22 October 2021  | 
Four in a Bed Comments
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Why bother
If all you get is insults. They know what they are going if for and then whinge afterwards.
Landlady 3:19pm Sat 16 Oct
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Sally and Lisa
The two women moaned that the room could do with more colour. Says them who dress in identical black and beige!
Lucie 3:10pm Sat 2 Oct
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Such a game player from the start. Shouldn't be allowed to talk about her views on the accommodation over breakfast. If its that bad she could have walked out.She's trying to sway opinions. Anyone but her to win.
Gizmokatz 5:08pm Thu 6 May
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What a prize pillock!!
Basil 3:44pm Fri 9 Apr
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Mrs T.
How on earth was her dump given a 4 star rating. She was a nasty witch.
Gizmokatz 6:47pm Sun 14 Mar
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Mrs T
Wicked old bag!
gameplayer 5:04pm Sun 14 Mar
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Ridiculous now
Guests paying £50 less more than ever. Fgs get real! Half price for high end rooms with one hair and a cobweb in a posh holiday resort....
borednow 4:48pm Wed 10 Mar
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Third visit
Why would yvonne introduce herself again. Everyone knew who she is. Unless filming is out of sequence.
Josie. 4:21pm Sat 27 Feb
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Most time
Is spent turning the beds upside down and looking down toilets......
FawltyTowers 4:39pm Sat 20 Feb
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The programme is about bed AND breakfast, yet very little time goes toward actually showing the breakfasts that are served!
Lj 3:14pm Sat 20 Feb
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Big breakfast
We are proper foodies....says the larger than life pair. Who knew?
DesperateDan 2:36pm Wed 10 Feb
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What a miserable moaning Minnie she is! Who would want her back anyway??
Jill 4:20pm Tue 9 Feb
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Todays episode.
I've seen it at least five times. Was probably on 6 -8 weeks ago
Bored 5:35pm Tue 2 Feb
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When was today's shows last on tv
Please settle an argument as to when today's set of 4 in a bed was last aired on the television
ORIGO 4:54pm Tue 2 Feb
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Feed back
It should be left till everyone has Visited as this makes game players Maybe they get the feedback a day before pay day
Margaret g 9:23pm Tue 26 Jan
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Off with her head
Oh my the landlady said “nitty gritty” .....twice!
Len 8:32pm Sat 23 Jan
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The couple complaining about the size of the breakfast. ..Lol. No breakfast would be big enough!!
dietaware 3:30pm Thu 21 Jan
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AA 2 stars impossible. Beds disgusting. One with undersized mattress padded out with old duvets and old pillows. Another had to cover with plastic dust sheet. Bathrooms mouldy health hazard. Breakfast meat raw health hazard. Unbelievable Ray, owner, would want to be part of the programme!
MyB&B 4:14pm Sun 17 Jan
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Jessica traumatised? Fgs get a life you silly little girl.
Kitty 4:36pm Wed 18 Nov
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Why did she take a friend with her? She was either mute or could not get a word in.......
Lou 4:33pm Wed 11 Nov
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Poor loser!,
Lou 5:20pm Sun 8 Nov
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What a pompous bore he is! How anyone could live with him is anyone’s guess!
Lou 4:35pm Tue 3 Nov
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These B&B owners moan about every thing. pOdd that they had problems with all their rooms. Playing the game.
ghh1948 2:37pm Mon 21 Sep
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I'm glad that harry and rowan overpaid the winners. I didn’t want either of the other game playing couples to win. Harry and rowan didn't either.
Gizmokatz 4:32pm Fri 21 Aug
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Unbiased opinion
Love this programme,but why not include a couple who are not in the business but will give an unbiased opinion.
Whoopee 2:57pm Sat 20 Jun
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The episode with ziggy an
They under paid everyone and there place was in bits.What a neck
Jess 5:26pm Fri 22 May
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Hi Katheryn Well my dear, how absolutely wonderful to hear my native Cornish accent. Well done too with your B & B. All I can add is "Proper Job"
Exiled in the North o England 9:23pm Wed 15 May
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They always put the most unlikeable couple first.
Lulu. 8:58am Fri 10 May
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The feedback forms should be opened at the end of the week as opening on the day allows people to generate some unfair comments and tactics.
