8 March 2021  | 
Dickinson's Real Deal Comments
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Dealer's profit/loss
Please bring back what the dealers sold items for. That was the best reason for watching the show. We can't be bothered to watch it now. Such a shame to have spoil it. Don't expect your advertisers like it very much.
Patsy Cat 2:29pm Fri 22 Jan
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Dealer's profit/loss
Please bring back what the dealers sold items for. That was the best reason for watching the show. We can't be bothered to watch it now. Such a shame to have spoil it. Don't expect your advertisers like it very much.
Patsy Cat 2:28pm Fri 22 Jan
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Needs updates
Great show ! Needs more of Timmy on there ! And please please how much the Dealers made !
Mickey 10:00pm Thu 21 Jan
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it used to be watchable till they stopped letting us know what the dealers made at the end of the show.Why is this anybody know WHY
IAN 3:11pm Thu 21 Jan
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Not New
This programme is listed as new but it is a repeat.
Dave 3:02pm Mon 18 Jan
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Room for improvement
It would be a good program if it wasn’t for the greedy contestants.
Lady Jane 3:13pm Tue 22 Dec
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sp 2:46pm Mon 21 Dec
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Dealers profit/loss
It’s a shame programme stopped showing profit/loss for dealers at the end. So disappointed. Not the same
Linda 12:27pm Thu 17 Dec
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Stop It
I wish David would stop saying were have you been and dont be late it is stupid.
Dave 7:19pm Tue 8 Dec
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Is this yuk programme still on air?
Ian 12:44pm Mon 7 Dec
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Why stopped showing what the Dealers made, its not fun watching anymore ,what the profit the dealers made. Bring that back
Tintin 2:46pm Wed 25 Nov
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Why stopped showing what the Dealers made, its not fun watching anymore ,what the profit the dealers made. Bring that back
Tintin 2:41pm Wed 25 Nov
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Why do we see how much the dealers make now
Frances 2:11pm Tue 24 Nov
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Why dont we get to know how much the dealers got when they sold the items. It spoils the programme.
Dave 3:01pm Tue 17 Nov
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colliedog 2:09pm Thu 27 Aug
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BP petrol
I hope the greedy so and so is stuck with them for the sake of £50. Pure greed.
Noel. 2:22pm Thu 13 Jun
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What in the world have the female presenters done with their faces.......Cheryl now looks like a barbie doll and Karen no longer looks like Karen!
jenB 2:42pm Tue 11 Jun
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overran its sell by date , scrap
Claire 8:44am Tue 11 Jun
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Same old.
Same sellers every day. How many times has the woman selling the tea caddy been on, then there's the man selling the tin vehicles.
Groundhog day. 8:47am Wed 5 Jun
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still exists after that incident
Mark J, 5:40pm Tue 4 Jun
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Prev comm
I agree. I don't know how they feel comfortable trading it however old. It's the same with fur coats. People think if they get one from Oxfam it's okay. Well it,'s not!!
jenB 5:47pm Tue 21 May
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When botox goes horribly wrong.
Bella Donna. 3:19pm Fri 10 May
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Tracey?? Who knows nothing!!
Who is this Tracey medals not my subject and pictures not my subject and no charisma or presence. I’ve stopped watching. Good luck !
Peng 2:39pm Fri 10 May
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Mark Stevens
Another programme being spoilt. Their is too much larking around especially Mark Stevens.
barry 3:37pm Wed 19 Dec
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The shows still warm.
This was shown LAST WEEK!
TRS 3:39pm Tue 18 Dec
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That mouth. Lay off the botox.
Zebra pants. 3:38pm Fri 14 Dec
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As stale as week old bread. Today's show was made in 2016.
Maz . 3:58pm Mon 10 Dec
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The show along repeat lines each day, the same things are said by DD then the dealer says think we should ask DD. The whole thing is boring and we keep thinking its a repeat????.
Snipe 11:20am Mon 10 Dec
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D.D has to make sure the sellers do not get conned out of their items as its on tv, so he as to watch Hogburn???????.
