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Love Anne!
Anne's wit is sharp as ever and she makes the show fun! I've watched every episode since she started presenting - never watched it before that.
KM 6:14pm Mon 4 Oct
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Gender Wars
Best programme ever until Ms Robinson arrived with her perpetual misandry - totally out of place and unnecessary
Mic 4:22pm Mon 4 Oct
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Susi Dent's hair makes her look 20 years older
Petal 4:41pm Tue 28 Sep
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Very uncomfortable watching. Ann Robinson has a neck of making everybody feel uncomfortable, Mike
Micky 6:36am Fri 24 Sep
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Replacement for Ann Robinson
Please can you replace her and save me having to record the programme so I can cut her out.?
Emr 2:55pm Mon 20 Sep
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Remove Ann Robinson!
I used to watch this a lot but now I don't because of her.
Ella Peters 9:26pm Mon 13 Sep
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Please replace Anne Robinson. She exudes all the warmth of a reptile. Gone is the cosy feel this programme is known for.
NotHappy 2:25pm Fri 10 Sep
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Why have you turned a simple enjoyable words and number game into an unwatchable chat with Anne Robinson trying to make the contestants feel uncomfortable won't be watching again
Confused 2:20pm Fri 10 Sep
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I too have to record this show so I can silence Anne Robinson. Boring, condescending and often ill informed. Hoylake is not on the Mersey! She thinks her humour is ironic.. no no no.
Gwendolyn 7:18am Sun 5 Sep
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Anne Robinson
Please please please get rid of Anne Robinson I really do want to watch the program again I really miss it.
Marsh. 3:42pm Sun 22 Aug
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Spolit show
Watched the show for years from a child through to adulthood..now can only bear to watch if I record so I can skip through the inane banter and remarks by AR.
Suggy 7:32am Fri 20 Aug
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Hammer House of Horror
Anne Robinson could have her own show ... Looks like she been dug up time and time again
HAHAHA 1:53pm Sat 7 Aug
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Well done Channel 4
Unwatchable, bring back Colin Murray. What a downhill spiral the show has taken, Channel 4 must be looking for an excuse to axe the series!
Hildegard 4:41pm Fri 6 Aug
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Unwatchable, boring, no personality, Anne is too drab . Take it off and start again with new presenter a
Critic 1:47pm Fri 6 Aug
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Time Ann Robinson retired!
JB 1:35pm Fri 6 Aug
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Ann Robinson
Terrible!! What a downhill spiral the show has taken!!
Oze 2:18pm Fri 30 Jul
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Get rid
Why on earth have we got Ann Robinson she horrible to the contestants and the way she treated vicar Richard Cole’s going on at him and what’s with all the talking it’s not a talk slow
Jojo 9:44pm Wed 28 Jul
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Have stopped watching
She is terrible to look at before she even tries to open her botoxed mouth. Please replace her ASAP so I can watch the program again
Ex fan 1:38pm Tue 27 Jul
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Really fed up
What's with the increased chatting time? AR seems to be changing the format of the show. For goodness sake enough is enough. Lets get back to the show that has proved so popular for many years.
Tired 1:24pm Tue 27 Jul
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Anne Robison
How did she get this gig. What are the bookers thinking about. Condescending, arrogant, a feeble attempt at humour. ETC's
Denty. 5:45pm Thu 22 Jul
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Hate new style have stopped watching you
The gentle atmosphere has gone.ores the pity Anne Robinson's ascerbic approach detracts and the joy of words and number has been lost I no longer watch sad after 20 plus years
Jane F 9:53am Thu 22 Jul
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Anne Robinson
Is this now the Anne Robinson show? Too much rabbiting. Today's offering is completely flat. Replace her please.
Tired 1:56pm Tue 20 Jul
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Suzy Dent ?
where is Suzy Dent, has she left the programme because of Anne Robinson?
Nosey parker 3:28pm Mon 19 Jul
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Could you not have got Moira Stuart?
Sunshine 1:31pm Thu 15 Jul
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Ann Robinson
Tinks 5:30am Thu 15 Jul
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Ann Robinson
Sad to watch, Ann obviously wearing someone else's teeth. She is very past it and seems to have had both injections everywhere including her personality. We cannot watch anymore, switch over every time. Please let's have someone new and fresh!!
