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Pushdy boom boom
Greg 2:06pm Boxing Day
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does Naga wash her hair in motor oil
HAHAHA 1:36pm Fri 21 Dec
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Plastic hair wig, and awf
How can people watch BBC Breakfast when that nauseating Nagga is on,her voice is awful, and l am surprised her plastic wig doesent melt under all the lights, lve watched Piers Morgan this, week, much more interesting,
magic mike 10:45am Wed 19 Dec
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One "Special-One" Gone...
Perhaps the BBC will follow Man. Uniteds example and sack Breakfasts own Mourhino in the person of the dreadful Naga?
Wob 8:52am Wed 19 Dec
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I like watching breakfast
Ben singleton 5:44pm Mon 17 Dec
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Are we being bombarded with all of yesterday's Brexit news on this show this morning. It's on the BBC news channel so let's get back to everyday topics.
Ap1947 9:11am Thu 13 Dec
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A horrible woman with a horrible voice ,its plain to see her co workers dont like her please get rid of her im starting to watch Piers Morgan before her thats how bad its getting.
Roberto 6:30am Fri 7 Dec
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Cannot watch BBC news when this woman is on, so self centred , always wants to be the centre of attention, do not understand why she is on so often, bring back Louise ASAP. Please get rid of her.
Paddy 1:48pm Wed 5 Dec
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Breakfast tv
Munchetty earningvmoneyvunder falsevpretences ,what a waste of tax payers money , always full of wilful criticism , easy i switch off when she appears. Who on earth selects this kind of person for what is a top job. BBC must have had thousands of complaints ,she should go now.
Amazed 1:39pm Tue 4 Dec
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Sunken features, thunderthighs.
Mickey Magoo. 4:06pm Sat 1 Dec
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steff mcgovern
Didn't steff have time to change this morning,wearing her pjs
james 2:56pm Sat 1 Dec
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Naga Munchetty
How much longer have we to put up with this useless woman.
Bugs 7:33am Wed 21 Nov
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Bowel movement overload
HAHAHA 6:04pm Sat 17 Nov
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A step too far
How dare Naga speak to guest the way she did this morning. Telling him not to keep calling her ma'am.
Not a fan 9:01am Sat 17 Nov
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Naga Munchetty
She has too go. overpaid, whinging voice. I cannot watch Breakfast any more.
Get rid of Naga. 8:12am Sat 17 Nov
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naga munchetty is a loud mouth know all she takes a rise out of the other presenters , cant stand her, she should be put in a room with equally loud ben shepherd and throw away the key
chrissy 2:49pm Sat 3 Nov
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Me too. Seems even more irritating this morning.
Taylor 8:54am Sat 3 Nov
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If you have to ask...
This morning there was a news item about a new UK bank note that will depict a woman scientist. Naga asked if the Bank of England has said why... As Louis Armstrong once answered to a similarly inane question, ‘if you have to ask, you’ll never know.”
JS 8:03am Sat 3 Nov
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i turn her off every shes on
MICK 1:39am Sat 3 Nov
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I never thought I would say this.....but where are you? That brash "know it all" McGovan, she who is on everything even Have I Got News For You, is painful to watch and listen to. Louise looks fed up too!
lila 7:49am Tue 30 Oct
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Previous comment
It was a comment. No big deal intended. That's what this site is for after all.
REALLY 2:40pm Fri 24 Aug
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Prev comm
Not such a big deal in the scheme of things......
pedanticbore 10:19am Fri 24 Aug
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This morning
First we have a reporter saying the next bank holiday in Scotland is in November! It's September. Then Naga gave the time as eight minutes past twelve when it was twelve minutes past eight!.
REALLY 7:20am Fri 24 Aug
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Does she share the same therapist as Kay Burley
HAHAHA 9:03am Sun 12 Aug
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As Oliver Cromwell said:- " Depart, I say, and let us have done with you. In the name of God, go!"
Wob 7:57am Fri 10 Aug
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Her voice would make a wonderfully irritating ring tone!