Zilch. 11:49am Sun 9 Dec
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The whole show is a staged format, all sellers and dealers know the game. D.D sends a few items to auction to help the auction house each programme, so they can get their cut.
Bilko. 7:32pm Sat 8 Dec
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What a drag.
The woman selling the spoons looked like hogben in drag. As for DD with his naff singing and dancing ,he looks a bit simple.
TRS 3:44pm Fri 7 Dec
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The tightest one on real deal as to be M.Hogburn, he as the cheek to offer very little and is called the stupid nickname of the diamond geezer. The mans a joke and they have the gall to call him a expert?.
Grim Reaper. 5:56pm Thu 6 Dec
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Robbing so and so.
Michael hogben is a robbing so and so .Always offers peanuts.How many folk has he swindled that we don't know of?
TRS 3:27pm Wed 5 Dec
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Prev Comm
Yes you are right they do one for getting wrong and one for getting it right, the whole sale format is staged with dealer and seller. They must think we are idiots to believe this tosh, D.D is a con man?.
Busby. 2:01pm Wed 5 Dec
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Once again the tv are treating us like idiots. After an item has been to auction the dealers make comments on whether they were right or wrong on the offer they made,but the comments are obviously filmed before the auction took place.
Dave 4:00pm Tue 4 Dec
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New series???
New real deal next week, lets hope the items and their owners do not look too familiar from other series???????.
Octopus 7:42pm Sat 24 Nov
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Greedy git
A man buys an icon for £2 and turns down £440. It doesn't sell at auction. Serves the greedy old git right!
The real septic 2:42pm Mon 28 May
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Bakerlite clock
There's an EXACT one on eBay today and the seller wants £850. I somehow think it will remain unsold. It's too kitch.
The real septic 2:40pm Mon 14 May
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3 times boring
This is the third time this particular programme has been shown.Please do better
poppy 2:54pm Wed 11 Apr
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What's with the quiff? He looks like a badly aged Danny zuko from Grease.
Septic. 2:40pm Fri 6 Apr
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Improve the show content
Another item could be included in the show if we had less of the self important DD with the cheek to call himself a Duke !. more of dealers and items Please.
Anhope 2:40pm Mon 2 Apr
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When M.Hogburn appears why does he always look so rough and unkempt, does he live in a tent?.
BILL HOOK. 10:17am Sat 10 Feb
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Bullion offices are the place to take your gold and silver to you morons. Not the likes of the real deal and flog it etc. You can get the best price, not in auction houses.?
CAPYBARA. 7:21pm Fri 9 Feb
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The whole programme is staged from start to finish, seller and dealer is all preplanned plus some have to go to auction so that the auction house makes some money. That with the itv fee for filming the whole show.
THE COLONEL, 10:31am Fri 9 Feb
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Why did the seller's accept £300 for rings that had a scrap value of £360. Why not take them to the gold shop themselves. Some people haven't got the brains they were born with.
Lenny. 4:29pm Wed 7 Feb
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Cheap as chips I think you need some better valuers. they do not get much right.
ATLAS. 7:32pm Mon 5 Feb
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Why does big dave keep telling people to go to auction, dealer offered £600 and ended up with £377 at auction??????.
ZEUS 5:11pm Sat 3 Feb
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Idiot wanted £300 for some old tins offered £90 turned it down, went to auction with a reserve of £200 did not sell what a muppet .
JAKE. 7:20pm Mon 29 Jan
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prev comm
You are so right greedy thick women did not know when to quit when they were ahead. Glad they crashed and burned serves the greedy pair.
PSH.. 7:13pm Fri 26 Jan
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Greedy pair.
Watch bought for£50 at a car boot and needs £500 spending on it because it is not working, dealer offers £1000, top bid at auction is £1550, the reserve was set at £2500 so it's unsold. Serves them right, greedy oinks.
Lenny 3:40pm Fri 26 Jan
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