24 October 2020  | 
Britain's Got Talent Comments
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Britain's Got Talent
... not much sign of it here!
Oscar 9:14pm Fri 2 Oct
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Donches dacres
His looks ,his dress reminds me of a very bad outdated 70s singer. More cheesy than dairylea.
The real septic. 8:58pm Tue 29 May
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Britains got singers
This is supposed to be a talent show.Too many singers on here.Lets see some proper talent and variety. Singers should go on x factor or the voice.
Shep 4:41pm Sun 13 May
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Can't watch it
There's something deeply disturbing and very creepy about Walliams. He makes my skin crawl.
Tessa 9:50am Sat 28 Apr
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Prev comm
A little harsh. I did not find it patronising at all. More like supporting and encouraging a very brave friend to live her life to the full and continue dancing. I doubt very much wheelchairs are featured in every sequence and yes I was entertained.
gina 8:03pm Sun 22 Apr
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What's entertaining about able bodied kids dancing with wheelchairs. A bit patronising.
JD 1:10pm Sun 22 Apr
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Sympathy vote
Okay I feel for the young dancer and hope she gets her op soon but it is about time performers got through on merit alone. Plenty of excellent acts have been discarded as usual. Sob stories have no place in talent competitions. Most people have a story of their own anyway.
reuben 10:27pm Fri 2 Jun
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trying to influence us.
Simons trying to influence the public vote with his opinions. He's already got his moneyspinner through in Tokio Myers. The shows like simons teeth, losing its sparkle .
joanna j 8:33pm Fri 2 Jun
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Simon Cowell really showed his ignorance tonight over Jess Robinson's act and particularly her 'Adele'. Of course it was an over-the-top, funny, caricature of the singer! Why was SC the only person who didn't 'get it' ??? She was excellent. Deserves to be in final.
Jodi 7:47pm Fri 2 Jun
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Disgraceful dress remember its a family show!!!! Show is getting boring .
Poppy 5:01pm Fri 2 Jun
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Amanda Holden ,is a attention seeking Tramp wearing a dress like that on a family show.
Linda 6:23am Fri 2 Jun
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Not another one.
Please stop voting for singers, force them onto the voice, and XF, let's have something different on here.
music fan 3:08pm Tue 30 May
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so bad he was good.
The world's worst impressionist was unintentionally the best act on the show. He made me laugh because he was so bad. Hope he wins. The look on cowells face was priceless.
sylvie. 1:58pm Sun 7 May
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About BGT
I think the choir should of got a gold buzzer and the cazy magician man should of to Amazing love it luaghed and cryed can't wait to see the next one
SJ 10:16pm Sat 15 Apr
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Sorry but IMHO
The choir was a racket, the magician should have got the golden buzzer.
music fan 9:11am Mon 18 Apr
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About right!
The most talented in Britain is a dog? sounds about right !!!!!
Brains 3:14am Mon 1 Jun
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David Walliams
I do think he is okay and quite funny but he is like Marmite.....my other half cannot stand him so there you go.
once more 10:06pm Fri 29 May
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Might deserve his place but he sure needs to work on his personality.....a tad arrogant in my opinion.
once more 10:07pm Thu 28 May
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but is it a pretence......i think not!
once more 9:54pm Wed 27 May
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David Walliam's constant pretence at being gay is really starting to annoy me now !!! what is the point ?
music fan 3:23pm Tue 26 May
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He must be joking
why does David Walliams put through crap acts. I couldn't watch it last night he got on my nerves
Pollyanna 2:04pm Tue 26 May
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Its awful
No more shows please some of us have a brain. Merely a vehicle and money spinner for the few.
QT 12:29pm Sat 2 May
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"We are looking for something different, something we have never seen before" so why did he golden buzzer a singer and not a ventriloquist with a real dog ?
music fan 1:59pm Mon 13 Apr
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Should be renamed,Britain's got no talent
Mary 5:08pm Mon 2 Jun
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Jazz 4:31pm Sun 11 May
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It can`t get worse than this - will David ever grow. SadlytThe show is becoming a farce
Medusa 8:36pm Sat 26 Apr
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Have to agree with Dan, he is getting too silly, I hope this show does not go the same way as the XF !!
music fan. 2:08pm Tue 22 Apr
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Britons got paint drying. Zzzzz
Spot 8:59pm Sat 12 Apr
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Euro talent
? Not Brit talent
Nemo 8:48pm Sat 12 Apr
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stop the singers
If you want to sing, get on x factor! No singers please!! And stop the public vote, most of them wouldn't recognise talent if it bit them! Look at the idiots that kept Todd carthorse in dance on ice!!
impressario 11:59am Fri 11 Apr
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Who Knew
It was obvious Jack Carroll should have won but he's British apparently........
avid quizzer 11:00pm Sat 8 Jun
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Is it Britain got talant or E U got talant
Not impress for show which is called Britian got Talant not E U got talant.
Philipos 10:49pm Sat 8 Jun
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BGT Kids
It was obvious Simon wanted the dancer to go through but bottled it to avoid the tears. It can only get worse!
avid quizzer 10:20pm Thu 30 May
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Enough!!! of David and his constant Simon Simon Simon. Give it a rest we tune in to see the show not this silly childish behaviour
Boring 3:13pm Wed 29 May
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britaint got talent
love it on saturdays. every night at the end too much. boring.
getting bored 7:47pm Mon 27 May
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#Excited - Who do I want to win BGT 2013? Francine Lewis (obviously!)
Ace Nitro 7:25pm Mon 27 May
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Clearly, Britain hasn't got talent if this is representative. Usual rigged Sat Night drivel
Discerning 2:46am Tue 7 May
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Not a bad show but as the show total indicates "Britains" Got Talent that dose not mean anyone from anywhere else in the world!
Kev 8:34pm Mon 6 May
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Britians Got
Pete and Repete 6:17pm Sun 5 May
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britains got talent
britain is one of the most funniest shows i have ever watched! it is so funny LOL
hollybob 5:02pm Fri 3 May
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Sorry. There is no talent anywhere on this show. Ant & Dec simply prove my point.
Fenny 9:33am Fri 3 May
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Matt 5:16pm Mon 15 Apr
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Britain's Got Piles
It looks as if these people have trouble sitting down for very long. What an excellent show, great!
Fatty O'TopWak (The Voice of Raisons) 1:13am Sun 14 Apr
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Great finale
What a fantastic line up all singing swimming and dancing wow ..was a dog act the best of the night no but they were good,i dont suppose it matter though as the real winners are likely to be Jonathan and Charlotte The Mend and Loveable Rogues
The Great andPowerful Turtle 9:21pm Tue 22 May
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The Best Yet
The BGT final was the best one ever. Congrats to all concerned and well done to Ashleigh & Pudsey. Thanks for a great show.
Happy Lady 4:18pm Sun 13 May
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the crowd are a mod of eegits
99.9999999999999999% aRe siff.
Sally 8:35pm Thu 10 May
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Keep them dumbed down
BGT - for the OK!/Heat/Hello! "reading"-crowd. No intelligence required (and little talent from the contestants, it would seem).
Really? NEVER! 1:51pm Thu 10 May
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Britain's Got Tammies (jam rags)
how low is this?
Jill 7:40pm Wed 9 May
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Stop Moaning
Stop your moaning, if you don't like BGT then don't watch it. I think it is a brilliant programme and so much more entertaining than The Voice, which I see is now dying a death!
Shifter 5:25pm Tue 8 May
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Britain may have talent...
...but the judges sure don't. Alesha Dixon? Amanda Holden? You're kidding me, right?
OMG! 2:21pm Tue 8 May
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