18 January 2021  | 
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Happy Xmas from Santa
Keep going piers, have a good Xmas and ignore all the knockers out there in 2021. I m sure you will. Santa loves you.
Father Xmas 11:49am Christmas Day
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stop knocking piers
Piers may not be to every ones taste, but unlike some he is not afraid to voice his Opinion when it matters
Slim Jim 5:31pm Sun 6 Dec
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Prev comm
Wow Piers Morgan has a fan!
Lou 8:19pm Tue 1 Dec
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Piers and Susanna
If you are talking about sacking the two presenters Piers Morgan is the only reason I watch this. He says what we are all thinking!
FeatherHG 12:41pm Tue 1 Dec
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sack em
what a pair ofmorons
hoppy 8:46am Tue 1 Dec
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Hollie was on there to tick a box . She was boring.
Jess 9:14am Sat 28 Nov
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I’m a celebrity
I would like to say that I am absolutely disgusted in Hollie being voted out of the castle. Ohhhhh my goodness this girl had shone in every way and what a trooper she had actually excelled herself and did most certanly not deserve to be voted out I have no Words this breaks my heart is there any British enpathy ? Carolyn
Caz 11:59pm Fri 27 Nov
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First time watching GMB
First time I have watched this programme and had to turn off after 2 minutes - back to the BBC
Ade 8:22am Wed 18 Nov
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chomping at the chops
WHY OH WHY is there a lot of CHOMPING AT THE CHOPS on this programme. For instance there is Pears chewing at the chops. Sussanna chomping at the chops. Rangi chopsing at the chops,Laura giggling at the chops not to mention a few other CHOPPERS. The only sensible NON Chopper IS THE LOVELY DR HILARY. LOL and i got TOP Marks for Spelling at SHOOL as well.
LIL LO LIL 9:17am Tue 17 Nov
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I used to like watching this show before it had Silly Drooling female presenters including that Lorraine who i turn of from, I do not care about her award it seems in this day and age any old SO and SO can get one near enough. Still presenters PROMOTING ONE ANOTHER, loving themselves to DEATH due to COVID 19. I do not care about SICKLY SCRICKLY or even LAURA going to the MOON. I live in the REAL world so PLEASE try and give us a story that is NICE AND LOVELY about REAL PEOPLE IN LIFE instead of you HARD UP PRSENTERS ALL THE TIME. THANKYOU.
Shazzy 9:33am Fri 13 Nov
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Hope the (big I am man ) Piers Morgan is waiting his turn for his live vaccine jab .
A viewer before Covid. 8:03pm Wed 11 Nov
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Omg the girls are awful talking over each other, giggling, sick of references to strictly! Who cares! So unprofessional, boring and makes me turn off
Chef 7:08am Wed 21 Oct
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Edwina Curry
On GMB yesterday Edwina Curry commented that the NHS App is now available to older iphones and Androids.... NO IT'S NOT.
BLONDE13A 10:39am Wed 7 Oct
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Oh dear.
I love the adverts. That's it.
Nico Teen 8:31am Mon 21 Sep
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Great program
But where is piers Morgan ??
Trish 7:44am Thu 13 Aug
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Piers you are nothing but a champagne socialist living in the london bubble.Get a grip of reality.
oAP 2:17pm Mon 10 Aug
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new RTE
gmb tv has turned into an anti government programme attracting all the anti government viewers. How long will Piers Morgan keep them loyal. He isn't political he is personal what a prat, belongs on RTE
dee 3:00pm Wed 17 Jun
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Loudmouth bully
I get so mad when piers Morgan and his bimbo sidekick ask someone a question and then constantly talk over them when they obviously don’t like the answers. Get rid of them before you have no viewers left!
Nanna 10:17am Wed 10 Jun
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Interview with Celeb hairdresser
I was totally inspired with this hairdresser kind heart and words until he only mentions NHS England , the NHS is one Great Britain , I'm sure the front line in ScotlandNorthern Ireland and Wales would like a pampering haircut
Lloyd 6:24pm Wed 3 Jun
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Stacey clayford from the lakes kendal
Peris please play arabesque by coldplay hope it helps people understand what's going on in the world...an it needs too stop,,if anyone can play this for the world it will be u peus Morgan many thanks of u can play this for the nation xxx
Dougle.. sc... 11:06pm Tue 2 Jun
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No Piers
This programme is so much better without Piers Morgan. Guests are allowed to speak & be interviewed properly. Ben Shephard is professional & likeable, unlike the arrogant self centred Piers Morgan.
