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robi is a murder tina
I don't ilke him
los 9:30am Sun 26 Oct
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Lost the Plot
What has happened to Corrie? Bad actors who need to learn to speak correctly; bad storylines; and where has the humour gone? Certainly not to the new set. Time for a new director and new scriptwriters.
Soon to be Ex-viewer 5:59pm Tue 21 Oct
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Lasted because the public loved her?? Since when did the programme makers take notice what the public want?
ria b 10:23pm Tue 14 Oct
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Anne Kirkbride
has lasted in Corrie cos the public liked her (maybe, not you, ria b). When Peter & Rob leave there'll be few strong characters left. Love 'em or loathe 'em, they acted their parts well.
scunnert 9:45pm Tue 14 Oct
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Anne Kirkbride
portrayal of the character Deirdre has always been poor since the early days. Remember her feigned performance in the courtroom? She overacts, bulging neck veins, bulging eyes for effect. I really don't know how she has got away with it for so long.
ria b 5:21pm Tue 14 Oct
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Secret maggie
I agree with you,her acting is ridiculous,she obviously needs some attention to her health as well,and yes some acting as well. Glad Peter and Rob are leaving.
Elizabeth 4:38pm Tue 14 Oct
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Deidre Barlow
Deidre Barlow has apparently gone off for a 3 month rest. She should use the time to take acting lessons. Dreadful pretend crying recently.
secretmaggie 2:50pm Tue 14 Oct
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Ken Barlow
Looks quite relaxed in the court,plenty of practice I think
Elizabeth 8:40pm Mon 13 Oct
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corrie watchers
Corrie is the best soap! lots of drama which is a good thing! but they do drag the story lines on a bit because the story line for Tina's death has gone on too long! peter goes freeeee
corrie watchers 5:26pm Mon 13 Oct
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Who is Corrine??
confused 7:07pm Sun 12 Oct
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What has happened to Corrine
I can't bear to watch this programme anymore it really is awful! Over acting and too far fetched pointless story lines!! It's such a shame it was the best soap on the box and now it's a bad as holyoaks and eastenders!!
Lou11 11:20am Sun 12 Oct
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Ria b
Think you mean pedantic,and yes Bring back Mavis,she was brilliant
Jazz 9:23am Sun 12 Oct
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Ria b
Dead right, I meant Rita! Slip of a Golden Oldie tongue!
scunnert 10:34pm Sat 11 Oct
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Perdantic aren't we. I suspect he meant Rita. Oh and bring back Mavis......
ria b 12:34pm Sat 11 Oct
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Think your memory is playing tricks on you,it has been a long time since Mavis has been in Corrie
Jazz 11:16am Sat 11 Oct
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I love all your comments more than I love Corrie.
Newbie 7:50am Sat 11 Oct
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I am so
Scunnert with this soap,it no longer has any entertainment for me,the comments entertain me more than the soap it's self.when it returns to The unmissable soap it used to be I will start watching it again.
Soap fan 10:28am Fri 10 Oct
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Hello Fellow Corrie Critics
we all keep watching...& lay off Deidre,Ken, Mavis, Norris & all the Golden Oldies. They're more watchable than than the producer's woeful new characters.
scunnert 10:52pm Thu 9 Oct
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Deidre is to have three months off
She definately needs it,and so do we,her acting has been pitiful in recent weeks.
Jazz 9:33pm Thu 9 Oct
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What a Joke
Deidre's behavour and appalling acting. All because of Peter. He is not even her son. And as for Tracie-who in their right mind would put up with her carrying on the way she does
unbelievable 7:56pm Wed 8 Oct
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Getting a bit fed up with
Kylie,David and Max.Ken Barlow is such a bore and always has been.Have been giving Corrie a miss for a while,still as bad as ever Will watch a film in future
Cheerio Corrie 7:49pm Wed 8 Oct
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Agree catbail
but as I've said before the producer (Stuart Blackburn for the info of RosieLee)must carry the can for cast/plots. Also Tony is so menacing I wonder how Liz prefers him to banged up Jim for all his faults.
scunnert 9:46pm Tue 7 Oct
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The new family are dreadful - terrible acting, and their storylines are so boring. Let's see more of Kirk and Beth, and maybe Amy, who is turning into her mother! Also, please, please no more of Lloyd and the dreadful Andrea. There must be so many good actors out there who would give anything to be on Corrie - why are so many bad ones chosen?
catbail 8:08pm Tue 7 Oct
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Too many
Bad boys allowed to stay in this soap,get ris of Jack p shepherd and Michael levell,Corrie has sunk too low
Soap watcher 7:04pm Tue 7 Oct
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Poor acting and storylines
I used to love watching Corrie but the last few months have been poor. The new family are particularly bad acting wise. Who is producing this show lately?
