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Rachel Riley defending Jamie carragher over his disgusting spitting incident is disgraceful. Would she like it if a tramp spat at her.
J.D. 7:05pm Tue 13 Mar
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Good on Owen - Friday10 October programme
Terrible selection of letters! It may not have been in the Oxford English Dictionnary but APOXIA is a word meaning "Altitude sickness". Well done getting a six letter word out of that selection!
Miss Take 1:47pm Tue 10 Oct
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wash your hair.
Why doesnt susie dent look up the origin of the word shampoo, then go and buy a bottle. That hair hasn't been washed since 1992!
mel. 7:02pm Tue 13 Jun
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Noisy Audience
Look at them!! I don't believe it is the audience whooping and cheering wildly. I reckon it's the studio floor staff trying to inject a bit of enthusiasm into what is a basically dreary programme.....and audience!
Tom Ketchup 2:26pm Tue 13 Jun
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Nick Hewer
So mechanical and disnterested - even after all this time!
Maud 2:15pm Tue 13 Jun
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Nick Hewer
Recently,nick mentioned the great hurricane that Michael Fish wrongly said would miss England. Of course Mr Fish was right as hurricanes never occur in the UK .
Marvin 11:16pm Sun 30 Apr
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Noisy audience
Today's episode completely spoilt by the Hooting and Screaming of the audience. This is not "The Wright Stuff"! Please control them or stop having an audience.
Watcher from day 1 3:09pm Wed 29 Mar
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Oh yeah
Rachel oh Rachel!
Nickie 4:17pm Thu 16 Mar
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Nick Hewer
Continues to seem tense and ill at ease - wringing his hands - and his introduction directed at Rachel is absolutely CRINGEWORTHY!!!!!
JoAnn 7:21am Wed 2 Nov
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Gyles Brandreth
Why do the programme makers persevere with this leering, smug, egotistical person? He makes my skin creep the way he looks at Susie. YUK! Can't watch the programme when he's on.
Wolfie 9:51am Mon 8 Aug
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Gyles Brandreth......
Must be taking medication. He was hyperactive and like a misbehaving child. Horrendous guest
I really, really might be a robot 10:19pm Tue 2 Aug
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Could anyone be more smug and self'satisfied...
...than Susie Dent - except Richard Madeley???!!!! Yuk and yuk!!!!!!!
Dolly Blue 3:53pm Wed 8 Jun
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More & More Boring
Nick Hewer and a series of totally uninteresting guests have turned this once enjoyable afternoon programme into something that is becoming less & less watchable.
John M 2:48pm Tue 5 Apr
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What is Rachel Wearing
She looks like a twister ice cream!!! Too much for an afternoon show.
Ggerryy 3:46pm Mon 28 Mar
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Horrendous Hewer
Please , please , please get rid of Nick Hewer. Patronising , boring & totally self obsessed.
Floosie 9:19am Sat 12 Mar
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Today's game
Is that the worst defeat on a champion - 125-35
soso 5:02pm Thu 18 Feb
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When he first started I couldn't stand him. Now I see he is VERY witty and a clever bloke. And a very lucky one to be working with Rachel & Suzie, and Naga this week. Rock on Nick.
William G Danson, Thailand 11:58am Fri 22 Jan
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Totally boring
You actually don't see all the program as its been edited so much , last time i ever go and watch in audience , as for Rachel , she needs replacing .She's not all that
HAHAHA 6:57pm Thu 7 Jan
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Today's show
Who was the male contestant on today's show?
Minx 3:58pm Wed 6 Jan
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Why has Nick not been replaced by now - surely the presenters have realised he is a totally uninteresting pompous bore! I used to like the programme but now it is painful to watch. It's a shame.
Lucy 4:45pm Tue 22 Dec
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What is Rachel wearing today?!!
I know, it's a dustbin bag! How festive.
Oh dear, oh dear 4:56pm Mon 21 Dec
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Nick and Sue remind me of The two adorable dogs. Albeit in a platonic way,You see Nick, in this case the "Tramp" is a boy dog.not A lADY.
Maggie. 5:25pm Tue 15 Dec
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Gyles Brandreth
I've grown to like Nick Hewer BUT Gyles Brandreth keeps appearing for some obscure reason. He's a loathsome, fawning, leering, egotistical creep that makes your skin crawl.
Wolfie 6:42pm Tue 25 Aug
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Hewer's fine!
And Susie's wonderful. But do they need to dress the tart in tarty clothes? And that morphed lens to make her look taller and slimmer - oh please.
Carol Voldermoort 6:00am Tue 18 Aug
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The Team is great, rember P&Q's when game raised
..._@ 12:35pm Fri 12 Jun
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Nick Hewer
Please channel,4 replace Nick Hewer, we love the programme but he drives us mad and is so boring with his silly remarks he spoils this otherwise enjoyable quiz.
