23 January 2021  | 
EastEnders Comments
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Eastedenders fan
I love eastsenders
Kerry 9:17pm Fri 22 Jul
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All please get a grip
You fans are pathetic
Mdog 1:25pm Mon 27 Jun
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plz get a life
gorge 5:28am Sat 18 Jun
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Coronation street should be called trash street because it is full of trash.
Sam 12:01am Wed 25 May
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dasdad ad asdas da
dasd 3:09pm Fri 25 Mar
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What the?
Beggars belief that Enders could get the best drama award!
Am I dreaming 11:12pm Thu 21 Jan
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Not from where I was sitting
once more 10:59pm Thu 21 Jan
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End this extremely irritating storyline, please!
For heavens sake, someone give Stacey her pills and stop this extremely tiresome, boring and highly annoying storyline. So out of character for the rest of the cast not to call in medical help for Stacey and her bi-pola. Hardly a mystery. Let's get on with regular East Enders. Worst storyline EVER.
Fedup 7:35pm Thu 21 Jan
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Producers got it wrong
I saw an interview with one pf the producers talking about having talked to people knowledgeable about bipolar issues. So what? It doesnt mean the idea is good especially when its unrealistic that the "normal" people around her (Martin) would let it go to this extent. I suggest to the producer that he change his tune. Its a total bore! Cant he use an actress better than that?? There was a time when some humour was written into the script. Its like watching a B movie.
lIllietta 3:13am Wed 20 Jan
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Really concerned
Stacey is wandering around constantly patting the baby and clearly distressed. Where is the midwife and health visitor and why are the family not seeking help. Martin says she does not want help......well that's okay then!! A serious issue sending out the wrong message.
once more 10:38pm Tue 19 Jan
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yawn yawn yawn
DEPRESSEDENDERS this is getting worse really bad acting and hakf the cast newd to go what has happend to this really
tvguide1 8:37pm Tue 19 Jan
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I have watched from start but cannot bear to watch anymore there is not one family left without grief no fun or happiness anywhere now Peggy dying that put the nail in the coffin!!
LS 6:37pm Tue 19 Jan
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Watched eastenders from the start and it's had some dull moments over the years but now it's gone way down.. its getting as bad as brookside did.. well almost.
Debbs 8:04am Tue 19 Jan
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This series has had some very interesting moments and lots and lots of can't wait until the next episode.. lately it's gone down hill.. with what only seems to be skeleton cast.. and the other cast haven't appeared for a month and the ones that do appear are going of the rails or dying, eastenders is now CRAP.
Hamish 7:51am Tue 19 Jan
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Never liked Peggy Mitchell actress
All mouth and shouting won't miss Her one little bit
MW 7:36pm Sun 17 Jan
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Is there anyone there
Been trying to leave a comment for 3 days now without success. Yet I see offensive reviews being printed.
unbelievable 9:30pm Fri 15 Jan
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catlady 8:48pm Fri 15 Jan
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Ridiculous and Boring
This is the most boring thing on tv at the moment and need i add so very very stupid. If anyone else has a life threatening illness i suppose that will be the end of this usually entertaining soap.
Mrs So Bored 8:35pm Fri 15 Jan
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blood on her hands
South Thames College (Wandsworth Campus) is a college full of murder 40 years ago, my mum's sister went to the college she saw Helen Drewery holding a knife
mystery solver 8:26pm Thu 14 Jan
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Xmas decs
It's JAN 12th why have EE still got Xmas decs up?
Catlady 7:44pm Thu 14 Jan
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very very very boring
Im going to stop watching this for a while hope the producers r reading all these reviews the actors r never happy the storys r so boring bring back sum old actors like grant soap has went from being an 7 to 3 out of 10 VERY DISSAPOINTING
soapman1 7:10pm Thu 14 Jan
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Best actress Lacy Turner
She is wasted on EE
Mary 11:52am Thu 14 Jan
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Does anyone in this soap know what a smile is? Honestly it needs to get real. It's either that or take it off. It's supposed to be entertainment. I don't see nothing but woe in it. The cast is appalling, the actors are dull. Time for a whole new cast. I'm betting that Phil Mitchell gets a liver transplant. This week alone seen nothing but tears and heartache. Not one single member of the cast showed any sign of happiness that is not real life, that is unnatural. The two on the other side are much better by a long chalk. Drop the misery and people might actually watch it. From it started all them years ago it has always been the same old same old. Doesn't reflect people in the East end at all. Waste of TV time.
Winnie 9:48pm Wed 13 Jan
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Too depressing
Life is too short to bring yourself down watching this make believe crap!
once more 10:10pm Tue 12 Jan
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Doom and gloom
I have watched nearly every episode aired by BBC of eastenders and watch the main 2 on itv the ones on itv had some bright none gloomy stories over Xmas but not eastenders unless it improves over next couple of weeks I will stop watching and being a Londoner is very disappointing
Connelp 9:07pm Tue 12 Jan
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What a depressing program to watch. I will not be watching it any more.
