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Woman Solicitor
Only ever seen her in this. Not surprisng as her acting is nondescript.
gina 11:03pm Fri 21 Sep
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Going on about Ollie asking when his daddy is coming home. He has been gone a day!! The child has hardly been seen since he was born. Goes from bad to worse.
Pathetic 3:02pm Fri 21 Sep
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A middle aged woman and a lad who looks about 12 . She a mother of a young lad too...a step too far. Their smooching makes me want to retch!
gina 6:47pm Wed 19 Sep
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Already going down the drain If Kate Oats gets her hands on it It will go straight in the gutter,
Chas 6:53pm Tue 18 Sep
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Love my eastenders
I’ve been watching this program since I was little ??
Jo 4:48pm Tue 18 Sep
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is ott with the misery but she is hardly likely to be smiling like a cheshire cat!
gina 6:06pm Wed 12 Sep
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PLEASE stop Carmel from moaning and shouting and looking so miserable all the time. We need smiles in the soaps not gloom.
Denny 5:06pm Wed 12 Sep
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is hardfaced and botoxed to the nines!
turnoff 11:11am Mon 10 Sep
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Don't forget Mel
Rough I hope you are not serious about the EastEnders female characters being mostly unattractive. Have you forgotten about Mel? She is a natural beauty.
Jackdaw 12:48am Mon 10 Sep
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Why do all the females look rough? Only Honey is standout in the looks department and Witney now with less make-up.
turnoff 6:26pm Sat 8 Sep
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This site was open to anyone's comments. Why therefore do some people think they have to be confrontational.
REALLY 6:21pm Sat 8 Sep
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Don't be so touchy. Billy no mates.
Roly 10:32am Sat 8 Sep
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Again what is your point? It is called acting unless you get stuck for decades like William Roach. Btw hold the page everyone Kate Oates is coming to Eastenders......the death knell tolls!
noconfusion 10:09am Sat 8 Sep
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Sharon honey, you are old enough to be his mother. You hussy. I would call her a cougar but normally cougars are not as wide as they are tall.
Mick 8:46pm Fri 7 Sep
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Previous comment
The same point as the BBC announcer prior to tonight's episode. His comment was is it eastenders or red rock. Not the I need to explain myself to you.
Confused 7:05pm Fri 7 Sep
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Prev comm
And your point is?
noconfusion 9:22pm Thu 6 Sep
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Yet another
Red Rock actor I make that three so far.
Confused 7:10pm Thu 6 Sep
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Mick Carter
Mick Carter New Members Daniel aspin join the Vic Carter family and I love Linda Carter new Boyfriend called Daniel Aspin ??
James 11:38pm Wed 5 Sep
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Good Grief
Can it get any more bizarre?? I think Eastenders is turning into Midsomer Murders. Now all we need is MIiss Marple or Poirot on the case.
gina 12:21am Wed 5 Sep
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Stuart storyline
Why on earth would Mick go out alone at night with Stuart on the prowl? Putting either himself or his family at risk. Wouldn't he want to stick close to his family??
Lola 1:22pm Tue 4 Sep
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too much violence
Last night with Mick and Stuart was too much. Whatever has happened to Eastenders. I can't bear to watch it any more.
Denny 1:20pm Tue 4 Sep
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She wouldn't look at that idiot she is married to in real life.....
lila 9:39pm Fri 31 Aug
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Miss Brown
Amazing acting and gripping drama from Letitia Dean, Danny Walter and Steve McFadden - wow - this is drama at its highest level - well-done Eastenders - amazing!
Miss Brown 6:05pm Tue 28 Aug
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Who’s in charge of th3 wArdrobe department, why dress all female characters like tarts and prostitutes, look around, you see far more ladies in normal clothes, perhaps you’ve got no elegance in your team.
Rosie9 10:57am Sun 12 Aug
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deleted comments
this site attracts very few or hardly a person - change the format or close it down
Peter 8:35am Wed 8 Aug
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Very boring now
I use to look toward to it, but now very boring. Who is the new rapist of Tiina. We've never even seen him before, but suddenly everyone knows him. Too much boring episodes. I will not watch anymore. . P
Jenni 10:14pm Mon 23 Jul
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Hate Stuart I find the character irritating & story boring , Another bully in Albert Square , What's new
Amber 9:09am Wed 11 Jul
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Well done ...