RosieLee 9:08pm Mon 6 Oct
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Agree with you the mother is awful and the way she looks and speaks to people is dreadful
Tammycat 12:42pm Sun 5 Oct
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Popping her sons pills is not a good storyline
Soap fan 10:25am Sun 5 Oct
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Everything today is geared to politically correct.The Asian family are dreadful and the overacting mostly the mother is switching off time
Bored 9:08pm Sat 4 Oct
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Keep sayin'
if Stuart Blackburn, the Producer of Corrie, has powers of Hire & Fire, then he's the guy to blame for Corrie's woeful cast & plots.
scunnert 11:04pm Fri 3 Oct
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I am really surprised your comment got through mine often get rejected. Are they not offensive or insulting enough?
ria b 10:01pm Fri 3 Oct
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guess the producer keeps telling them they'll doing a grand job! He hired them, didn't he? Doesn't matter what viewers think.
scunnert 11:17pm Wed 1 Oct
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Well said
Liz 7:22pm Wed 1 Oct
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Kal's mother
I wonder if the so called actors and actresses are so full of theirselves That when they watch the program they think they are so good or do they cring as I do watching them
Tammycat 11:49am Wed 1 Oct
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Tim can't read??
How did Faye contact him then - wasn't it via the internet?
Jill K 3:47pm Tue 30 Sep
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This is a poor poor excuse for a soap
Used to like Corrie ,can't be bothered with it now
Soap fan 2:18pm Tue 30 Sep
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Get some normality
Please ,where are all the fit people at the gym,at leased lets see some people that look as though they might go there.and David is the only one married on the street,and now your splitting them up ,at least lets have one married couple
Sad 1:56pm Tue 30 Sep
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Well, Neil's gone
now Andrea/Lloyd are free to bore us to bits! Kal's Ma has now bought premises & will also bore us to bits! But we keep watching & the producer thinks he's doing swell.
scunnert 9:54pm Mon 29 Sep
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Library woman
Please get rid of that awful woman that is trying to sort out a library, terrible woman awful actress, has no point at all.
jamjarjan1 8:49pm Mon 29 Sep
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You and me kidda! Some are like kids throwing rattle out pram.....
ria b 8:31pm Sat 27 Sep
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I feel like I'm watching a carry on episode! Though not even funny. Never ever thought id switch Corrie off
Angela 12:08pm Sat 27 Sep
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oh dear
Would the last viewer to ever watch please turn out the lights.
m 10:55pm Fri 26 Sep
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Andrea & Lloyd
Please please please get rid of these two, since signing her up corrie is going further and further down what a load of garbage, there is no place for this farce on corrie
cathy 9:49pm Fri 26 Sep
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Friday 26 Sept Episodes
was everybody biting their nails as Andrea clung to the roof - don't think so! Ridiculous!!! Sorry, Liz, the Oldies are still here, like it or lump it!
scunnert 9:23pm Fri 26 Sep
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What has happen to tonight's episodes absolutely appalling Never thought I'd stop watching Corrie but time has corm
Bunny 8:34pm Fri 26 Sep
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Oh dear
What was the 7.30 episode all about!!! Had to turn over it was so bad!
dozen 8:01pm Fri 26 Sep
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Golden oldie
Janice to return . Hope Cilla and her have a good story line.Room in the soaps for all ages -- that's life! If not try T he Only Way is Essex for all the young Great acting.(joking)
Soaps 7:27pm Fri 26 Sep
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So glad I an not alone about the oldies.......
ria b 12:05pm Thu 25 Sep
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"you cannot live in the past with ageing actors,we have to move on." Glad I dont live in your house Liz,as a Grandparent I would be well down the road! These older actors can act the socks off some of the young ones,its the writers who need a kick up the backside!
FeatherHG 8:25am Thu 25 Sep
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Rampant Ageism
Change your Soap, you young ones, if you don't like Corrie Oldies. By the way, no need for tears for Michael, he hasn't even seen the Doc yet.
scunnert 11:04pm Wed 24 Sep
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Reality check
Liz why not try Hollyoaks if you don't want to watch older folk.
ria b 1:54am Wed 24 Sep
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