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mentalhealth in schools
There is already interventions in school, they are called Nurture Groups. Look them up, a brilliant intervention and are very successful.
Dawn George. Bradford 6:50am Mon 8 Feb
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I cannot watch Daybreak, can you..
I agree, bring back aled and Lorraine. That Suzanna is so full of herself, and she's not worth all that money they are paying her...
Jthered. 7:28am Thu 28 May
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good morning britain
This show is going from bad to worse this week there are three presenters all vying with each other to give an opinion.Kate Garraway spends more time cackling and flicking her hair.Bring back Lorraine and Aled.Stop repeating everything over and over.Basically get rid.
Sparkey 6:11pm Thu 19 Feb
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Gabby you are a breath of fresh air. Not like the click yesterday very tense.
Louise 9:08am Tue 17 Feb
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Take Kate Garaway out
I was a great fan of day break till this freebe Kate turn up taking lorrain time and now she is is at the earlier time sitting nearly on the lap of other presenters to show what is beyond m. She has opinion on everything she finish everyone talk with her loud laughter. She only wears all the cloths shoes or whatever she begged fashion presenter to give her. Please take her out I want to watch this programme again but without her squeaky laugh or voice. She is full of herself and all is about her and her family.
Shahla 12:34pm Thu 5 Feb
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gmb shake up
Aled and Lorraine are brilliant but need a break, give others a chance and get of Suzanna's back . If they got rid of the ridiculous desk and had sofas
katybald 7:42am Fri 3 Oct
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good morning britain
I only watch the first hour because after that it gets so boring because everything is repeated !!!
tillyjo 7:59am Mon 15 Sep
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She is back
It was 2 mins past 6 am and Suzanna is having a drink! I certainly have not missed her at all so full of herself, Charlotte is a delight to watch and listen to as are the other presenters.
GJ 6:07am Mon 11 Aug
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Love it
Love the new show ..love the line up ..the way it is presented ..fab well done..
Very happy 9:40pm Wed 6 Aug
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Laura Tobins yummy, needs to get those bottom teeth fixed though, scary!
Dadlar50 8:17am Mon 21 Jul
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Love the new line up, with old favourites like ben shepherd, andy peters and kate garaway, keep this line up. Much better than fussy newsreaders!!
jo 7:37am Thu 17 Jul
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The programme this morning is so much better with Kate being there. She brings laughter and calmness to the programme. Suzanna is so not a people person. Keep Kate permanently
Josie 6:55am Fri 11 Jul
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Why do you keep getting rid of the presenters with some humour. Ben then Dan Kate and Aled.. It was great to hear their banter in the morning. A wonderful start to the day.
Dee 10:17am Wed 25 Jun
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This is possibly the worst show I have ever seen. I watched for 10 minutes couldn't stand it any longer and Susana gosh she is so fake dreadful
Tim 11:46pm Tue 24 Jun
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Bad Morning Britain
Of no substance. Everything about the format is unbelievably bad. How could the producers get it so wrong.
Rob 2:03pm Fri 13 Jun
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Bring back Lorraine and Aled
Bring back Lorraine and Aled.
Jinty 9:10am Thu 12 Jun
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Campaign to bring back Aled!
Stiff, boring and irritating. No substance or content. I could go on. Good Morning Britain. ITV you've failed. Bring back Aled. Light hearted banter in the morning is a far better start to the day
Mo 7:41am Thu 12 Jun
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From bad to worse!!!! Oh well, it can only get better. Well lets face it, cant get any worse! unless they bring back Lorraine!
0heck 10:42pm Fri 6 Jun
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brig back daybreak
why o why have you let aled Loraine go the cheered my up in the morning these new ones a real bore, going back to bed goodnight
limelight 5:19pm Sat 31 May
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Good mornng Britain is terrible
Bring Daybreak back please...if I had wanted to watch stiff, unfunny, boring morning television I would have been a BBC viewer-might as well switch now-at least they're consistent...
stumpydumpling 10:28pm Sun 18 May
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Well I have tried to like it but I am very sorry to say I cannot get into the new format. There is no chemistry between the presenters except when John and Kate have stood in. Bring back Dan, Kate, John and Helen the chemistry between them was electric and fun. When will they learn ??
tinkabell 4:21pm Fri 16 May
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Bring back Aled and Lorraine!!!
I loved Daybreak with Aled and Lorraine, it was relaxed and good viewing before a hectic day. Do not like the new programme too busy and do not like the presenters one bit! I have switched to BBC.
Mish B 10:08pm Thu 15 May
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bring back daybreak and aled jones
where has daybreak gone and aled jones he was fantastic, good morning b , is sooo dull and boring and all presenters are stiff, I cant believe itv has allowed this awful change
a very bored viewer 9:11am Thu 15 May
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Make your minds up
People could not wait to get rid of Lorraine and Aled. Now they want them back. Make your minds up people please.
ENW 1:10pm Wed 14 May
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Bring Back Aled and Lorraine
Aled and Lorraine were great to watch in the morning. Aled was relaxed and natural and had a great sense of humour. Don't like the new show to much like BBC which Is to formal.
