10 April 2021  | 
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Will someone explain the joke as I don’t see it. Thanx
Mavis 7:17pm Wed 7 Apr
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NO joke
Sorry do bot get the joke seemingly lacking a sense of humour.
Hilarious! 6:46pm Wed 7 Apr
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Cheer up then you might get the joke. Can’t believe I’m having to explain this
Oh dear 3:06pm Wed 7 Apr
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Sense of humour
It is very clear to see that there is a vast difference between peoples sense of HUMOUR witch is clearly lacking in todays modern society! Sorry cannot spell not had a good enough education.
The Joker 10:02am Wed 7 Apr
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Also if you complain about the programme you don’t need to add and its quality. Glad you are not teaching my children.
Howard 4:46pm Tue 6 Apr
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Write? Don't you mean right. Dunce!
Swot. 12:08pm Tue 6 Apr
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Please guys and girls. If we want to complain about this programme and its quality. At least get the spelling write.
Teacher 8:43am Tue 6 Apr
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Why keep featuring this depressed Irishman ??
Tayac 11:16am Mon 5 Apr
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Past Present and future
The past was not great, the present is Completely Naff and as for the future GMB its looking pretty GRIM.
The Grim Reaper 6:50pm Sun 4 Apr
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For the Brain dead viewers.
HAHAHA 12:19pm Sat 3 Apr
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Oh piers how I miss you so. I could not careless about your knockers they do not interest me in the least. The prize bull is now missing and only OLD Cattle are left behind.
Farmer Bramble 7:09pm Wed 31 Mar
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Boreing news
I loved GMB few years back( pleased piers gone) but now boreing news same thing Megan and Harry, find something new, something worth while and more important. Drone drone drone. You go on about same thing for months.
Sunny 7:16am Wed 31 Mar
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The comments say it all. I cannot get my teeth into this programme any longer.????????
Hannibal 12:50pm Tue 30 Mar
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So boring
The presenters on this breakfast show are really boring and the bright head who put two women presenters on same show needs a wage cut...Ben Shepherd is the poorest presenter of the two along with the new blonde lady. I will have to go back to Sky News or Youtube...Big change needed here?
scot 8:00am Tue 30 Mar
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A really boring programme with self centred presenters who have little to offer!
Liliank 9:33am Mon 29 Mar
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Pointless, posing presenters who sit there dribbling and cooing over one another's achievements or not! Painful very painful indeed.
Patsy 7:13am Mon 29 Mar
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I cant be bothered with it now, so boring without Piers.
SheilaM 8:46pm Sat 27 Mar
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Does not really matter if its Aldi, Alexa or Bernard the sheep dog its not the same without my PIERS.
THE GREAT DONALD 6:35pm Sat 27 Mar
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I think this one got it on merit.
Piers 11:47am Fri 26 Mar
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Adil Ray to replace Piers
He's the right colour and by far the best personality. NOT Ben Sheppard AND DEFINITELY NOT Alex Beresford!!!!!
SC 9:06am Fri 26 Mar
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Down the pan
The show is now poor .presenters boring . Bring back piers
Martin 3:47pm Thu 25 Mar
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HOW DARE THEY! IF GMB think that I am going to watch those OLD BARBIE DOLL figures with KEN the weather MAN then they GOT ANOTHER THINK COMING without my PIERS. MY POOR PIERS they MAY END UP REGRETTING THIS!!
MOTHER 5:41pm Wed 10 Mar
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Snowflakes Only
Snowflakes must be so happy in their tiny lil world now Piers has gone . Now ITV are looking for a co presenter for 2 goldfish
HAHAHA 1:34pm Wed 10 Mar
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Piers you are not alone
Leave the Center Stage and let our news go back to reporting Important news other than Hairy and Began Please. See your not alone at great spelling Anna!
Check it out. 8:44am Mon 8 Mar
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Piers morgan stop hateing Megan and harry
Leave meghan and harry alone to get on with there life it there choice if there still have a relationship with there royal family it no one businesses but there
Anna 8:30am Mon 8 Mar
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Why cry .. Dry your little tears and move on .
HAHAHA 12:53pm Sun 7 Mar
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It must be a great relief to Piers that he shares such happy tidings with his fellow man!