StevieP 7:13am Thu 9 Aug
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BBC Breakfast - Naga
What!! Naga on four days in a row - give us a break!!!
Early bird 5:42am Thu 9 Aug
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What a show off! Handling the snakes then teasing Dan who was obviously not comfortable. Hope she washed her hands afterwards.
Irritated 8:10am Wed 8 Aug
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Bowel movement at its best
HAHAHA 7:17am Mon 6 Aug
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At last . Decent presenters, shame it won't last
HAHAHA 5:36pm Tue 31 Jul
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Previous comment
Totally agree. She is so condescending. Correcting a guest who said Dam that is Darn as we are on TV.
Irritated 8:34am Sat 28 Jul
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Get rid of naga
Never watch BBC news any more when she is on. Such an irritating person.
Baz 7:55am Sat 28 Jul
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I now watch channel 108 for the news - no Naga - life is great BBC would be better off without her
TonyS 8:10am Thu 26 Jul
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Naga irritating
Absolutely agree that naga. Munchetty needs to go,following that terrible interviewer with Sir David, She must apologise
Tuesday 6:18pm Mon 23 Jul
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Naga Munchetty
I find Naga Munchetty irritating and do not look forward to Thursday am and hear " Thanks very match Carol".
Knocker 3:24pm Sun 22 Jul
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Lay off naga
Don't be too hard on Naga St David can be awkward as well you know.
Jackdaw 1:47am Sun 22 Jul
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They lost. Get over it. Let's get back to ' normal service' for goodness sake.
Fed Up 7:40am Thu 12 Jul
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They usually start the news round up with headline news but the story about the boys released from the cave were given second place to football.
Really! 7:48am Wed 11 Jul
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Turned on to watch breakfast and got yet more football talk. Can't wait until it's all over.
Not a fan 7:24am Wed 4 Jul
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This morning
The BBC standards are dropping with Naga giving the time as Half Eight and not eight thirty, not what we expect from a BBC presenter.
Shame 7:39am Thu 28 Jun
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Here we go again
So England scored 2 goals!! Get over it! Why does football have to take over all our TV viewing. Should be one channel specifically for sport. And let the rest of us watch our usual programmes.
Irritated 7:36am Tue 19 Jun
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Car Share
I'm with you Irritated! I had taped it as well. Fortunately,I managed to switch channels without seeing anything11
FeatherHG 9:37pm Tue 29 May
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Why oh Why
Did they have to show a log clip of Car Share when some of us have recorded it to watch later. They do it with other programmes too.
Irritated 8:00am Tue 29 May
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How much longer is she going to be allowed to do this to us?
Wotty 8:51am Sat 12 May
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This morning
Why do they have to show clips of programmes shown the night before. It is very annoying as some of us have not yet watched it. And for goodness sake stop going on about the fabulous weather yesterday down south. It was not like that everywhere.
Irritated 7:59am Tue 8 May
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please please sack Naga
I turn over and watch Sky news if the repulsive Naga is on breakfast tv.
Bry 8:36pm Wed 25 Apr
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Has Naga had a boob job,or is she pregnant
jim 9:06am Wed 25 Apr
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Naga Munchetty
If Ms MUNCHETTY dosent like the subject she presenting or other person opinions she makes it clear, too condescending but if someone says something she done wrong or anything about her, she makes it clear she's not amused and that's not a professional presenter. Take it in the chin Ms MUNCHETTY you do it to others
Lyn 7:58am Wed 25 Apr
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What unprofessional behaviour this morning from Naga stuffing marshmallows into he mouth.
disgraceful 8:51am Fri 20 Apr
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Please, please, please take her off BBC breakfast. She is the most irritating person on that program. I hate her condescending manner and her know it all ways. She really thinks she’s something special and her attitude to the other presenters is disgusting and when you watch the body language of the presenters who work with her it looks like they feel the same. I turn the TV over when she’s on. Absolutely awful presenter
TonyS 7:10am Sat 14 Apr
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