CT 4:29pm Wed 8 May
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Previous comment.
Perhaps he didn't want carrots with his happy meal. Take the toy off him next time.
Ronald Macdonald. 11:47pm Tue 30 Apr
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People's eating habits doesn't mean they are weird. Some with disorders like Asperger's or autism have unusual habits that are usual to them. My grandson is non of those things but does not eat any food touching each other. He once had a melt down over carrots forcing us to leave the restaurant in haste.
jenB 10:48pm Tue 30 Apr
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Thinking about it, I always open my crisp packets at the bottom. I think it's bad luck otherwise. I must be weird.
TRS. 10:32pm Sat 27 Apr
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I like my beans in a separate container and if the tomatoes touch my egg I cant eat it! There are a lot of us about!! Lol
RosM 8:56pm Sat 27 Apr
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Ray/Donna. More 4.
Ray wanted a spoonful of sugar with his egg and Donna liked gaps between the items on her breakfast plate . Where do they get these weirdos from.
TRS. 4:48pm Sat 27 Apr
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Brockley Hall - Nooooo
What a dreadful pair. Two of their payments were abyssmal. Clearly game playing which backfired. Sally is intimidating and scary.
Pamela 7:05am Sat 27 Apr
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Sally Lewis - what an awful woman!
The reason the bed was a cot is because this dreadful person is grossly overweight. How nasty & mean!
Janesue 8:26pm Fri 26 Apr
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Previous Comment
They are horrendous. Not a good example to set. If they were hoping to get bookings by being in the show the are in for a disappointment.
A.P. 9:39pm Thu 25 Apr
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Heather and Sally.
I don't care who wins as long as it's not them. Nit pickers and the biggest game players.
TRS. 5:28pm Tue 23 Apr
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What a complete a**e he is! Concerns about hygiene and security ?? Got impression he is a control freak too with his wife who was nice enough. Game player but backfired....good! Loved Lucinda though.
mazza 1:36pm Sat 6 Apr
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Total score.
The points on the feed back forms should be totalled and added to the payment to get the totall score .
Deano. 5:35pm Tue 19 Mar
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Troublemaking Show
All for the individuals who love to pick. It is advertised as "value for money" and you get some moron asking for eggs benedict - it's a B&B FGS!
TomDee 6:38pm Sat 26 Jan
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Colin and Ben.
Going without WiFi for a day, oh the hardship, I thought going away was to get away from it all.
TRS 12:55pm Sat 19 Jan
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Nina and Nicola , and Deano were not as good as they thought. Can't stand the gàme playing on this programme
Annoyed 8:06pm Tue 20 Nov
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Suitcases on beds
Why do people put their suitcases on beds, bedcovers are clean, suitcases that are on the ground/used for travel are not. Maybe the show organisers should ask people not to, it’s a horrible thing to do.
Sarah 12:37pm Wed 24 Oct
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Most annoying
Jane from boat Geanna, poor woman has an affliction she cant keep her eyes open AND talk, she lets all the women down who can multi task, so annoying
Jan 12:22pm Fri 28 Sep
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Ferry Lodge
Sarah and dopey Luke I thought from the start they would underpay, she was such a winger and her side kick was boring
Jan 1:07pm Fri 7 Sep
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Fire risk
Someone should have told Mandy dust is preferable than leaving sellophane on the lampshades.
don'tbelieveallyouread 6:10pm Tue 16 Jan
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Mark and Jo
What a fussy woman Jo is. Complained today about 'double dipping' when she had to take some sugar cubes out of the sugar bowl! What did she expect, Individual sachets.!!
Unbelievable 7:25pm Tue 14 Nov
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bleak house
thought nina & Nicola were tv Gold this week on 4 in a bed. they should have their own show to rival steph & dom. Bleak house looked fabulous too....
mo 10:47am Sat 11 Nov
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Channel 14 today: 6.9.2017: it makes my blood boil to see the other contestants' attitudes to Terri who was unable to have the curry. Do they not understand that\; a. not everyone likes curry b. not everyone can eat curry. It was thoughtless to arrange this meal without considering this. I for one cannot stand curry and cannot eat it . The thought of it makes me sick and so does the attitude of the other competitors.
Dorothy 10:27am Wed 6 Sep
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