4 December 2021  | 
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Does anyone know what the song at the start was when Dave was talking about the first street to be connected by electric lights? Lol, random I know but it really caught my attention.
ChanyPhilly 4:38pm Wed 27 Oct
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I don't think there has been a more bitter constestant
Me 2:00pm Tue 31 Aug
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One of the strangest contestants I've ever seen on the show. Cooking show but she did no cooking
Vader 1:20pm Thu 3 Jun
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What a disgusting mess. He gave one of the ladies an uninvited smack on the lips......she said she cannot wait to get a shower. What a creep!
Lou 4:44pm Sat 14 Nov
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I'm never living this down ??????
Hi I'm Katy from this episode.. Seriously are people still watching it??! ??
Katy 6:58pm Sat 8 Aug
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We want to do a bogan style CDWM
i live in Port Douglas, Australia. A group of us want to show the world a version bogan CDWM Port Douglas style. We would love you to contact us for the set up please.
Ef 6:41am Wed 15 Nov
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Not football now
I thought the Germany and Denmark game was being played on More4 at 11 today after the game got postponed on Channel 4 due to the rain. So how do I see that game now. Ffs sort out the website!
Don't want to say 7:52am Sun 30 Jul
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Diane ..hot
How do I get her number
Paul 5:39pm Fri 17 Feb
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Not nice
What a couple of b**ches. Way they treated last guy was undeserved -glad neither won
Dinnadinna 7:12pm Thu 9 Feb
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Bosnian born irena is awful. I would be so offended if she was my social worker, she is horrific!
Carrie 10:22pm Wed 28 Dec
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End music
Love the music end credits I get such laugh out of them so fitting for the episode
Branny 8:07pm Wed 17 Aug
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I think this is hilarious, my dog loves it and so do I 10/10, would watch again.;)
Voiiddd 12:25pm Thu 5 Nov
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Another loser
Was the female ex-cop a man? Another contestant who wouldn't play fair - or a sad loser?
Mofly 6:02pm Fri 25 Sep
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Needs changed
I used to enjoy thhis programme, but I can't belive after a decade that it is still the same unfair marking process. The guests should give their ratings at the end of the week in front of each other so there is less likely to be cheating.
Ses 7:01pm Mon 8 Jun
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Shanelle Was a complete thick idiot and yes it was necessary to make fun of her.
Dean 10:55am Mon 23 Mar
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Was it really necessary to make fun of Shanelle's accent. She was a sweet girl who didn't deserve it.
Annie 6:40pm Sat 7 Mar
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Sally - I LOVE YOU..
Lets travel the world together... your amazing x
Jjx 4:30pm Thu 19 Feb
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It makes me mad when watching CDM when one contestant gives bad marks so they can win,
jamjarjan1 2:43pm Wed 26 Mar
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cdwm I'm on Monday next week - it's awful what they make you do.
Hi My girlfiend wants to go on it Im not happy is it really that bad recdwm I'm on Monday next week - it's awful what they make you do.
holly 5:31pm Fri 7 Mar
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Susanne Bell's lackof hygiene
Smelling everything? Sticking her nose in the basil! ? Staphylococcus? Candida are only two contagions. Makes me shudder....
Areyoubeingserved? 12:36pm Mon 9 Dec
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Pets at the dinner table
Anyone who allows pets at the dinner table are blind to their ignorance... I find this in a lot of pet owners too.
Markingham 5:55pm Wed 20 Nov
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Buck buck
The nation's freaks surface to poison the screen with their unattractive personas whilst chewing on a chicken leg
Yuo 1:54am Fri 27 Sep
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Queen Sheba
I agree with noo22 when I saw Sheba I thought it was a transvestite and a very bad, ugly one too.
David 6:56pm Sat 21 Sep
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James Houlder
You rocked James!!!
Nina 4:39pm Sat 21 Sep
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Alex Soulsby
I think Alex Soulsby is intelligent, interesting, knowledgable and gorgeous. Kirsty was a complete idiot not to like him, I would go out with him in a heartbeat.
Sweetie 4:26pm Sat 21 Sep
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Is Queen Sheba a man in drag?
Did anyone else watch cdwm in Darlington? If so, when you saw that 'queen Sheba' did you think it was an ugly man in drag with a terrible receding hair line? I honestly did and still do.
Noo22 3:27pm Sat 21 Sep
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Good show - pity a bout the presenter.