VBF 7:25pm Fri 13 Feb
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Who is the female contestant on today's show?
Rocker rob 3:32pm Tue 10 Feb
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Poor Nick
Poor Nick Hewer. He is surrounded by women who are not only more attractive than he is, they are younger, more intelligent, more interesting, and play a larger part in the game than he does. So why is he there at all?
Chalky 4:52pm Fri 30 Jan
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Susie's ums
The other half and I love the show, But turn the volume off when Susie is doing her origin of words, interesting, but far too manu umms and aahhs, horrible.
Barbiedoll 11:05am Fri 30 Jan
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dire presentation
Please get rid of Nick Hewer, he only talks about himself and is the most uncultured person on TV. His style is boringly repetitive and the two women clearly don't like him or relate to him in any way. It used to be fun - not with Nick!
Daisy 4:04pm Wed 28 Jan
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More accuracy please
Wotan was not light it was a radio beam!!!!!!!!!!!!!
cpochin 5:16pm Wed 21 Jan
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It's turn off time
Why are all the guests these days pompous chums of Nick Hewer?
Jan 4:47pm Mon 12 Jan
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Presenter needs an apprenticeship
Nick Hewer could benefit from serving an apprenticeship in presenting a TV show. His style is unusual. His onscreen banter with Rachel is abysmal.
Nick 3:43pm Mon 3 Nov
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Nick Hewer
What a really strange bloke!!!!
Tippy 7:19am Wed 15 Oct
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Rachel's dress yesterday
Bottocks 4:01pm Fri 19 Sep
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Boring, condescending Nick Hewer
I don't know why we bother to comment on how awful Nick Hewer and his obvious choice of guests (ie his buddies) are because he's still on the program! When will someone at channel 4 actually listen?
Anti Nick Hewer 12:43pm Thu 22 May
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if you say ....
Miss Riley should be in the Guinness book of records for the number of times she has said the phrases "if you say..." or "you could have said ...". Is her command of English so limited?
carpet 11:46pm Wed 9 Apr
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I've been everywhere
Any mention of a place and Nick Hewer has been there! Too much chat at the beginning - can we have readers' letters back please? More recognition for Susie please, the most intelligent person on the show.
Viewer from the beginning 11:20pm Thu 13 Feb
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The most intelligent lovely girl on any tv.dhe is gorgeous
malcolm 3:54pm Tue 4 Feb
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Please find another presenter
Nick Hewer is awful! He spoils the programme for me.
Rose 3:59pm Fri 31 Jan
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Hosiery Girl
Why dont you write to Rachel Riley c/o Channel 4? I once did this with Anne Kirkbride (Deirdre Barlow) I liked a cardigan she was wearing and thought that it was hand knitted. She sent me a lovely personal letter back.
Feather HG 8:40am Tue 28 Jan
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Rachel Riley
I See Rachel had Her Dark black opaque tights again, does anyone know where Channel purchase Rachel's Opaque tights from and what brand are they and denier, I think they look fab, and where do they purshase her other tights and pantyhose from.
Hosiery Girl 7:02pm Mon 27 Jan
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Different but still the same
After 32 years on the box, five presenters, three arithmeticians, and 39 lexicographers, Nick Hewer is doing OK, Rachel Riley is fantastic, and Susie Dent is at her best. Have loved this show since the days of Richard Whiteley and Carol Vorderman. Times have changed but the show lives on.
The Other One 11:49pm Tue 21 Jan
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Why, oh why is the presenter (one Nick Hewer, Sugar's resident sycophant) always trying to look like a backstreet moneylender, by wringing his hands when sharing his pearls of wisdom with us? I used to like the guy but now have to fast forward when he starts doing it! Yuck.
carpet 11:30pm Mon 20 Jan
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Absolutely awful dress sense, surely C4 can afford more than a few pence to dress Rachel, never seen such disgusting clothes.
Gail 4:25pm Fri 17 Jan
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poor contestants
the three most recent challengers have all been illiterate & innumerate. What happened to auditions?
bobbyt 5:13pm Fri 10 Jan
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I thought some sort of intelligence test was done on would be contestants...How did Helen Keating slip through the net?
suepete 4:54pm Fri 10 Jan
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I feel sorry for Suzy. When Nick is closing the show he always says a few words to his guest and Rachel but never brings Suzy into it and never even says goodbye to Suzy!!
Unhappy viewer 10:33pm Sun 29 Dec
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The Shard
Rachel Riley said she thought the Shard in London looked stupid as the top was,nt finished....its supposed to look like that ....thats why its called THE SHARD.
Bluebell 9:24pm Mon 2 Dec
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ment to say ,god aint Susie boreing.
nitpicker 4:06pm Fri 15 Nov
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