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Classic Car Rescue Comments
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I wouldn't let Bernie near anything. The bloke's an idiot!
P V 11:51am Tue 13 Feb
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Porsche 911
Bernie said whilst looking inside the distributor cap on the Porsche 911 that the distributor rotor spins at engine revs per minute ? It’s a four stroke engine so the distributor will spin at half engine speed because a four stroke engine needs to rotate two compleat revolutions for all of the cylinders to fire so the distributor rotor will rotate at half the engine speed.
Guitar player 6:50pm Mon 12 Feb
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Total garbage!
Enough said!
Hawker 4:31pm Sun 25 Sep
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Trying to provide history lesson to my granddaughters. Tuned into this program...bleeps, yelling, arguments,they even threw a car off a trailer. Sorry, I will not expose my precious grandkids or myself to these immature, sociopaths.
Sage of Shadow Mountain 11:48pm Sun 7 Aug
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911 and XKE
Aside from the plainly staged arguments and "accidents" in the shop, Take a close look at both the 911 and the XKE in the "before" condition. The primer spots and multicolor paint splotches are so hopelessly FAKED. An insult to anyone with half a brain or even basic knowledge of body work.
Ken B. 10:13pm Sun 7 Aug
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restoration project
The guys really do a great job on restorating these cars and give a great bit of history on the cars as well. Really enjoy the fun British humour as well, My only hope is that they restore a Triumph TR4A or TR5
sam canada 12:16am Tue 29 Mar
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Shame could be good
I do hope the producers read the comments made here. A great idea for a show but so poorly executed stupidity is not that interesting and they seem to be putting more and more into the show. SHAME. Lets see more of the work on the car and less of the bull poo.
An enthusiast 6:11am Tue 16 Feb
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Everithing is fake. those last minute stupid crashes to add some drama are so dumb that is almos impossible to happens. The argue is always the same and a long list of etc. The valuable thing of this type of show i reality, but this is 98% fake so I see no point in watching it.
Seba Garage 3:34pm Sun 24 Jan
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Who wants to watch a stupid show like this where they argue and fight all of the time. This could be an interesting program witout all of the stupid drama.
garbage 12:41pm Wed 11 Nov
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Season 3?
I LOVE this show! The Hubz and I want more episodes :)
Mrsminiver 1:09am Thu 12 Feb
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Always same argument the two monkeys arguing about the choices and its more than obvious they are very bad actors. Besides that the whole thing is very poor in every aspect of a series show. Well nothing to see
Paulofvf 9:19pm Thu 22 Jan
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Amazing Show!!
I love this show its very entertaining hope they never stop making episodes!
Tom 5:04am Thu 11 Dec
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I restore old cars as a hobby and no matter how long you do it you can always learn a trick or technique from somebody else. But you won't learn a lot from this show, it is painfully scripted too make it seem more dramatic.
AngryTurtle 9:30am Sat 8 Nov
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This show is unwatchable, each minute will make you dumber than you were before.
Tanglefoot 6:04am Sat 8 Nov
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What a terrible show
Not at all what I had hoped for. A programme about arrogant egos. Car restoration is secondary. Now cancelling my series link record.
DannyW 9:57pm Tue 10 Jun
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I like these guys all the arguing etc a good laugh and entertaining keep it going makes a change to have some interesting tv
Jmr2000 11:30pm Tue 27 May
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Utter nonsense
This show is a joke.
Frank 2:00pm Tue 27 May
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Entertaining Show
I like this show, it's a million times better than "Bangla Bangers" and "Chop Shop" and i find this show very entertaining. Yerp the arguments are staged and purely for the sake of entertainment, but the restorations are great (what they show of them). I guess the people who have negative comments for the show want a show more like "An MG is Born" or something less entertaining that wouldn't do as well on TV.
Kieran 8:27pm Sun 25 May
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Looking forward to new series
I really enjoyed the last series. It took me back to when I was able to restore beautiful old vehicles myself. Bernie makes me laugh he's such a card... he reminds of some of the guys from my past.
Tyson 7 9:46pm Sun 20 Oct
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For all those that believe in the old adage, "You can't polish a turd", watch this & let Bernie & the cowboys prove you wrong.
Dilligaf 6:55pm Tue 14 May
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The dogs snackers!!
Anyone that has said it is crap! Well you must be insane!! this show is the above^^^^
501 5:50pm Tue 4 Dec
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armchair warriers
seems all the comments are bad, but lets see what you can do, i loved it, and as far as the presenters great characters. sadly my comments. dont like it dont watch it, go do something usefull sad sods
bolt 9586 3:04pm Wed 28 Nov
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What a load of crap! These goons don't know a thing and are damaging the restoration industry that strives to rebuild peoples dreams in a safe, sensible and reasonably cost effective way. What these clowns are doing is downright dangerous. Whoever gave the go ahead to even film this crap? Should be pulled off air at once!
