11 July 2020  | 
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Female presenter
I've got nothing against women and football but I cannot stand the sound of her voice!
everythingfemale 12:02pm Sat 1 Sep
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Womens football should be given their own focus programme where all the women commentators/pundits can parade their in depth knowledge of womens football.
Lafrowda 10:45am Sat 11 Aug
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Football focus to guide review
Patto 11:17am Sat 27 Feb
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what was that mans name who was on football focus with martin keown ?
jay 1:04pm Sat 14 Sep
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Dan Walker since when has this moved to Cheshire? Didnt know M Owen now lives in England
Flintshire 1:33pm Sat 23 Mar
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dump it
put all football on one satellite channel - and let the rest of us watch something else . There is far too much of it .
Les 9:56am Sat 9 Feb
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Its back
Im really glad it back on i miss it
crazydude 10:02am Sun 12 Aug
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Everton to win?
Well the blues did city a fortnight ago. Chelsea next today at Goodison?
crissydutch 10:49am Sat 11 Feb
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this show is not as Man-Utd focussed as you are all making out, I find it very comprehensive for all issues within football in England and big international stories. Top show!
Coolio 9:08pm Thu 22 Sep
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same old stuff in first week, top four top four top four, nothing about norwich, qpr or other teams at all
steve 12:19pm Sat 13 Aug
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fup final day?
Not much focus on cup final, just man utd AGAIN and playoffs. Next yr kick off is at 5.15pm due to lack of audience, media killing the game!
harold 10:20am Sat 14 May
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I agree....
Every week I tune in the hear news of my team - and almost every week I'm disappointed - I think they might get relegated
FFC Faithful 12:12pm Sat 12 Dec
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I agree....
Every week I tune in the hear news of my team - and almost every week I'm disappointed - unless they get a fleeting mention if they are playing one of the top four!
FFC Faithful 2:25pm Sat 7 Nov
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Continued success of the same teams is great for this game. Even if other teams like Wolves do get into the league they will get relegated.
John 11:33am Sat 7 Nov
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Big Four Focus
Could this prog be done under trade descriptions act as it should be called Big Four Focus. For a look at Football go to the NFL !!
Pete 11:40am Sat 3 Oct
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Loosing Interest
Continued success of same teams is damaging the game. Wolves get promoted and are ignored totally like they dont exist so why bother getting promoted?
Harry 12:32pm Sat 26 Sep
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Loosing Interest
Continued success of the same teams is killing this game. Even if other teams like Wolves do get into the league it is like they dont exist, are ignored totally. Create a European League and be done with it now.
Harry 12:31pm Sat 26 Sep
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What a surprise - NOT
Wow, what is todays prog about? Man Utd, Chelsea, OOOH not boring same old teams again is it - how many are in the league? Four / Five the rest dont exist.
Bill 11:21am Sat 19 Sep
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Great Show
Can't beat it on a Saturday Morning
Gary 11:15am Sat 22 Aug
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Shoot Them
Somebody at the BBC needs to be sacked. Starting at 12:10 the entire day goes to watching fat overgrown boys grope each others' tackle? Sack the producers.
TTYN 4:30pm Fri 20 Mar
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goodby football
well, i've had enough now. Just turned off the program and cancelled sky sport subscription. If i wanted to subscribe to MAN UTD tv I would do that. Am fed up with one team tv and a four team league. Guess i'll leave them to it
Tom 12:46pm Sat 14 Mar
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There's something soporific about this program. I have my Saturday morning coffee and feel a bit perked then this program makes me drowsy again somehow...
D.I. 12:03pm Sat 21 Feb
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Too True!
I agree mate. As a villa fan i'm really hacked off. We are doing really well and all we get from the bbc is Man U this and Man U that. It is boring.
Paul 12:35pm Sat 31 Jan
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man utd focus
yet again the boring show has focus on only one main team. How boring, am getting fed up with football having supported my own team, Leicester for over 40 years. My time and money is going to be spent on the NFL from now on.
Steve 12:16pm Sat 31 Jan
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im 6"2 and i like to
im 6"2..why do u ask?
young dizzle 4:29pm Sat 7 Jun
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Hey there
Young dizzle how big are you?
Todd 11:08am Sat 7 Jun
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a bit harsh wouldnt u say vamos666?? i think ur the "c**t" here.
young dizzle. 12:02pm Sat 19 Apr
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a must 4 all footie fans
cannon 9:43am Sat 12 Apr
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