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All a bit pointless!
The final round should be having to make the best of ingredients that are given to them......not something some 'chef' has dreamed up for them, and trained them to make!
Salamat 10:26pm Mon 25 Sep
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So glad she won. Seems a nice person too. Greg Wallace needs to find something more original to say......he is so repetitive and boring "best ever this and wow that"
georgie 9:28pm Fri 22 Sep
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Last in this abysmal series. Let's hope it is the last ever episode. So sick of Wallace.
Marge. 12:06pm Fri 22 Sep
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Yet more mostly unknown "celebrities" being shouted at and glared at by the most irritating dimwit on TV.
John T. 9:06am Wed 20 Sep
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I guess she is used to having one in the oven
HAHAHA 5:19pm Mon 18 Sep
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Her children will be cherished. That's is most important unlike a lot who have them to get more benefits out of us tax payers.
reuben 5:37pm Sun 17 Sep
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Is 4x4 still in it? (Ulrika )4 kids by 4 fathers. I personally would call her the hopper bus. Hop on, hop off.
sarky. 12:17pm Sun 17 Sep
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Not those flipping edible flowers again!
georgie 8:52pm Fri 15 Sep
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Love The Show
ButI and many friends cannot watch it because of that Wallace person. Such a shame. I am sure if he left the viewing figures would soar
unbelievable 9:54am Sat 9 Sep
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The most irritating tosser on TV.
J.T. 4:40pm Fri 8 Sep
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Love him, He has a lovely sense of humour.
once more 1:48pm Fri 22 Jul
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Thank God for John!
John is a saviour for us vegetatians! So good to hear him giving contestants a roasting (pun intended) for giving us nothing but veg and pasta. Thank you John and as for the contestants WAKE UP!
Wildherb 5:21pm Thu 21 Jul
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why is bbc always changing the times!
Getting irritated with bbc with pretty much about everything. If it isn't broken don't try to fix it. Master chef has been great up to this year.
i like food 5:06pm Thu 21 Jul
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This is so dire
Well past its sell-by date. And don't get me started on the fat, bald, smug one.
Scoff 4:18pm Fri 15 Jul
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Viewing Figures
This is rapidly turning into the Greg Wallace Show. John rarely features or has anything much to say. Very bad idea!!!!! Watch the viewing figures drop rapidly.
Not Happy 8:50pm Thu 30 Jun
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Did not think that Greg could get more irritating How wrong was I !!!
annoyed 8:32pm Wed 11 Nov
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Burger van anyone
Anyone for a bowl of cereal. The muck they serve up as food , makes me vomit,as does the excuse for presenters
HAHAHA 12:56pm Sat 25 Jul
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enjoyed the series
but found watching ' Fat Face' Greg a real turn off. Acts like he is god's gift but has got it sooo wrong
irritated 10:30pm Fri 24 Jul
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No more please
When are you lot going to realise that most of us DO NOT like this kind of crap filling our screens. Enough cooking programs !!
GAzza 8:12pm Fri 17 Jul
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What on earth
did Greg look like in that get up. The show is getting more ridiculous as the series goes on. Watching and listening to him stuffing his face is disgusting
repulsive 10:22pm Thu 16 Jul
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So poor
Smug, shouty Wallace with a load of Z listers you've never hear of or wish you'd never heard of. Pathetic.
Gordon 3:55pm Thu 9 Jul
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fat old blokes, one a crap chef the other one sells spuds.
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Why has this cringy person got so much to say for himself. Wish he would stop listing all the ingredients when he tastes a dish, we already know them!! Less close ups of his irritating face please!!
annoyed 10:01pm Thu 25 Jun
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money money money
Margi again sells her soul and cooks octopus,from famous vegetarian to hypocrite in £signs
olly 3:22pm Wed 27 Aug
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Not for real
How long are they going to keep this fabricated for TV tosh going?
FFS 5:45pm Fri 18 Jul
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Millie Woz Robbed!
Wayne Sleep does not deserve a place - he has NO concept of cooking whatsoever! The one person who was knowledgeable and, to be honest, a total surprise, was Millie who got booted off! There's a fishy smell in the Masterchef kitchen.
Mozzer 8:06pm Sat 12 Jul
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It doesn't get much worse!