Smurffy 7:54pm Tue 12 Jan
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Sorry EE
Have watched from the start,but Current actors and writers are letting it down,Carter family in particular,considering to stop watching,but have watched it so long,have invested a lot of time Watching please get rid of the Carters and it will improve 100 pc
Liz 3:40pm Tue 12 Jan
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Story line! !!!
The worst program on tv need new writers and producers
Anominous 12:46pm Tue 12 Jan
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is she possesed?
i think stacey needs to see an exorcist or something. whats with the demons and god stuff? shes a good actor, but the script was lame
mike 10:12am Tue 12 Jan
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no wonder
mental illness is not taken as seriously and dare I say as sympathetically compared to every other illness if the portrayal by Stacey and her mother is anything to go by.
once more 7:37am Tue 12 Jan
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More over the top
Stacy excessive bipolar, Alfie brain tumor, Phil pancreatic cancer, Kat had another kid (Zoe's twin). Script amd plot sickening. Maybe its the Armageddon demise of the show. At this point not a bad idea.
Lillietta 4:15am Tue 12 Jan
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Stacey's storey
I believe the Stacey slatter storey is the worst I have ever see on eastenders and baring a few I have seen every episode made
Connelp 11:08pm Mon 11 Jan
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Boring,depressing,unrealistic Southern crap.
Dave 5:19pm Mon 11 Jan
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Over the top - turnoff
C'mon. Why create a load of trite, non-believability and have so many things going on at once. Cheapens the wnole series
Lillietta 5:41pm Sun 10 Jan
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7th Jan 2016 Part 2
Got to say absolutely brilliant acting from STACEY and the boys Martin and Kush. Fantastic stuff! Blows all the rest out the water on the show for sure! Well done guys. That was incredible and gripping drama. Thanks
KC 3:07pm Sat 9 Jan
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Please don't stop watching as what will we do for comments.
once more 8:39pm Fri 8 Jan
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Never switched east enders off before but it is terrible at the moment. Boring storyline and ott acting by Stacey.
Molly 7:52pm Fri 8 Jan
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Have finished watching after last night's depressing episode. Dreadful acting by the whole of the Slater family; doom, gloom and despondency throughout the whole programme. That's it - had enough.
Joy0544 11:19am Fri 8 Jan
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Stacey and Kyle
Me thinks Kyle used to be the sister........
once more 10:48pm Thu 7 Jan
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Stacey's baby
In some scenes it looks like real baby and my concern is about the vibes picked up. Also as a relative of someone with bipolar this potrayal is ott. And yes my relative has baby too.
once more 9:41pm Thu 7 Jan
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Charlie's death
You need to do your research when paramedics worked on him it was completely wrong
Tracy 8:18pm Thu 7 Jan
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Don't get rid of the slaters I luvvv there sooo joyful if it carries on I'm staying tunned (Ann)
Joy 6:24pm Thu 7 Jan
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get rid of the slater family so depressing if it carries on im off
ann 5:40pm Thu 7 Jan
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kat and alfie depress me pls lighten the show up for 2016 and all the characters know stacie is bipolar why arnt they doing something !!
topsy 5:17pm Thu 7 Jan
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Gone are the days
When EE was unmissable,now too much crime,to be honest to me it is no longer unmissable but so boring and predictable,glad Kat and Alfie are back,they have been missed,the story about Kats missing twin son sounds good
Mary 10:53am Thu 7 Jan
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EastEnders What the hell is going on
First of all I'm sick to dead of Ronnie Mitchell banging on about family and being a Mitchell, also this dull and pointless story about Stacey Slater once again, she fines off her head and had a baby by someone else, then there is the race mixing couples, The young blonde girl in the vic converting to Islam now. What are these reading smoking.
Pat Butcher 7:41pm Tue 5 Jan
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New year, new direction hopefully
Awful acting. Eastenders has declined dramatically over th years. But this Dean story is pretty good and so is the actor that plays Dean (intensity reminds me of Jake Gyllenhaal). Shame it ended so predictably. Hollyoaks much better. And the Bobby story, please give it a rest. It wasn't remotely interesting to begin with.
mnc365 5:44pm Mon 4 Jan
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What a depressing soap this has turned into,not what the fans need,get a grip,so many bad actors now and even worse story Lines
Liz 11:03am Mon 4 Jan
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Very disappointed in episodes over Xmas and New Year - constant doom and gloom and boring. Have watched since it began and used to be much better.
mac 7:15pm Sun 3 Jan
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I know what you did, Helen Drewery. back in 1971, your hands were covered in blood.
rl 1:38pm Sun 3 Jan
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