16 October 2019  | 
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quality of broadcasting
@ne-sided as ever - not a debate in any form!
Peter 9:22am Wed 6 Mar
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Not a balanced debate
Clarago 8:24pm Thu 7 Feb
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An example to us all
A great example of how not to do investigative reporting. Pick a serious issue, fail to do your research and instead of tackling the real issues round it all up with a good dose of scaremongering, and victim blaming.
KN 9:48am Thu 7 Feb
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Discriminating home education programme
The recent programme featuring the children's commissioner was completely out of order. You showed the public a negative view of home education and put no focus on the home education of these children. The commissioner is out of line with the register and subsequent visits? You have no idea what a ome of these children have faced in the education system due to lack of support and crooked LA's
Ima 7:57am Thu 7 Feb
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Terrible investigation, you should be ashamed of yourselves.
Mum08 12:25am Thu 7 Feb
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Biased Programme
Very biased view of Home Education. This is very insulting to Home Educating families and. Ill conceived.
Zzee 12:13am Thu 7 Feb
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Terrible, biased programme
A programme made with huge bias, based on contrived ideas and a despicable lack of foreward thinking.
1986 12:01am Thu 7 Feb
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Biased propaganda against home educators
Home educated children are not invisible. They are not skipping school. They are getting an education suited to them at a place other than school. My son flourished with home ed. School till age 11 is another matter, failed educationally, special needs ignored, badly bullied and suicidal.....but noone says about how.bad the schools are!!!!
Emmzr 11:40pm Wed 6 Feb
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Unfair treatment of home schooling
Not all home schooled children are invisible, we have a maths tutor once a week for our son. We invite any of you from dispatches round our house and to talk to my son. This programme gave the wrong impression of home schooling and the effects and benefits for children who are home educated.
Rich475 10:08pm Wed 6 Feb
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Biased and ignorant propaganda
Biased and ignorant propaganda based on derogatory stereotypes.
Sm84 9:18pm Wed 6 Feb
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Not very investigative
Home Educated children are not skipping school and are not invisible. Very bad biased journslism. It is the parent's responsibility to educate their child not the state and school is a choice.
Homeedworkingmumof3 9:05pm Wed 6 Feb
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Very biased
Why didn't they ask Ofsted when they met them why headteachers are having to choose between best decisions for a child versus ofsted. Why was there no follow up on off rolling but extensive coverage of abuse that let's face it has also happened outside home education to other children in schools. Where is the out cry over the lack of funding for SEN children and the damage that mainstream schools cause them without proper support!
EON 8:49pm Wed 6 Feb
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This program has not looked at both sides and shown it has no idea about the home educated children. I home educate my son and its the best thing we ever done.
Pearl 8:12pm Wed 6 Feb
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This show couldn't have been any more one sided
Where were the thriving home ed families , the real facts , the comparison to school children ??? This show was completely biased from the beginning and portrayed home educators in a totally negative light . Channel 4 you should be ashamed of yourself!
Dissapointedviewer 7:47pm Wed 6 Feb
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Bad programme
Homeedmum 7:31pm Wed 6 Feb
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Clearly agenda driven
Hoped for balance, but this was so clearly against the Home Ed community.
Keith 7:28pm Wed 6 Feb
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Factually incorrect, biased, scaremongering
What an exceptionally badly put together programme based on factually incorrect, biased, information and relying on most people not doing their own research to find out the facts. The agenda was very clear from the outset - to make sure home educated families were put in a bad light by any means possible - the programme makers should be ashamed of themselves.
Kutamba 7:13pm Wed 6 Feb
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Very biased
This is one sided, made with one agenda in mind, this terrible womans carer. The statistics used show one side and now the school side so you can't compare. Wish I hadn't waisted my time watching it.
Roz 7:11pm Wed 6 Feb
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Total Tripe
Says it all
HAHAHA 6:54pm Wed 6 Feb
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Factually incorrect
Very disappointing to see incorrect information and poor reflection of the great effects home schooling can do for some children.
ABC 6:40pm Wed 6 Feb
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They were not unseen or invisible
The program suggests that the children involved were unseen by professionals who could oversee their safety. However, at least one of the children were under the eye of social services and the others had attended school and been removed, This means people knew they existed
Tam12 5:28pm Wed 6 Feb
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Invisible and isolated in school
This was poorly researched and factually incorrect in many ways. A very poor representation of a thriving and successful community.
Free range learning 5:17pm Wed 6 Feb
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More invisible inside school!!!
What a bias and unfair report. How about highlighting the hundreds of lives lost due to the education system failing. Highlighting the welfare system failures. Thousands more children invisible inside school!!!!! Especially with the decreasing support, care and funding! A pitty as I always liked your programs. Very dissapointing. You should be apologising to the thousands of children and parents who you have deeply offended!
Invisible Inside School 5:10pm Wed 6 Feb
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Awful program. Hateful message. Most home educated children are happy and thriving. No news on that??
Sonny 4:38pm Wed 6 Feb
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Totally fabricated and misleading to scare people into conforming.
Suziq 4:09pm Wed 6 Feb
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Very biased!
Maybe a program on why the school system is failing, bullying, mental health and the children that have lost their lives amongst other things
Not invisible 2:35pm Wed 6 Feb
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A very biased programme
This programme was extremely biased and determined to put people that home educate in a bad light. Why were not more experienced home educated families interviewed where children have gone on to study at top Universities and secure top jobs in Science and Industry??? It was obvious that the film makers were working to an "establishment agenda", no surprises there.
