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Oh no.
Neil's family have moved in .
Noo noo. 7:18am Tue 11 Jun
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Look at his Facebook page. He's a Walter mitty character. Doctor, surgeon, teacher and taxi driver. He's lonely and I think he may have mental issues. Yes, it's annoying when he deletes, but he's harmless.
Different perspective. 9:59am Tue 4 Jun
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Google Neil leslie Gilbert Williams jacksnephew and scroll down to the Flickr. Look at his pics. He's wearing a high vis coat some of them his face is covered. On one though he's wearing an old man's hat. He looks a right mug. Apparently he's got 13 followers. Probably the outraged people on here.
Sayitlikeitis 9:00am Tue 4 Jun
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At Companies House and on his Facebook page he gives his surname as Gilbert-Williams-Jacksnephew. There's something other than idiocy going on there.
Glynn 8:21pm Mon 3 Jun
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He's a black guy with a company called Neil leslie Williams jacksnephew. Google it. He deletes all soap comments. He's a total idiot.
Sayitlikeitis 10:39am Fri 31 May
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Where next?
Hot curry, a failed 'Banksie' a pregnant 50 year old , may as well bring back the chickens for a bit of excitement
Rodders 9:07pm Fri 1 May
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Erica pregnant
How can that happen, she must be about 50 it would be laughable if it weren't so tragic.
jae59 8:07pm Fri 1 May
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Bad Storylines
Why do all soaps follow the exact same storylines...awful
bobcaz 8:04pm Fri 1 May
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bad awful
The two females Sarah and the one who plays her daughter are the worst actresses I have ever seen, get rid of them
critic 5:10pm Fri 1 May
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Yet another stupid dramatic storyline
As if we havent had enough misery during these last few years I read that there is to be a big explosion and fire in a few weeks time. That`s it for me, the programme I loved no longer exists.
Elizabeth 12:19pm Fri 1 May
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Why is the show getting so depressing? We've been watching many years.
Bev 10:02pm Wed 29 Apr
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Actually soggy Sinead and depressed Chesney are definitely not love's young dream. Yawn.
Sera 6:29pm Wed 29 Apr
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Nothing wrong with Rita, Audrey, Emily. Rita/Norris once won Best Couple at the awards.The older ladies look good & used to have great lines. It's the script writers who've dumbed them down. As for Roy, well, he's very over- rated.
scunnert 11:27pm Tue 28 Apr
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Bet you're cuter than Corrie's Oldies all the same!
Geraint 5:17pm Tue 28 Apr
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Oh To Be Perfect!!!!!
Older Person 12:09pm Tue 28 Apr
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Like Tim.
I think Tim is the best character on this at the moment, he has some great funny lines, and keeps undermining Sally.
music fan 11:27am Tue 28 Apr
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Where does the producer find such unattractive old people? As pensioners my friends and I are well dressed, witty, sharp and funny. So go on, where on earth do you find these grim, ugly and highly unamusing actors?
Geraint 11:18am Tue 28 Apr
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Sarah and Bethany
Get Sarah and Bethany off! They are very annoying and terrible actressess
Carolyne 10:31am Tue 28 Apr
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It's Too late
In its death throes.Only a miracle can save it now.
wicker 1:04am Tue 28 Apr
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viewers aren't happy with Corrie Producer isn't listening - does that mean ITV don't care if Corrie disappears?
scunnert 10:52pm Mon 27 Apr
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bethany and sarah
get rid of these two boring kids, corrie used to be good but its sooooooo lame now no wonder eastenders keeps winning the poles as corrie always bring the past back rather than new. sarah and bethany have to be the worste actors ever in history of soaps !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
get rid of platts 9:39pm Mon 27 Apr
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Get rid
Get rid of awful Sarah Louise and even more dreadful Bethany.. Neither one can act. If Bethany moans anymore I'm never going to watch Carrie again.....
Lorry 9:32pm Mon 27 Apr
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So She needs a job. Rovers happens to have a vacancy for a barmaid. Left alone on her first shift, even knows where the empties go out the back. Bethany acting like a two year old.??? Get real or end it.
unbelievable 9:18pm Mon 27 Apr
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Sarah Lou and Bethany
Whose idea was it to bring these two back? Worst two actresses ever. Both look and act like children. Get rid of both of them!
Childac52 7:40pm Mon 27 Apr
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Ancient & Modern
Had hoped Michael would have a heart attack finding out about his son, but no such luck, does this mean we're stuck with him? Perhaps put him on the allotment with the other ancients.
Rodders 5:06pm Mon 27 Apr
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Wrinkleys on an allotment, Michael & his awful sweaters blubbing, Bethany mad as a snake, where next?
