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Doctor Who Comments
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Medication required
I wonder if Dr Who will eventually evolve into a chimpanzee
HAHAHA 12:30pm Tue 11 Dec
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Good up to about 2015-16
I was avidly into Dr Who during the Jon Pertwee and first half of the Tom Baker years as a kid. I've enjoyed the new series from 2005 onwards as well though they're lots of episodes I've yet to see because of lack of time. Travelling back to historical episodes on planet Earth was common in the William Hartnell era,so it's valid to go back to some of the episodes in our past the current series deals with, and a female Dr? Why not for a change? But in the last couple of years I did found some of the inane PC witterings in the scripts indicating that the good ship Who was finally starting to list and take on water.
Ralph 4:43pm Sun 9 Dec
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Henry Varney
Am looking forward to watching the New Year’s Day repeated one as well
Henry Varney 4:46pm Sat 8 Dec
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waste of television!
Would imagine even a 4 year old would be bored with this Dr Who series, not for anyone wanting to watch TV over 2 years old.
ann 3:00pm Sun 2 Dec
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Stop the P.C.
Too P.C. next up the Brexit story ? shame she is good as the Dr.
Ted 5:19pm Sun 25 Nov
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This current series is rather erratic and very shallow, with no leading figure. A show of trying to right past race wrongs, by a leader-less committee, with the Dr title helping to keep Dr Who going. I guess Dr Who will not be around much longer, if this current writing style continues.
Toku-floyd 5:46pm Tue 13 Nov
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Once again they are playing with the broadcast time of the show. Do the BBC not realise how irritating and inconvenient it is. Another way to frighten viewers away from the show.
Toku-floyd 5:19pm Tue 13 Nov
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Big change of depth. Very 11/11 emotion and futility.
Frenchy 7:58pm Sun 11 Nov
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Dr Whoor
you need a really small head for this show
Karlin 6:17pm Sun 28 Oct
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The two Ronnies once showed a parody of the female sex taking over the planet with Diana Dors dressed in leather in charge cracking her whip. If only they knew.....
lila 8:38pm Sat 27 Oct
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Dr who;A parody of itself
Dr who has been sacrificed on the altar of the BBC's PC propaganda agenda.The worst iteration of the series so far.Jodie whittaker is awkward & unconvincing as the Dr & Chibnall's political proselytising & plodding,cliched boring scripts are awful. 2 series at most for this dreadful version of the show .
D 3:05pm Sat 27 Oct
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Chibnall's Folly
Whittakers second rate chris Eccleston impersonation is annoying & unconvincing.The plots are plodding & overloaded with PC multi-culti propaganda.Dr Who has been sacrificed on the altar of cultural Marxism.
Des 3:42pm Sun 14 Oct
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Its ok
The first episode is decent but is not as good as 9th doctor episodes
Mage 7:21pm Sun 7 Oct
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political correctness
does not work with a women doctor (who seems to have a 60 IQ)
Kevin 7:02pm Sun 7 Oct
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Kids don't understandra
I watched this as a kid and enjoyed. This is now a show for adults. The plot is so complex that the kids asking me what is going on have now bggrd off to do what kids do.
Ravenser 5:57pm Christmas Day
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New doctor
Peter Capaldi is hard to get used to, after such a great performance by Matt Smith. He is hard to understand and seems angry all the time. I guess I prefer the younger, carefree personality of Matt Smith.
Dubby2 8:11am Mon 5 Jan
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Another 2 parter!
The world has changed since the old and ancient days cliff-hangers. I'm not prepared to wait a week between episodes. In a lump please. In a lump.
Bof 8:06pm Sat 1 Nov
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School Secretary
As a lot of the current Series is focussed on the School, it would be nice to have seen more of the School Secretary played by Michelle Morris, who many moons ago, played a leading role in "The Knock"
Memories 6:24pm Sun 28 Sep
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Time Heist
Peter Capaldi and Jenna Coleman (the best actor/actress by far in the TV version of "Titanic") along with Keely Hawes should have provided a much better storyline for this episode. The writing nowadays is very poor, with no real plot. They are the same team behind "Sherlock" which again seems to be very popular but is nowhere near as good as previous versions. Sorry, but unfortunately I know I am in the minority.
Disappointed 11:52pm Sat 27 Sep
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Absolutely Brilliant!
The amount of negative comments on this is astonishing. If there are idiots wasting their life submitting comments on shows they don't like, then so be it, but us fans with taste will enjoy this show as long as it lives. I've loved this ever since 2005, and I don't intend to stop now.
BlueBlur 7:00pm Sat 23 Aug
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Oh, ok...
I'm quite unhappy that David Tennant left for Matt Smith. He was such a good doctor, the tardis got on fire!
AngryGirl12 7:51pm Sat 14 Jun
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Inspiring story there. What happened after? Take care!