GavinMax 2:00pm Wed 6 Feb
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Terrible, one sided show.
This was a terrible show,should never have wasted money producing. False facts, no facts, guessing, excessive editing to make those poor family's look incapable- where were the interviews with thriving, successful family's? Why was there no mention of mental health issues caused by school or the children who commit suicide whilst in the school system? Homed Educated family's do not send their kids to religious illegal ,home ed schools- that's a whole different show all together & needs addressing and separating from Home education . You also need to address the fact that shes made out that all home educated children will fail in life, wont be able to have jobs due to lack of education- there are plenty of "well educated" children who leave school unable to gain employment for many many reasons.
Invisible family 1:59pm Wed 6 Feb
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Useless content
This programme was a biased take on home education. A lot of home educators are dealing with SEN and mental health issues with their children that were not adequately dealt with (or caused by) by the education system. They should be praised for trying to make a difference to the lives of their children and for not allowing them to be abused in a system that they are not safe in.
Npt Nikki 1:40pm Wed 6 Feb
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Awful programme, uneducated woman!
Really should have researched properly & given the whole story! Why were the children that have gone on to university and made a huge success of their lives not mentioned? Why were the thousands of children that are thriving being home educated every single day not mentioned?
Emilou 1:34pm Wed 6 Feb
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The programme should be called "Failed by School" instead of "Skipping School"
AJ 1:34pm Wed 6 Feb
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One sided
One sided opinion and decision made up before the programme started. Home education is more than being home, its more than any child can learn in school. When the system fails our kids what are you suppose to do, leave them rot in a place where suicide is more likely. At least under tge parents watch they are safe.
Be happy HOME education 1:31pm Wed 6 Feb
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Terrible programme
A terrible programme which is not based on fact. It is in fact complete propaganda. I will not be watching this channel anymore.
Not invisible 1:30pm Wed 6 Feb
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Awful programme
You really need to look into the real reason families choose to home educate their children. Schools are failing them. We had no other choice but to take our child out of school, it was either that or watch his health decline. We don't hide away, we are out there socialising doing group activities. And also trying to access help from other resorces.
Not invisible 1:04pm Wed 6 Feb
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Can't believe that this programme was allowed to air. A clear politicial agenda pushed through mis information
Invisible family 12:59pm Wed 6 Feb
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Not invisible
My children are not invisible and are very much educated maybe a programme about why the school system is failing
Invisible parent 12:44pm Wed 6 Feb
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Home education
We don’t Home educate but know a few who do, and your episode on so-called invisible children was absolutely ridiculous! Most people who home educate their children do so to spend more time educating them than schools do. The woman needs firing.
Kelly 12:41pm Wed 6 Feb
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Shame on you for not checking the ridiculous 'facts' in this programme. You have been party to propaganda and can no longer be considered worthy journalists.
Mrs Johns 12:27pm Wed 6 Feb
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What happened to getting all the information before you speak
So in choosing new home educators you are getting a rounded view of home education! Why don’t you fix the problems in schools instead of home educators picking up the pieces! You can’t because Academies have their “do what you like law” water tight so you have to blame someone else
Tessaf 12:16pm Wed 6 Feb
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This show is stupid, I was school educated and didnt enjoy it
Demonokami 12:14pm Wed 6 Feb
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Can’t believe this was allowed to be aired
Nicolajane 12:14pm Wed 6 Feb
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Very poorly done channel 4. Misinformation from the get go with only one agenda. This does not portray home education in the slightest! Disgraceful.
BJH 11:45am Wed 6 Feb
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Get facts straight home ed kids are not invisible what is invisible is the way these kids are treated in schools and how things get pushed a side the whole program was a joke nothing what home ed really is like at all
Homey 11:42am Wed 6 Feb
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Wrong side
It’s quite obvious that Channel 4 have picked a side here - shame it’s the wrong one
Home Edding In NI 11:40am Wed 6 Feb
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Poorly done
Very much agenda driven ..pulling statistics out if thin air as well as the commissioner herself using heavily edited footage if the families to bring them in line with her agenda expect this from the BBC but not channel 4
Eyes wide open 11:33am Wed 6 Feb
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Completely one sided
After watching invisible children on Monday I have lost all respect for investigative journalism, a totally biased one sided piece of propaganda that has done immeasurable harm to the home Ed community.
Sezza 11:32am Wed 6 Feb
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Channel 4
Disgusted with your programme on Monday evening regarding home education very one sided our children are nor invisible open your eyes and you will see that
Angry home ed parent 11:20am Wed 6 Feb
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The worst I have seen-biased,full of incorrect statements .HE children are not hidden.or invisible -they enjoy learning in different environment and without the additional pressure .The examples of families chosen for the programme are not in any way examples of HE -quite the opposite I would say .Authorities are scared to admit the education system.is failing in big way ,instead they choose to blame the parents for their shortcomings.
karinaalmo 11:18am Wed 6 Feb
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Really bad
This is not home education. The makers need to educate themselves!
A Smith 11:14am Wed 6 Feb
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What on earth?!!!
I find this programme an absolute joke. Most children who are abused etc are/were already known to "professionals". The problem is not home ed, it's schools failing the children but no one wants to raise that concern do they?!!! Maybe you want to look into the amount of children abused whilst in school either by other pupils or the school staff!!! These figures are both shocking and incredibly scary but no one wants to do a programme about that do they?!!!
Annoyed mama 11:11am Wed 6 Feb
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