21 May 2019  | 
Coronation Street Comments
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Factory fire.
It's not going to be an established character that's responsible. My money's on Rick the loan shark.
Minnie cauldwells cat. 11:12am Tue 21 May
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Been sniffing the baby powder again.
INDIANA WANTS ME 3:21pm Sat 11 May
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Bella agree
with you on your comment
wem 9:25am Tue 23 Jun
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RETURN OF THE ...........
He keeps collapsing, but more importantly KEEPS COMING BACK!
Sal 4:02pm Thu 11 Jun
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Lloyd's Fishing Trip
I genuinely couldn't believe that Lloyd has actually remained on the Norwegian fishing trawler and will remain on board for the whole trip! The crew would have returned him back to the dock straight away considering that trawler fishing is one of the most dangerous jobs on the planet! That is poor script writing and demonstrates quite well how dire the current storylines are on Corrie. I could go on with numerous other examples from the past week in particular but other comments here are already doing that.
Megaleodis 12:10pm Sun 31 May
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fire plot
Sack the writers. Corrie is becoming a farce.
Bet 8:59pm Sat 30 May
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Tracey Barlow
Is evil, blames everyone else for what evil she causes and gets away with it over and over again
Lee 8:44pm Sat 30 May
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Look forward
So Psychopath Tracy does it again - tedious. She never changes, so nothing to look forward to.
Rodders 7:44pm Sat 30 May
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I agree with previous comment
The behaviour of the so called celebs does affect the viewers Opinion of the so called "celebs" I cannot stand this character and to show him as a loving father is a bit off get real.
corrie fan 10:35am Sat 30 May
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you are making too much of the David Max situation,Callum is his real dad and wants to have access to him,unlike character David Platt who has nothing to do with his own son,the result of cheating on his partner,don't make him out to be a loving father which he is not.
Browser 10:26am Sat 30 May
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Please tell Kevin to
shave off that awfull grey beard,he used to be quite good looking,not any more.
browser 9:15am Sat 30 May
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corrie fire
Dangerous in this day of age to show someone deliberately starting a fire. Heads should roll.
daft 11:18pm Fri 29 May
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Can they tell that a candle caused the fire when the flat was burnt to a crisp. Also the time Carla, Leanne and Amy spent in there they would hardly have been let out of hospital so soon
unbelievable 9:50pm Fri 29 May
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Couldn't have put it better myself!!!
Taylor 7:13pm Fri 29 May
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Pity the only good-looking, fit, attractive man in the show had to die. I can think of a few others who should have bitten the dust!
Roma 5:21pm Fri 29 May
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Thursday fire
what an appalling episode who wants to watch misery a very bD choice I've watched Corrie since the beginning and I hated tonighs episode . There's no wonder East Enders always wins No one wants. To watch that kind of soap Send
Jane 2:13pm Fri 29 May
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I wonder how many people me included were shouting at them HURRY UP GET ON THE*****LADDER
RL 1:19pm Fri 29 May
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Jenny as well ?
Do we really need another twisted female in Correr's ? we have enough with Tracey for goodness sake !!
music fan 12:33pm Fri 29 May
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in fairness scunnert
Might be okay for you but a lot of folk are fixated on soaps and get help and guidance for lots of life situations and accuracy is always best otherwise it's dangerous.
once more 8:20am Fri 29 May
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Once more
Did Corrie do that? I didn't notice. Anyway a Soap wouldn't be my guideline in any situation no matter how they like to portray themselves.
scunnert 11:13pm Thu 28 May
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Soaps have a responsibility to the viewers if they are going to show a particular story. People need to know what to do in a fire. They usually put out a telephone number at the end do they not?
once more 10:37pm Thu 28 May
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Corrie Fire
We knew Kal & Maddie were going so no surprise there. Will Carla have recall about Tracey...thereby hangs the tale. Never mind the technical, good episode!
scunnert 10:06pm Thu 28 May
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Corrie fire
Did I miss out Cell Block H after Australia on my previous comment?
Very disappointed 9:27pm Thu 28 May
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Corrie fire
Those responsible for such a sham should be sent to Australia for reality training, lol.