Gerry 2:50pm Sun 26 Apr
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Sarah Lou and Bethany
Please get rid of these two. They are so boring and Bethany looks older than Sarah Lou!! Where is their storyline going - NOWHERE!!
Ellie 1:55pm Sat 25 Apr
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Seen Enough
As a viewer of Corrie since day one, sad to say not any more. Story-lines stupid, a youngster could write better,and if not improved, It will be the end of Corrie. And the allotment story is laughable.. grow sweetcorn in a piece of ground 10x8, has the writer ever seen the size sweetcorn grows to. Its would take something special to bring me back.
Weekender 12:08pm Sat 25 Apr
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Corrie Friday 24 April
was dire. Weepy Michael spouting a well known song, will I won't I Gail. Allotment tedium, Andy/Gavin/Steph have bored us for too long. Sarah/Bethany, Jenny - what's the point of any of them?
scunnert 9:44pm Fri 24 Apr
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Oh for crying out loud how much longer do we have to suffer the appalling Bethany and Sarah lou. Please please if you want to keep viewers get rid.
frances Ann 8:54pm Fri 24 Apr
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Nervous Poo
Les Dennis had to have a nervous poo before the ceremony, but it went away!
Les 8:16pm Fri 24 Apr
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Surely this sad soap can't get any worse,no wonder viewers are turning off.
Mary 8:04pm Fri 24 Apr
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Tired storylines, tired actors - and the appalling Bethany and Michael make us all yawn too!
Bella 7:39pm Fri 24 Apr
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the programmes in decline same old boring affairs, I ave watchedit from the beginning an im afraid its not worth watching anymore, needs good actors an story lines need a new writer with fresh ideas
tv watch 3:51pm Fri 24 Apr
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I find allotment scenes with wittering pensioners REALLY interesting. Can't wait for the next ep - planting bulbs maybe?
Rodders 12:46pm Fri 24 Apr
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Sorry I am not PC but,
Sean and Billy kissing aaahggghhh no more please.
Dan 11:47am Fri 24 Apr
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Agree Cynthia
Canoodling Sean/Vicar Billy are such a turn-off & of no interest anyway.
scunnert 10:36pm Thu 23 Apr
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Please Get A Life!
The Storry line with the Platts / MacIntires and anyone else Gail's been married to or is about to marry is absolutely ridiculous. Put poor Les Dennis out of his misery . Sarah (louise) & Bethany are a joke put them on the 1st Easy Jet flight and I'll pay
Pat1949 10:11pm Thu 23 Apr
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I use to enjoy corrie. Have the scriptwriters changed ?. Not sure if it is the actors annoying me or storys or maybe both!!!
Scottie 3:35pm Thu 23 Apr
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What on earth has happened to Corrie - the stories are plain daft. Also am I the only one who is sick of seeing Sean and Billy kissing. For goodness sake bring back the good scriptwriters
Cynthia 9:27am Thu 23 Apr
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Dear Old Corrie
is going to go the way of 'ELDARADO' if someone, somewhere, doesn't do Something!
scunnert 10:17pm Wed 22 Apr
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Worst show on TV.
Is Coronation Street written by primary school kids? It would certainly appear so. That coupled with acting so bad, it makes me do sick in my mouth.
Yacuncha! 7:52pm Wed 22 Apr
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Coronation st need to take tips from Eastenders. The show needs taking of Air.
Bill 7:40pm Wed 22 Apr
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Acting at its worst
Monday's corrie when David is kidnapped . Where did they get those two from. Certainly not acting school. Cringe worthy!!
cathysurrey 10:46am Wed 22 Apr
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Manual approval
Translated this means vetted! Hope this will appear. Eileen should get a free holiday in Dubai after the plug not to mention the sushi bar that was plugged.Maybe Les/mick could plug Vanish.
Bored 6:04pm Tue 21 Apr
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I wish
there was something positive I could say, but there isn't. Give me strength.
wicker 12:40am Tue 21 Apr
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Three pensioners stood on an allotment discussion mint - nearly fainted with excitement. More please!
Rodwell 10:28pm Mon 20 Apr
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Very poor acting
Who the hell brought Bethany and Sarah back their acting is absolutely shocking !!! By by coronation street what a bad decision!!!
Perkylove 8:39pm Mon 20 Apr
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David Platt
The old nasty David would have dealt with Maxs real father
DJ 6:19pm Mon 20 Apr
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Well said SES. In real life the Vicar would be grievously offending his flock & dare I mention GOD!
scunnert 10:48pm Fri 17 Apr
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