Tinks 5:25am Thu 15 Jul
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We want Colin
Anne Robinson is frightening to look at. So unpleasant to watch, which we are not doing anymore.
Cazza 1:46pm Tue 13 Jul
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Oh dear!!
Much as we love Anne it's like she cannot move her mouth to speak or smile. Leaves the show very flat . It needs a personality like Colin Murray . Sadly she will not draw in a younger audience and will lose a lot of viewers
Poppy 1:40pm Tue 13 Jul
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Ex viewer
Don't watch anymore Anne Robinson so boring such a drab personality
Bobbie 2:42pm Fri 9 Jul
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Anne Robinson thought a gourd was cheese
minnie 1:26pm Fri 9 Jul
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Gone from bad to worse
What a pathetic sight Ann Robinson makes. This once enjoyable series needs another Richard Whitely as a compère.
JohnM 11:44am Thu 8 Jul
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Not worth watching
Anne Robinson is literally 'carried' through the programme by Susie and Rachel smarming up to her! Didnt trailers prior to her takeover promise the hint of a shake--up to a tired and worn programme? She's the one who's tired and worn......and boring!!!!!
Chinstrap 1:44pm Fri 2 Jul
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She is adding absolutely nothing! As someone below said, give the job to some up and coming presenter with a bit more WHOOMPH!!!
Squirrel 1:53pm Thu 1 Jul
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Anne R is Confused
She keeps reverting to the unpleasant character she had on Weakest Link at times when she makes statements. Maybe it's part of her nature.
Teddy Bear 1:49pm Thu 1 Jul
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Anne Robinson
I think she OD on Botox .. or had her jaws wired .. She needs to Go and quick
HAHAHA 12:45pm Thu 1 Jul
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Had her day
AR should retire. There are plenty up and coming personalities who need the work.
Jo 4:58pm Wed 30 Jun
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Contestant Jo
Has a million times more personality than Ann.
Joolo 1:34pm Wed 30 Jun
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Anne Robinson
Thought Nick Hewer was bad!!!!! Anne Robinson is diabolical!
Jimbo 1:30pm Wed 30 Jun
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For an old has been........
money for old rope!!! Good work if you can get it!!!
Joey 1:24pm Tue 29 Jun
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What on earth was THAT?? First day of Anne Robinson. Even more legubrious than Nick Hewer!
Pen Cill 8:03pm Mon 28 Jun
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New Dentures
Ann Robinson .. please get new dentures ,, its hard to understand what on earth you are saying ...
HAHAHA 5:34pm Mon 28 Jun
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New Dentures
Ann Robinson .. please get new dentures ,, its hard to understand what on earth you are saying ...
HAHAHA 5:33pm Mon 28 Jun
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Weird words
Who choses thesr teatime teaser words? For goodness sake!!!! More often than not I've never heard of them.....
Fed up 1:44pm Mon 21 Jun
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Trying so hard to look puzzled and concentrating, Nick Hewer actually couldnt look more bored during Susie's "wonderful origins of words"!!!
Norman H 1:54pm Fri 11 Jun
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OMG what has Rachel got on? Even my grandmother wouldn't have been seen in that! !!!
Perplexed 1:15pm Tue 25 May
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Nick Hewer
Totally devoid of personality and charm!
Margery 5:01pm Thu 13 May
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Susie Dent
She loves the sound of her own voice. Never more so than when she's spouting French words or phrases with an 'authentic' accent. Funny though that she didnt know the word 'parapluie' in another quiz show for the word umbrella!!!
Rosy Lea 2:03pm Wed 12 May
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Time wasting
If the time wasting chat is taken out this is about a 20 minute show.
Stan. 2:17pm Tue 16 Mar
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Anne Robinson
...a has-been, will be totally wrong for this 'old institution' which has gently meandered its way through afternoons for decades with its elderly captive audience. AR's loud confrontational personality will change that out of all recognition. Bit dull and dreary but that's its charm and what people like about it. As they say If it aint broke, dont try to fix it! Colin Murray, as a regular contributor, would have been a much better successor to Hewer. I don't recall AR ever having been on the programme! A disaster in the making!
Doris 7:31am Wed 10 Mar
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Ann Robinson
Great news that you've chosen the feisty Ann, she'll be good for the programme and at least you can understand what she says.
Wolfie 6:03pm Tue 16 Feb
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