Jorja 1:03pm Fri 14 Mar
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Doctors Who
When David Tennant was the doctor before Matt Smith and I want to see them on the 28th of January 2014 in Ellesmere Port Burger King.
Owen Powis 1:54pm Tue 21 Jan
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Seems they have totally lost the plot now. Dreadful waste of time and money.
Cheesenham 11:13am Mon 30 Dec
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WOW Doctor who is so good, especially Matt Smith!!!!
wow 12:19pm Mon 16 Dec
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Clara Who Orr
This is the time to start the season of Christmas with Dr Who characters yeah ??
Clarebear 1:40pm Sat 14 Dec
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Dr Who 420 3:55am Fri 22 Nov
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Best in show
The best cr@p drama out there right now. It is top of League 4.
I lied 6:37pm Mon 30 Sep
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get rid of coleman
Get rid of Coleman and I'll start watching it again, it was great before she appeared on the scene
Dave 5:56pm Sat 18 May
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Doctor who is so good, especially Matt Smith!!!!
Liv 1:02pm Sat 4 May
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I have watched Dr Who from 1963 to now, but as an old fan find the techno terminology used now very hard to comprehend - all things in moderation, lets concentrate on Dr Who, superhero and not technological bore!
Kazz R 6:03am Tue 9 Apr
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This is a brilliant show that allows people to escape the mundane norm that is life. The show is interesting and can be enjoyed by everyone. My nephew who is 7yrs old has started watching it and loves it and has no problem understanding it at all!!
valleysgreen 12:16pm Sat 6 Apr
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Doctor on a downfall
Doctor Who is becoming one of the most boring show/series I have seen. It was alot better when David Tennant was in it. The first series with Matt Smith wasn't to bad, but it is getting to complected now. I couldn't stand to watch the xmas special (2012) cause it was SSSSOOOOO boring. Want more fans - make it easier to understand.
Sam J-J 10:12am Sun 13 Jan
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Doctor Who past its use-by date
Not that this left-wing trash was ever any good.
Angelcynn 5:26pm Fri 2 Nov
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I watched this accidentally as I was busy at the time. I cannot believe such a load of rubbish is still being shown. Its the age of technology not fairy tales for goodness sake!
doubletake 9:02pm Sat 29 Sep
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This is actually the highlight of my week, never mind back ti work or anything
el-oh-el 7:12pm Sat 8 Sep
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Just great
Another great episode all I can add is BRING BACK TORCHWOOD as well
Captain Sensible 1:29pm Fri 7 Sep
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How wrong can 1 person be i think matt smith proved what a good doctor he is tonyt because asylum of the daleks will be remembered as one of the best WHO Episode ever made ...... who agrees with me ???????? seriously cant wait til next saturday's episode ..... WOOOO,WHOOOOOO
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How wrong can 1 person be i think matt smith proved what a good doctor he is tonyt because asylum of the daleks will be remembered as one of the best WHO Episode ever made ...... who agrees with me ???????? seriously cant wait til next saturday's episode ..... WOOOO,WHOOOOOO
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Joseph Ballantyne
Time Crash Can you add on everything and Past Series on to the doctor who new website. From Joseph Ballantyne
Joe 10:29pm Mon 27 Aug
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Not HIM again
I watched Doctor Who from the first episode with William Hartnell. However, I cannot look forward to Matt Smith in the part. He is simply AWFUL, particularly coming after the best Doc of all time - David Tennant. I wish someone would get rid of him.
Tedsmum 3:54pm Mon 27 Aug
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Joseph Ballantyne
Time Crash Can you add on everything and Past Series on to on to the doctor who new website. From Joseph Ballantyne
Joe 1:20pm Mon 27 Aug
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doctor who rocks
when is doctor who coming back on tv
ben . j 2:50pm Fri 10 Aug
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i love 10th and 11th doctor who episodes because the old ones are boring
bob marly 5:35pm Thu 19 Jul
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Keeps me entertained
I watched Dr Who since William Hartnell. I'm now 70 yrs old & still a fan. wasn't impressed during the "silly years" when it was turned into a comic, but like the way it has grown up. ( prefer D.Tennant & C Eccleston ) but Hartnell'The original' was brilliant in his day..
oldfan 7:00pm Wed 11 Jul
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Doctor Who
Best programme in the world :) I've been watching Doctor Who for years although I must admit David Tennant is by far the best Doctor out of the modern(-ish) ones!!
DoctorWhoFan 6:40pm Fri 15 Jun
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the best dr who
David tennant is the best choice to play the doctor please bring him back. Deborah from the usa california luv the bbc
shorty 9:26pm Tue 17 Apr
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River Song is the best!!!
coolbex19 4:36pm Tue 10 Apr
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doctor who rox!
cool19bex 2:35pm Sat 24 Mar
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it used to be good
then it turned to crap, what a waste of time. ( gettit? )
nancy palmer 8:23am Sat 17 Mar
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