Really what is the point of this show now? A 'celebrity' who says he hasn't cooked in 30 years....gets through one round and thinks he can cook! I expect even a chimpanzee can be trained by a professional to cook one meal at a time!
Salamat 9:12pm Fri 27 Jun
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Greg is a Thug
We now know what sort of character Greg is so I have no desire to watch any more of his 'output'. Also the female narrator has such a soporific voice I don't think I could even stay awake for more.
The Devil's Aubergine 8:31pm Thu 29 Aug
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hair care
Who wants hair in their food? Why are the celebrities not wearing head protection while cooking in a restuarant? After watching the programme I would evoid every outlet taking part!
GingerFR 7:41pm Thu 22 Aug
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Stand up for yourself.
Throw the food at him when he shouts.
Will 3:10pm Fri 16 Aug
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Seen one, you've seen them all.
Bald man glowers and shouts a lot. That's about it really.
Gus 3:00pm Wed 14 Aug
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crap chef and a spud seller.
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Pension it off.
Getting very stale now.
Gordon R. 1:19pm Wed 7 Aug
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Old hat.
Please, please, please make this the last of this pathetically contrived "contest". So staged and contrived it must be obvious to all but the most deluded by now.
Watson Telly 3:28pm Thu 1 Aug
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A Dead Format
We've seem enough of this now. Retire it.
No More Chefs 7:27pm Wed 31 Jul
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fat guys who think they are some sort of A listers, one is a crap chef and the other sells spuds.
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Desperation TV
Tired old format sees bald man and an Australian glowering and shouting at people you mostly haven't heard of.
FFS 2:12pm Wed 31 Jul
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Style over substance with a pinch of false jeopardy goes a long way, apparently. You could use the same format on sculpting sandcastles. If you like this programme chances are I don't like you.
... 10:53am Wed 31 Jul
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The worst part of this programme is the voice which is really annoying and sounds like a computer and is very distracting.
tentoten 12:07pm Sat 4 May
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The woman in the background seems to have improved a bit but not enough .. Where on earth did they find her ?
Lampshade 8:09pm Thu 4 Apr
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Time to go!
A bit like Canon & Ball, these two have had their day!
The Flickster 7:59am Wed 12 Sep
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Scraping the bottom of the barrel
Who are these Z listers? Allegedly they have 'made their names'already - well they won't be making their names better known by participating in this series of Celeb MasterChef! FGS find some that a. real celebs & b. interested in food next time round. Or stick with teh amatuers & professionals!
Penny D 1:33pm Wed 5 Sep
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Not another
show for hasbeens, celebs you've never heard of, B listers, peo out of work (or inbetween jobs as they say) and those who would turn up to the opening of a paper bag. Wonderful!
doubletake 8:33pm Wed 29 Aug
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I could scream at the awful woman who is commenting in the background. She ruins the whole programme and is dreadful
Lilyex 6:35pm Wed 29 Aug
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What on earth does that dreadful woman making comments in the background think she sounds like? She seems to be trying to sound husky and sexy but instead sounds like she is getting over asthma (very slowly!)
serendipity 6:49pm Mon 27 Aug
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This one is rubbish
I love MasterChef and have watched every series. This one misses the mark by a loooong way. The celebs can't cook. What a missed opportunity. Previous shows have had people on who are real cooking enthusiasts. The WANT to cook. The current batch of bozos seem to think that like many live 2nd rate shows, "It'll be alright on the night.". Seriously Greg and John are better than this and they DESERVE better than this.
rederikus 7:51pm Tue 21 Aug
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How low can you go?
When your "celebrity" status means that 0.5% of the population have heard of you, go for a spot on masterchef. All but the really obsessed have given up watching, so you might get noticed, you never know.
Switch Over 2:20pm Tue 14 Aug
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negative comments
Have watched every series but won't be watching any more as I can't stand the WI lady with long hair who has nothing positive to say is is totally uninteresting. Get rid of her please
Jane 123 5:59pm Sat 1 Oct
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Amazing what this now rubbish programme's definition of celebrity is.
Carrie 11:38am Sat 1 Oct
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load ofrubbish
masterchef is really scraping the barrel Magi Çlarke - give us a break- can't they find some decent cooks
dorothy22 7:01pm Sat 24 Sep
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