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It’s Alright
It was excellent for the first four series, but then got a bit boring.
Golden 9:11pm Thu 18 Oct
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Cow in the green top
Stealing the £96 jackpot. I know it's a game but stealing is stealing. Probably get a new set of nails, vain cow.
Ade 5:55pm Mon 16 Apr
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I liklove ite challenge
Love it
I enjoy a robot 8:49pm Mon 5 Mar
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Most boring show ever made
D@n 2:52am Wed 26 Apr
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When is it On?
ITV at 5pm
lol 7:13pm Sat 1 Feb
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Yes, it certainly is BALLS!
P V 3:39pm Mon 7 Nov
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In audience.
That was me, that was.
Gooner Ali 5:58am Tue 19 Jul
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nathan 12
this is a very good game show and a very funny game show
mr golding 2:46pm Thu 6 Jan
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Golden Ball'ox
The cheapest game show ever devised. At the end they use 'killers' to take off a 0 so 1000 turns in to 100. ITV are so cheap you could win more on a fruit machine. Other than that, the game, such as it is, is based on the prisoners dilemma. A scenario based on 'game theory'.
Prisoner A 4:46pm Wed 9 Dec
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Once upon a time
there was a troll. This troll discovered he could wind people up on the internet by pretending to be a fundamentalist firebrand. He sat down and thought hard, and came up with a couple of Islamic sounding names, and trit-trot, off he went. Unfortunately for our little friend, the depressingly obvious reality is that he is a disenfranchised white lad with BNP sympathies, not too sharp up top, but with the dull dedication to duty of the truly unhinged.
Dear oh Deirdre 10:28am Mon 7 Dec
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Golden Ball s
Speaks for itself. Except I don't know about "Golden", more like "Complete and utter". Has a nice ring to it, yes?
Mason Coroner of the Seventh Division 5:01pm Thu 3 Dec
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This was about that pratt Beckham, and his trollop.
tony r 5:19pm Thu 19 Nov
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so annoying
I will now spoil it for all when I tell you to listen to the ting ting ting in the background .sorry Ilove the show but can only watch with the sound off .
spoiler 5:12pm Wed 18 Nov
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The format of the show needs to be changed to make it more entertaining. For example, the audience should be allowed to throw darts at Jasper Carrott till he's downed, then set him on fire. That would be enormous fun.
Jim 5:21pm Thu 12 Nov
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brill show
brilliant show watch every day if i am not in i will record it for an other day.
tarzanjim 3:16pm Thu 5 Nov
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DOH! .......
I switched this on thinking it was about men and their golden boll**ks! Imagine my surprise then to find it was some boring quiz show with boring Jasper Brummie Carrott! DOH!!!
Two-sheds 9:25pm Wed 4 Nov
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what channel is it on ?
what channel is it on ?
GB 8:29pm Fri 9 Oct
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Golden Balls
This show is wicked!! Honestly it's the best programme around...they should do a celeb version I'd defo watch it
KBCAT 11:12pm Mon 28 Sep
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golden balls
where do u watch the golden balls u missed someone i no was on it but i missed it coz i was on holiday cud someone tell me where i can watch it golden balls doesnt seem to be on itv player:( plz help
Randomgreen 9:37pm Wed 9 Sep
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i like golden balls p.s im shy shy donk y did i say that tilly cilly billy silly me! im 8 yrs of age bubi
hewo 6:35pm Tue 5 May
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This 'show' is the stupidest programme ever to be transmitted by ITV. Why Jasper Carrott associates himself with this tripe beggars belief. Do yourself a favour Jasper, ditch the show and stick to comedy.
notafan 7:33pm Fri 13 Feb
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This programme is Great. NOT!
scroat 6:13pm Thu 12 Feb
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£ £ £ £ £
£ £ £ £
£ £ £
£ £

Vestan 5:12pm Mon 26 Jan
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Stuff winning; I would have thought the aim is to go home with as much money as possible. If people steel they risk having nothing. If people were not greedy and did not steel everyone would go home with dosh. Human nature makes losers of us.

GoldenB 12:53pm Mon 26 Jan
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Always steal
Surely the idea is to steal everytime, that way you can never be beaten. If you steal and your opponent steals, you both go with nothing, so its a draw. If you steal and they split, you win. all this nonsense about integrity and "I couldnt lie" is utter crap tbf tbh
Vestan 12:32pm Mon 26 Jan
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the show is brilliant
golden balls is the best show on television.
danny 6:00pm Thu 22 Jan
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Golden Balls
a great thrilling 50/50 gameshow which Jasper Carrot brings to life.
Jonsly 7:47pm Mon 19 Jan
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There's a fifty-fifty chance of winning a banana on this show.