Very disappointed 9:23pm Thu 28 May
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Fed up with Tracy Barlow stories
please move on from stories about Tracy Barlow find it boring now,give her a long rest,the longer the better
Liz 2:42pm Thu 28 May
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Corrie fire
Who in their right mind would ever enter a blazing building before the fire brigade arrived. Ridiculous.
Millie 2:37pm Thu 28 May
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Whole episode spoiled by the fact that the fire brigade was not the first thing done, That is the natural reaction then do whatever you feel you must. Ridiculous
ellie oops 8:53am Thu 28 May
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Good ep
Good lively episode though, and there was a good humorous touch with the crockery smashing.
Impressed 9:53pm Wed 27 May
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my advice
Is to call then fire brigade straight away as fires usually spread very rapidly but not in this case apparently....
once more 9:39pm Wed 27 May
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'Young' Tracy
Tracy Barlow (no offence to the actress) keeps going on about her being so young and Liz looking so old, have to disagree I'm afraid, Liz looks so much better than Tracy. And she's so much nicer. How can anyone fancy Toxic Tracy??
abinequine 9:15pm Wed 27 May
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Best of thr bunch
Does it even matter? Yet another disaster which will probably take the best of the bunch out.
Moll 7:29pm Wed 27 May
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Carla's getting to be a bit like
St Stella, remember her! Always the heroine, always being rescued. Did Tracey leave that candle alight deliberately? Will we ever know.
scunnert 9:56pm Tue 26 May
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A treat
Totally agree - although we DO have Sinead, what a treat.
Clare 6:40pm Tue 26 May
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Please dont go, there is not enough glamour left in the show
DJ 6:17pm Tue 26 May
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Because characters in soaps can't develop = they're set in stone. So once a baddie, always a baddie,& once a gullible woman.............
Jenny 9:59pm Mon 25 May
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Because they're from Manchester.
Rod 4:09pm Mon 25 May
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Please take note
Glad Sally did well at the awards, no doubt the writers will home in and spol this by over exposure and silly stories.Also why is it the strong women in the street never learn by the previous mistakes
Bored 2:31pm Sun 24 May
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Big Bang
Please, please take Sinead with her nasal delivery and Michael along with his pullovers, an whatshername from the allotment. Bang!!!
Ronnie 12:59pm Sun 24 May
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The Street absolutely needs a Big Bang to eliminate the dull and the creepy. Bet it's the fun ones that go, though!
Rhoda 9:43pm Sat 23 May
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Tracy V Tony
Let's see if the warfare can lift the ratings....or even better see the back of sleazy Tony.
scunnert 10:08pm Fri 22 May
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Kidding around
elderflower cordial? Interesting? You HAVE to be kidding.
Jerry 9:32pm Fri 22 May
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Over -acting, unattractive characters and simply LUDICROUS storylines - could these be the reasons for loss of ratings?
Roberta 6:06pm Fri 22 May
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Poor Corrie
Didn't do well at the Soap awards,it is slipping lower and lower in popularity,too many non actors in it now,and stupid stories,need I go on.
Mary 8:54am Fri 22 May
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Storyline for David
Finding David hard to believe as devoted father to someone else's kid. He needs a younger storyline and a 'partner' who's interesting.
Ravi 4:16pm Tue 19 May
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Unlikeable Tony
is playing a double game. Liz is a shrewd cookie, hope she twigs & sends him packing.
scunnert 9:38pm Mon 18 May
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Missed a few episodes is Tony planning to be with Tracy or Liz
Jan 8:36pm Mon 18 May
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Corrie Panto
After many years of viewing I can't believe how the script has gone downhill so dramatically over the past 12 months. The final straw is the Sarah Loise/Bethany characters - words fail me. No wonders only one award at the Soaps Award Ceremony - it says it al!!
Disillusioned 8:23pm Mon 18 May
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Dont like Nick all that much, but please dont get him tied up to that old woman who loves herself enough for them both, Carla looks keen get them together.
Jan 7:51pm Mon 18 May
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Totally agree - the most lively episodes we've had for a while. Keep the pace up!
Bel 2:32pm Sun 17 May
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I thought Friday's nights episode was great. Anna was on fire (scenes at school were particularly well acted). Tim and Sally make a great couple especially Tim's dry sense of humour. Sally always trying to change him. She's got no chance. Well acted by all.
jae59 11:06pm Sat 16 May
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