Love the show, but the presenter has the most obnoxious manner and irritating voice.
Meggie 6:51pm Fri 20 Sep
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Me on CDWM
I'm not lookign forward to seeing me on Thursday! Argh!
JamesHoulder 2:49pm Mon 2 Sep
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Perry the Pratt
We have today one of the most obnoxious diners called Perry and what a stupid pratt, dishes up tin soup and crisps and has the audacity to criticize each other entrants WRONGLY
Jan 5:37pm Sat 27 Jul
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Leave Dave Lamb alone...
Dave Lamb is a great commentator because he actually has personality. I can't name you one other commentator that I know of! He still carries the show, even when it is a tad boring. Bring back more loonies for the show please!
quizmaster 5:37pm Wed 24 Jul
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Who cares about the commentator?
Dave Lamb is execrable but so what? With the odd exception, the contestants are even more revolting. Lamb is an appropriate accompaniment to these morons.
Basmatti 4:14pm Thu 20 Jun
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Anyone else notice the universal creased white net that the crew hangs in nearly every other window at night. Surely the budget can afford an iron?
kareenza 5:59pm Tue 28 May
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Love the commentary
I can't image this programme without his amusing talkover.
P V 12:20pm Mon 27 May
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This programme...
...gives me guts ache, the contestants are that nauseating.
Botulism 4:06pm Tue 30 Apr
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It's bad
It's very bad.
Ollie Thomas 11:03am Thu 25 Apr
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dragon ? could not understand scottish accent
dragon ,,,,, what what what my old man , top of the mornin to ya ,,,, all reet there ,,, by eck lad ,,, i can understand from the tip of engerland to thw wils west of ierland , you need to get the miles in my sun
coldo 7:55pm Wed 3 Apr
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please treat this programme as a nice waste of your time and forget getting het up bout the contestants. I've stopped watching it as it had a tendency to make me feel a bit superior as I was comparing myself to the contestants
k f c chef 9:30pm Wed 6 Mar
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Programme 5th March
Please could we have subtitles when you film in Scotland, today we have not managed to understand anything
Dragon 2:45pm Tue 5 Mar
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Dave Lamb - Why?
Can be quite an entertaining programme but why have such a jumped-up little toerag (can't think of a more appropriate word) to commentate? I wondered, is it necessary to the show's format? Then I saw the Australian equivalent with a normal person doing the voice-over, and found that it isn't. He is so annoying to listen to, I find it hard to concentrate on the programme: all I want to do is strangle him! Please please get rid of him NOW!!
My nickname is Nick! 6:02pm Mon 14 Jan
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annoying commentary
I have started changing over to 'the chase' because the commentator's voice is so annoying.
meterman1 5:17pm Fri 7 Dec
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more not less
Darren's impressions were the best bit, nevermind the food.
doubletake 6:24pm Wed 25 Jul
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Disgusting Tonight's show
Talking about doing buisness in a sink while sitting at table , disgusting , lucky I wasn't having my dinner , scousers making little of themselves
Ronroy 6:58pm Tue 17 Jul
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The show was unreal as the two women bickered over eyebrows. As for she who said she was a Holby star lookalike but better looking needs new glasses never mind brows.
doubletake 12:04am Mon 2 Jul
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Tasteless and bland...
...like the food they cook on this programme. Time to put the show out of its misery now - it is well past its sell-by date.
Delia Ramsay-Blumenthal 9:10am Fri 29 Jun
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what an awful, rude.....
.....person that Mena was in the Yorkshire CDM. Where do they find these people ?
grumpyoldwoman 6:14pm Sun 10 Jun
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Cutlery abuse
WHEN will people realise that biting your fork is hell to watch, and hell to listen to??
valeview 6:26pm Thu 31 May
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Do you understand?
When will people realise how irritating this raised inflection thing is? In tonights episode, Mandy seemingly can't get through a single sentence without making is sound like a question, like she is checking we understand... cheese? rabbits? anything??? It is SO annoying. STOP IT!
valeview 8:53pm Fri 25 May
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who plays the music at the end of Lauras night?
jj 8:23pm Sat 5 May
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Pretesh Singadia, gave 13 votes to 3 people, and he gave a 4 when another gave 9 what a cheat rules should be changed.
Robbin 11:31pm Thu 19 Apr
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I didn't realize I was commenting on a UK site.
wow 6:49pm Tue 20 Mar
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