Brilliant episode mixing the raw reality of senseless knife murder ... every which way this issue is addressed, the better ... well done Eastenders, cast & crew ... emotional!
Hele 10:36pm Mon 9 Jul
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Too much
The overall misery is too much. To mix fact with fiction is sensationalism and about viewer grabbing figures. Why not get those poor relatives of genuine victims together to give their stories instead. We can hardly see a difference to the normal miserabe faces of the actors.
gina 9:19pm Fri 6 Jul
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Magnificently done
What a brilliant episode of EastEnders tonight . Beautifully done.
Jackdaw 9:09pm Fri 6 Jul
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Denise Rose
Please stop Carmel acting so pathetic. She walks around looking like death warmed up, crying and shouting all the time. It's about time it stopped and we had some happiness. I have recently lost my Husband and I am grieving but not acting up like Carmel!!
Denny 2:07pm Fri 6 Jul
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The way she is going on is completely ott. I have seen mothers speak of their lost sons in the same situation with quiet dignity in their grief. Others are sedated while they cope with theirs. With Carmel it is more about her....
gina 8:08pm Thu 5 Jul
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Dangerous Game
The storyline duping Social Services in getting custody of a baby is a step too far. I do hope in reality they are not so taken in by people who are deranged and cunning!
gina 7:02pm Thu 5 Jul
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Where are Stacey's children while she is gadding about the square? Mine never left my side until they went to school.
Annoyed 9:22pm Fri 22 Jun
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Why do all the soaps have morbid storylines!
DJ 11:55am Sat 2 Jun
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The Vic
Always decide to have a get together with a couple of hours to spare and produce candles flowers etc. Must admit the Bonnie Langford player a good part.
Sad 7:15pm Thu 31 May
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Previous comment
Wrong soap.
Confused 3:49pm Wed 30 May
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I think that phelan is going to get what he diserved what he did i think he will go to prison what he did to them
Smith 12:55pm Wed 30 May
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Changed Keegan dressing then in the next scene if was at a different angle. I know it's petty but noticeable.
Confused 6:56pm Tue 29 May
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Soon up and about.
I doubt very much whether Keegan would have been able to play Spin the Bottle after such a terrible stabbing.
Jackdaw 8:05pm Mon 28 May
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Your medication obviously isn't working.
Dr zeus 9:37am Mon 28 May
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Mick Carter
How was he Supposed Know that both Were Stabbed that how is he going to Save Shakil and Keegan he made his decision to Save one person he actually Saved a life by taking him to get him to the Hospital he knew he had to act fast he is a Hero that l
LauraMitchell844@ Gmail. Com 3:55am Sun 27 May
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Cannot stand the sound of her voice. Her acting is terrible too.
lila 7:28pm Fri 25 May
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How big is the square that they failed to find him earlier? Eastenders does serious then cuts to the ridiculous Slaters like some pantomime act.
lila 7:04pm Thu 24 May
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A note from dim witted chavs
The show is trying to raise awareness of stabbings in London... there has been too many in these first 5 months and it’s not something to say is boring. It’s happening all around us so instead of being an absolute melt think about others #eastenderslove
The ginger one 5:24pm Thu 24 May
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This is no doubt the worst program on television, amazingly there are a load of dim-witted chavs who are fixated by the inane story lines, awful acting & cringe worthy accents who need this input to fulfill their unworthy, uninspiring, pointless lives.
Westender 7:23pm Fri 18 May
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New characters
Plot now gone from sinister to silly. New/old characters brought back doing nothing to improve the show. Everything seems to be so random. As if there are a multitude of writers not knowing what the rest are doing, bit like Chinese whispers.
Rosie9 2:33pm Sat 12 May
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I miss how eastenders used to be
There are no good story lines? Nothing good is happening,I used to hate missing an episode of eastenders but now I’ll go months without watching it. It’s annoying that Ronnie Roxie and Abby had to get cut off and the character.also I don’t understand why the really good characters have boring storylines
!! 7:04pm Mon 7 May
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The end
I am convinced Kate Oates is writing this crap honestly I'm done watched since this began in 1985 no more that's it goodbye.
Lisa 7:21pm Mon 30 Apr
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Deffo a chav's soap. Now I suppose we are going to have a generation of Hunters and Keanus!
gina 7:21pm Mon 30 Apr
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