Unhappy 8:09am Wed 14 May
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Hate it
Really miss Aled and Lorraine, they made me smile. Hate the new format and don't bother to watch it now.
Jilly 7:29am Wed 14 May
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Loved daybreak. I like Charlotte and Ben but should habe brought Dan Lobb back! -they shouldn't have gotten rid of him in the first place! Like the new name but hate the set.
Franco 10:03pm Tue 13 May
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Bring back Aled and Lorraine,good humoured,light hearted gentle start to the day.Liked the informal way it was presented preferred the sofa.Aled and Lorraine were relaxed and natural.Suzanna is not.
Lee 10:10am Tue 13 May
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Should be GMTV
Nothing wrong with the old crew,penny,Kate,John and Ben so why change? They should also bring back Dan lobb
Kay 8:03am Tue 13 May
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Why did daybreak finish and everyone really want it back so bad lee and everyone is very up set about it can we have it back please xxx
Alix Cunningham 3:29pm Mon 12 May
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Dont like new show
I miss the friendly relaxed way the show was. Its not the same.
so sad 1:07pm Mon 12 May
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Don't like new format
Aled and Lorrain were so much better!Friendly, Relaxed, a joy to watch the new show is a let down by comparison.
Stephanie 12:51pm Mon 12 May
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Have returned
To BBC morning TV,not missing the puffed up Susanna,she is not worth the money,Ben is not much better.Too busy,it couldn't hold my interest.
Mary 11:50am Mon 12 May
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Good Morning Britain is Awful
ITV so stupid getting rid of Daybreak format. I hate this new format, it's like an interview!! Bring back Lorraine, Aled and Kate on a comfy sofa!!!!
Kaby 7:48am Mon 12 May
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Did you not learn from the original Daybreak?!!
After changing Daybreak back to the GMTV format, it worked great with Aled and Lorraine. This is what people want from ITV. Susanna overrated way to cold, fake and thinks she's cut above! Ben is the only one worth watching! Why also poach those two from sky and not get Eamonn back instead?! People do not like change!
Amiee 6:48am Mon 12 May
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What have you done. I can't watch Good Morning Britain anymore, its awful. You will live to regret it !!!
Tulip 5:05am Sat 10 May
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Daybreak was much better.Britain wants 'Daybreak' not 'Good Morning Britain'
Brit123 6:59pm Fri 9 May
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Have watched it for four days now going to BBBC . Bring back Daybreak . Too many people too little substance annoying smiley faces Too much ,,,
Deb 9:10am Fri 9 May
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I don't like good morning Britain. Day break was much better. I hated good morning Britain. Why change it when everybody liked day break your losing out on viewers they are now watching bbc news. Bring back daybreak?!
Hempc001 7:33am Fri 9 May
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Bring back Daybreak
Daybreak was the only programme worth watching in the morning. It delivered news in a friendly but professional format by presenters that were dearly loved and very sadly missed. Why oh why change something so successful, will not be watching BORING new show. Daybreak was brilliant...what were you thinking? Millions of viewers lost to BBC in one foul swoop, congratulations.
Devastated 6:37am Fri 9 May
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Awful....why change
Bring back Alex & Lorraine. The new format is awful I will be watching bbc from now on
kim 7:29am Thu 8 May
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watched for five minutes,dreadful, only Ben ok.. bring Lorraine and Aled back..
Jo 10:15pm Wed 7 May
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Dreadful New Set Up
Loved Aled and Lorraine both so warm hearted the new format is so FALSE.Will be watching BBC from now on. Bring them back.
Jax 9:45am Wed 7 May
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Awful New Setup
Awful! Bring back Aled and Lorraine! The new format is too harsh and quick paced for morning tv. the presenters are dreadful apart from Ben Shepherd who never should have left in the first place. Will certainly not be watching GMB again.
Wallywend 8:43am Wed 7 May
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New show
2 words, hate it, sat round a desk it makes me feel im in work already! Not relaxing and cheerful one bit! bring back aled and the sofa
sg 7:48am Wed 7 May
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bring it back. I refuse t o watch the replacement programme. it is awful
Annie 8:08am Tue 6 May
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what the hell have you done?!
I've been watching gmtv since for tg3 last 11 years due to my mum always watching it when I was young! Im now 21 and it was bad enough watching gmtv change to day however, at least the layout and presenters were kept the day.. I now feel like I'm watching an American talk show! I'm turning it off right now!
Laura 6:57am Tue 6 May
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Miss Daybreak so much
I cannot bear to watch GmB it's too americanised too much colour very unrelaxing. Loved Aled and Lorraine who made getting up in the morning much easier
Averillo 12:07am Tue 6 May
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Bring back daybreak
Good morning Britain is so depressing. Much prefer the lightheartedness of daybreak
Kazza123 6:29pm Mon 5 May
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Too many people
Aled & Lorraine are greatly missed Do not like new format
Posh girl 5:57pm Mon 5 May
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