Either it'll happen or it won't 12:34pm Fri 16 Jan
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heyz love your show
hey i like your show it is great and i look fun i ant to join in with you and i want to win money i hope so i wont get killer and i wish that all of you dont get a killer and dont get all of th money just split
kirsty dew 12:21pm Fri 16 Jan
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hello golden ball i got the game and im sying good look to you all xxxxxx
kirsty dew 12:18pm Fri 16 Jan
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replace hostess with carole the dancer
she was very nice to look at,when she returns from us she should be new hostess,,what a babe
rizzlafm 11:45am Fri 12 Dec
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the big con show
i think they can somehow change the amount of money there is allways a killer ball when the stakes are high
diddy 6:42pm Tue 25 Nov
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i love ur show how amazing and u make a great tv proggramme i watch u all the time ill watch u next time on golden balls
poppy 5:00pm Tue 11 Nov
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Goldenballs is the best show on tv ever in the history of tv, jasper carrott is fit and it is so intense its untrue. i have watched every episode ever and enjoyed all of them. everyone who says goldenballs is rubbish, then they cant see the best show on tv if it hits them in the face. Goldenballs is great. I love you jasper carrott!!!
I Love Jasper Carrott!!! 4:39pm Sun 9 Nov
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Orange Bawlz
Gives gingers a bad name.
Filthy Phil 9:50pm Wed 29 Oct
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BURN ITV 4:48pm Wed 29 Oct
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Only One Explanation
There's only one explanation for keeping a turkey like this on the schedule this long: it's the love child of a particularly useless managing executive of Imbecile TV. (They have many.)
Auntie B00b 4:54pm Thu 31 Jul
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Fantastic Show
I love this show - it should be on prime time so that more people could watch it. I tape it every day!
JC 7:18pm Thu 24 Jul
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Nasty, ugly show
A show which rewards liars, cheats and horrible people (and crucifies the nice ones)is hideous in the extreme. It is bad for the soul and should be removed and destroyed. I feel corrupted and infetced for just watching it adew times but NEVER again. Yuk.
Tim 2:11am Sat 19 Jul
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The comment below was supposed to be for Noel Edmonds' Box Party
Twaddle4U 4:28pm Mon 30 Jun
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Unbelievable what fare ITV promote. They cater to subhuman intelligence levels. Probably what they're used to finding at home. Here's my theory: the BBC are wasting money hand over fist on giving themselves perks and ITV know they don't have to do better so they keep programmes cheap and rake in the advertising money. At this present moment British television is the worst in the world.
Auntie Beeb 11:47am Mon 16 Jun
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What's a "goo" show hussen? And did you know that Jasper's real name is Orville Cucumber. I have always found that quite amusing.
Trevor 4:23pm Fri 6 Jun
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a good show
this isnt that bad, its a goo show, ive bene watching it for the past couple weeks, however watching the same type of game over and over again is boring. however i believe its a good game and its better than who wants to be a millionaire. and jasper is a nice man, not bad
hussen 12:26pm Fri 6 Jun
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Re: Dodo girl.
How do you say that. Is it as dough dough girl or is it doo doo girl. And do you do do or do you don't. I do!
Digger 10:27am Mon 2 Jun
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A waste of time watching this rubbish
pissoff 5:46pm Thu 22 May
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Golden Boll***s
More garbage for the masses, Jasper carrot is awful, that dreadful monotonic voice, the ugly plain persona, and a bunch of retarded usually fat and northern scum greedy contestants ...... Lock all the studio doors and light the fire ..... An episode of Greedy uglies trying to escape a burning studio with no escape would make for good TV.
Dodo girl 2:54pm Tue 6 May
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greedy people
honest al - u have to sign legal docs that say you are not allowed to share money after the show - otherwise everyone wud do that - and then it really wud be boring
dez 4:23pm Wed 16 Apr
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Greedy people would not win with me!
I would make sure that my opposing contestant would not win! Because I would tell them that I was going to steal no matter what they said! Therefore, if they did choose to steal we would both end up with Nothing! LOL But surprise! If they chose to split and I won all the money, I would promise to still pay them half after the show!! Result we both win!!!!!! LOL
Honest Al 7:19pm Tue 11 Mar
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This program is fairly obviously crap. But Jasper does try his best. An hour is too long - i reckon the show could be done and dusted in about 8 minutes. The attempts to draw out the tension are pathetic. Why would anyone want to split - you may aswell try and steal every time. My parrot Jimmy does enjoy it though. My hampster Harry gets scared though and hides behind the cornflakes. Is Beckham happy about all this - surely the original Goldenballs has a good case to sue! Anyway must get back gran she's wet the bed again!
Uncle Albert 8:20am Mon 3 Mar
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last nights
Can someone tell me what happened on Monday the 11th My Sky plus was stuffed
janjan 12:04pm Tue 12 Feb
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