Hud46 10:29pm Thu 1 Nov
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Probably the funniest thing on TV at the moment. Watching these two incompetent bodgers making faux Silk Purses out of Sow's Ears has me in stitches. In stitches, casts, and bandages is how I expect most people who drive one of their tarted up death traps end up.
Docthebiker 2:22pm Wed 31 Oct
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Please remove this from your schedules or, at the very least, replace the presenters and revise the format
In the trade 12:04am Wed 31 Oct
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Awful Rubbish
Gives completely the wrong impression of how much it costs to restore a car, comedy script. The 'Mustang' screen thrown on the floor was a modern tinted one and since when did a rotor run at engine speed - a wasted opportunity.
Chris C 7:18pm Mon 29 Oct
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Awful Rubbish
Gives completely the wrong impression of how much it costs to restore a car, comedy script. The 'Mustang' screen thrown on the floor was a modern tinted one and since when did a rotor run at engine speed - a wasted opportunity.
Chris C 6:05pm Mon 29 Oct
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Completely fake.
But what else would you expect from Channel 5 now that Dirty Desmond owns it. He's paring costs to the bone to prop up his failing newspapers.
Switch Over 2:20pm Thu 25 Oct
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Obviously 2 cars used in this one.Plating a roof with flat metal, please.But then when the time comes to work on the engine it a different car.Covered in the script by "fitting a new rocker box".This was on the "original car" when bought.TOTAL CRAP.Watched no more of them after this drivel.
Waz 7:38am Tue 23 Oct
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Here we go again
Oh maweeeoooo what have u bought this for? What a load of wubbisshhh
Hmmm 8:21pm Mon 22 Oct
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The production team should be lined up and shot,
E China 9:31am Mon 22 Oct
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What a shame!!! This could have been a good show! Except from 1 major flaw. THE PRESENTERS. What a set of idiots.. We must look like right jerks abroad.
Bubblefish 9:14pm Sun 21 Oct
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Who are they trying to kid? Absolute rubbish.
George 8:51pm Sun 21 Oct
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Absolutely the worst classic car programme I've ever seen.
5645HX 8:36pm Sun 21 Oct
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horrible programme with a potty mouth presenter.
duncaring 9:12pm Wed 17 Oct
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Another Joke Renovation show
Doesn't matter if it's a car,house or a garden.That amount of work can't be done in that short amount of time, and why do they always have a deadline?
Wellingfan 11:25am Wed 17 Oct
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Remember Bangla Bangers and Chop Shop
Even the title theme is similar. Having painted many cars over the years I was not impressed by the finish on the Mustang. Plus who is that valuer fella, he could be anyone. He asked if the MGB had a bare metal respray and based his final figure on that plus what about all the background team which obviously did all the work with just those goons in the limelight, I am sure it is all a set up and does anyone actually win any of these cars and what are they really like i wonder, will we ever know
isleofthanet 9:01pm Tue 16 Oct
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Just waisted another hour
These two twerps don't understand car restoration. Please take the show off air now, it's embarrassing.
Cobra427 9:06pm Mon 15 Oct
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Rubbish fake
It's the same every week terribly scripted! Just watched him "accidentally" drop the windscreen! What rubbish
Kz1234 8:32pm Mon 15 Oct
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TV car programmes
Car programmes on TV are so dire they hardly show the cars it's reality rubbish. It seems to be more about the presenters and don't get me started on American Hotrod/Chopper!
Stripteaser 6:51pm Thu 11 Oct
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Pure garbage
Puts us real mechanics in a bad light what a load of tripe.
Biffo 1:27pm Thu 11 Oct
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Just Awful
Demonstrates just how low TV has sunk in the last few years. Contrived, scripted, banal rubbish.
flaspol 7:59pm Wed 10 Oct
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TROJAN 7:21pm Wed 10 Oct
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Scrap it and the cars they 'rescue'
If you can't do any better just buy wheeler dealers.I Wouldn't want to win any car Bernie fixed
Chockywockydodah. 6:07pm Wed 10 Oct
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Watch Nat Geo instead
Watched the Strippers thing on Nat Geo. Bit of a shame to see cars getting broken for spares, but it was bloody funny
rpm 12:47pm Wed 10 Oct
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cars are overpriced and the repairs time are under estimated
Gav 8:13pm Tue 9 Oct
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Very poor rubbish with two lousy "presenters"
Ray 7:24pm Tue 9 Oct
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Could have been a brilliant program but not with these two presenters - what a couple of useless bastards.
Ray 6:47pm Tue 9 Oct
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Utterly disgraceful rubbish !
dodge 3:15pm Tue 9 Oct
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As the title suggests this is painful to watch! Cars are bodged, it's very staged and the "restored" car at the end is massively overvalued.
Blah blah 11:32pm Mon 8 Oct
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