Laughing Cow 10:55am Sun 28 Feb
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Why is the bully still on tv?
Leo 10:07pm Wed 24 Feb
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Dreadful dribble and drivel. PM knows zero about everything especially real life.
Knick Peters (no relation). 2:42pm Wed 24 Feb
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Unchanged Melody
sick sick sick of the same old, same old tunes
sick individual 1:20pm Tue 23 Feb
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Sick of listening to him 12 months of aggressive drivel. No new content And no improvement of presenters what are you doing. ???
Bored 1:25pm Mon 22 Feb
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Or write instead of right......umm
Suzanna 10:17pm Fri 12 Feb
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Wright instead of right......umm
Suzanna 10:15pm Fri 12 Feb
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Get it wright
If your gonna have a moan about Piers at least get your spelling write!!
Professor 9:24pm Fri 12 Feb
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Piers pain
Piers is horrible he’s always nasty to Alex sean Charlotte about her dancing which he’s nit done niw James Martin lovely show when Bens on there don’t know why he has to still be in there he’s arrogant
Kim 11:50am Thu 11 Feb
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All the Peas
Piers, Pragmatic, Pertinacious, Pleasant??
Pluto 9:32am Tue 9 Feb
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Not worth listening to.....a turncoat on every bandwagon!
Suzanna 5:15pm Sat 6 Feb
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Stick it to them Piers
Poor snowflakes cannot give a straight answer to a question .. Maybe if they did , Piers would not have to keep repeating the questions .. They deserve all they get .. Kep it up
HAHAHA 5:08pm Sat 6 Feb
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And todays quiz is work out the Catchphase to PMBS. Winners can have either the choice of tuning in more often, or if not tune in later on to see the result. All related to our wonderful piers himself.
Prime minister 8:32pm Wed 3 Feb
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We do not need piers comments
Cannot watch, sick of piers ranting and racing. Not allowing others to comment or talk. Only his opinion matters. it's not his show. it's called good morning britain
Cat 7:30pm Wed 3 Feb
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Continually repeating day after day after day . Continue flying abroad Piers and take your sidekick with you. We dont all have your money so we dont need to hear it every day.
Bored 8:38am Tue 2 Feb
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You need therapy. Lockdown getting to you poor thing!
Lou 8:33pm Thu 28 Jan
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Mike m. I only watch GMB to see Piers Morgan!
SheilaM 7:45pm Thu 28 Jan
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Negatfor personal gratification
Morgan and his nodding hardly gets a sensible word in are helping to create a negative effect on the mindset of the nation, always asking the same questions regarding Covid knowing full well the various ministers cant fight back or will be cut off, he is well aware had everyone behaved as asked last year we would be in a far better place but he thinks he can advise all then disappear to the Caribbean when the advice was at such travel. Pure hypocrisy
Roughit 7:08pm Thu 28 Jan
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switch the music off
l watch BBC news monday to wednesday but not on Thursdays and fridays, cos l cannot stand Nagga and Charlie,so l switch over to GMB, but what really gets me is,l cannot hear the headlines cos of the loud background music, switch it off,also l dont watch GMB on Monday to Wednesday, because of Piers, he is such a bighead , get rid of him, and l might watch GMB 5 days a week
Mike m 1:58pm Thu 28 Jan
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Good Grammar
If we each look to our own then we will most likely envisage some kind of hypocrisy within our life times. With time nothing changes or very little AT ALL.
Grandma 11:58am Tue 26 Jan
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You guys hypocrite you air show of 96 year old women suffer covid joke What about the Palestine who have suffered over 50 years of muder NOTHING HYPOCRITES YOU KNOW IT
Fair play for all 8:15am Mon 25 Jan
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Never too late
Sorry guys been very busy of late, Happy new year Piers all the best.
Donald 5:46pm Wed 20 Jan
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Get that bore Piers Morgan off air
Piers together with his side kick do nothing but spread fear and terror to the old and vulnerable in a daily basis get the two idiots off the air
Debbie 6:41am Wed 20 Jan
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Happy Xmas from Santa
Keep going piers, have a good Xmas and ignore all the knockers out there in 2021. I m sure you will. Santa loves you.
Father Xmas 11:49am Christmas Day
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