to contact the BBC themselves. They have a website. Nothing will be read or acted upon from comments posted on here
RosM 8:45pm Tue 20 Aug
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What was Naga doing on Breakfast tv again this morning? She is only supposed to be on from Thurdays . Its getting too much now and can someone please tell her the time!! Twice today she had to quickly correct herself! Please please please Bbc read what the viewers are commenting about this overpaid useless arrogant woman and GET RID OF HER NOW!!
NIGGLE 2:29pm Tue 20 Aug
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Maybe they might listen. The Daily Mail says they should have a poll on TVs most irritating person. They would vote for her!!
jenB 7:58am Tue 20 Aug
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Yes she has lego hair only without the style!
Jed 9:33pm Sun 18 Aug
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Can you please stop calling Naga Lego hair. What has an innocent piece of Lego ever done to deserve this.
Plastic Pete. 8:51pm Sun 18 Aug
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Yeah she is pretty bad!
Jed 7:25pm Sun 18 Aug
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Specsavers opens at 10am.
Pea sea. 8:46am Sun 18 Aug
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I like Naga she is good at her Job. And also she is a pretty woman.
Ace 7:46am Sun 18 Aug
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News broadcasts
Known as the lying BBC, watch youtube when they are schooled over politics.......overpaid!
KR 10:18am Sat 17 Aug
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Naga big head
My god this woman is annoying. It's obvious to me that none of the other presenters like her. Please Bbc get this woman off our screens NOW
Retep 1:55pm Fri 16 Aug
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Another cringe worthy interview from Naga. When will she learn how to question without being patronising and condescending. Get her off TV
Chris 6:22am Fri 16 Aug
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Naga Munchetty
Like many have remarked before me Munchetty is the most arrogant,opinionated presenter on the BBC. And also like many I switch to Sky News the minute I hear that horrible grating voice,get rid!!!
Gof 5:57pm Thu 15 Aug
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Naga switched me off
Finally given up on BBC News as I can’t take anymore of Naga Munchety,s arrogant and overbearing attitude towards her colleagues, she is so opinionated and arrogant especially towards Charlie. BBC News must be blind to this but hey-ho that’s their loss as I switch to Sky News
Darthon 5:54am Thu 15 Aug
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Is Nagga a BBC PC robot?? she can tick all the lefty BBC boxes and cant wait to be offended by any guest who dares to hold different views to hers. To make the BBC impartial and unbiases as their charter says they should be, they need to get rid of this self opinionated borte ASAP.
Mick 2:37pm Mon 12 Aug
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Obnoxious Nagga
How is that Naga Munchetty is still employed by the BBC? Is it to make sure that they meet their equal opportunities target? Can't be anything else because she is completely useless.I have to switch over when she is on
DanH 10:24pm Sat 10 Aug
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Nagging Munch
If you want to see Charlie's patience with her look at the interaction about the cheese yesterday. Haha.
qjkelly 5:35am Sat 10 Aug
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Pity the kid that has to look at that face and listen to that voice...
Jed 9:08pm Fri 9 Aug
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Hope she takes permanent maternity leave.
Screech. 10:56am Fri 9 Aug
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Can't stand the women, whenever she is on I have to change to ITV.
Gag Naga 6:42am Fri 9 Aug
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Watched breakfast for years but have to switch over when she's on., irritating.
Irritated 5:56am Thu 8 Aug
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Please please bbc read ALL the viewers comments about Naga Munchetty . She is arrogant a know all boring and very self opioniated . Please pleaase please bbc do the right thing and GET RID OF HER NOW NOW!!
NIGGLE 3:17pm Tue 30 Jul
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Patronising Naga
Please get rid of patronising, condescending, Naga Munchetti she is making bbc breakfast Unwatchable, how Charlie Stayt and all the others put up with her is a mystery...get rid now!
Jaffa 10:27am Tue 30 Jul
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Naga...The BBC Know!
Now that Piers Morgan and Susanna Reid are off GMB for the summer, the annoying Munchetty is appearing on the Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday slots. Normally she gets Thursday to Sunday. The BBC won't put her on at the same time as Morgan and Reid as they know viewers switch over to GMB.
Boyston36 6:49am Tue 30 Jul
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Awful woman. Really thinks she’s something. Nasty with it too. I have to switch off. Why is she being kept on? Please don’t renew her contract!
Mallard33 8:12am Sun 28 Jul
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Boring steph.
Stephs everywhere now. All over social media. Gay woman having girlfriends baby. Another box ticked.
Drake. 4:16pm Tue 23 Jul
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Love Naga........... Love Naga.....................The days she's not on.
Pea sea. 9:13pm Mon 22 Jul
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fair broadcasting
one sided say no more.......laughing stock of broadcasting.......ethnics allowed to apply for recent jobs.....
Bobby 4:47pm Mon 22 Jul
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Like so many, I switch over when Naga M is on. Why does she have to be so obnoxious? How did she get the job? A mystery!
Happy Guy 1:19pm Sat 20 Jul
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Naga M
Noisy, empty and finds herself to be sooooooooo amusing. Retained by the BBC for statistical purposes rather than ability?
Academic 6:23am Thu 18 Jul
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Oh that voice
I thought I was the only one who switched channels when Ms Munchety was on breakfast, Oh that voice she shouldn't be allowed to be anywhere near a microphone. Please please please get rid, it spoils the start of the day.
Billy boy 3:28am Thu 18 Jul
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I cannot stand Naga,she certainly has the right name,she makes other presenters uncomfortable with her stupid comments,her voice is so annoying,it’s time to get rid of her before my tinnitus gets any worse.
Faz 7:24am Wed 17 Jul
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Thought this programme was about current affairs not sport. It is getting worse. There are other channels for this.
Annoying 7:52am Mon 15 Jul
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Stephs pregnant with her girlfriends baby. Is she/it a male identifying as a woman. We straight people are in the minority now.
Pea sea. 7:53am Sun 14 Jul
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Brexit and Wimbledon. Oh Joy! When will it stop.
Annoying 7:27am Wed 10 Jul
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Lego hair.
Paid £190.000 a year. For what. Being patronising and annoying.
Ade 6:26am Fri 5 Jul
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Why so much debating of the England match from last night. Will we now be hearing about it for days on end. What would it be like if they had won!
Irritated 7:27am Wed 3 Jul
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Ian .
Put Ian McMillan on every day to review the papers and get rid of the awful Lego hair Naga.
Moz. 8:33am Sat 29 Jun
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Tick box
If ever there was proof of a tick box culture at BBC the the dreadful in enery way Naga proves it. Hard to like that woman is i'm afraid.
Panda 2:29pm Fri 28 Jun
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DELBOY 5:19am Fri 28 Jun
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Please please remove Naga now from the Bbc. She is getting really unwatchable now . She certainly thinks a lot about herself .
NIGGLE 12:29pm Sat 22 Jun
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