Linnylou 10:00am Tue 26 May
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Piers the bully
Matt 4:41am Fri 22 May
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Change presenters
I used to love this show but now I can only watch on a Friday when Piers and Susannah are not on. They act like soiled children when they can’t get their own way. I now watch BBC where the presenters are polite and interesting
ELIZARINA 6:57am Tue 19 May
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I think gmtv ought to consider piers morgan and his sidekick suzanna future employment,all they do is insult and try to belittle any tory mp we had all of ranting during the Brexit saga with these two all they want to do is create havoc I for one will not watch this programme until they have been removed
jo4lez 2:41pm Tue 12 May
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Alesha McPhail's mother
What a tremendously dignified, brave woman she is coping with the horrendous murder of her daughter. My heart goes out to her and her beautiful little girl
Vivienne 7:42am Thu 30 May
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Unprofessional habit
Please can you stop Suzanna cleaning her teeth with her tongue after eating in a break, it disgusting and unprofessional thank you
Mumfuss 7:08am Mon 20 May
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Richard Bacon
What a shambles with this bloke at the helm! He hasn't matured much from his Blue Peter days. GMB is becoming more unwatchable by the day as a serious news programme, with the presenters all the shouting and talking over each other. Goodness knows what he thinks he looks like too with that STUPID hair!!!!!!
Oddball 6:58am Fri 26 Apr
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Teresa Gresswell
President coming to England of course he should.but for religion as a member of your panel made us all aware of is totally out of line .
Blackpool 2:24pm Tue 23 Apr
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Via Lorraine/Christine.
Fifty shades of grey, the most hyped up boring book ever. More going on in local pensioners clubs than in this load of trash.
TRS. 8:08am Tue 16 Apr
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Some of mine have gone so I will be using various names. Neil's been at the calpol again.
TRS. 10:12pm Thu 11 Apr
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Last laugh
The way things are going I will be changing my name yet AGAIN to get my comments to stop on. So saddo you will never outdo me. Bye for now!
mazza 9:12pm Thu 11 Apr
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Madeley.....fake tan and blond highlights! Vain and pathetic for 62 year old man!!!
Tanfastic 7:05am Thu 11 Apr
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Not Madeley!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Bloater 6:18am Mon 8 Apr
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Schools the lying MPs no sweat
Ron E Short 8:16pm Thu 4 Apr
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It is not a good thing to "speak your mind" as it causes someone to hurt. Keep your thoughts to yourself as no-ones is interested anymore. Boring and arrogant old fart!
liveandlet 8:41am Wed 3 Apr
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Elf woman.
You are human not a bloody elf. Grow up . You really are away with the fairies.
Gizmokatz. 7:20am Wed 3 Apr
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Love him or loathe him at least he's not afraid to ask questions. One in the eye for the PC brigade.
Piers for PM. 11:51am Wed 27 Mar
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Aniti region comments
I love this show but this morning both presenters showed a complete lack of understanding towards a religion or any religion. It seems that if we are not falling over ourselves to accommodate LGBT we are homophobic! That poor man could barely get a word in. I have a faith. I also have a gay nephew and dear friend, both of whom I love very much. I don't have to love their choice but they are free to choose and clearly that is not how piers feels about religion! I was disgusted! Totally biased and angry interview!
Lindybop 8:14am Wed 27 Mar
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You're right. It's all getting terribly boring, the Piers Morgan 'I love me' shenanigans each morning.
Toastie 8:31am Mon 25 Mar
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Why do Pierse, Suzanna and Kate Garraway all shout over each other?
Fed up 9:25am Wed 20 Mar
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Could someone explane..
what Pears Organ is for? I've watched GMB quite a few times and I've no idea what he's there for. He's useless so I always turn off.
Leary O'Dermottt 8:14pm Tue 19 Mar
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Piers Morgan - OTT
What started out as fairly amusing banter is now wearing rather thin!!!!!
Bella 7:32am Wed 6 Mar
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I love this show....
...because as soon as Peerce Margon opens his mouth I switch channel and watch something interesting.
Mr. Ken Knott 8:35am Wed 5 Dec
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Eamonn Holmes
Hate his bombastic, insincere, attitude, scowly face and one raised eyebrow! He's on everything. Get him off!!!!
Romy 10:43am Thu 25 Oct
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Yes,yes,yes ! The "F" word , on GMB. Yes, they said "FAT" .numerous times . I bet the PC brigade and snowflakes are up in arms. They might even use the words boy and girl tomorrow.
TRS. 7:24am Fri 5 Oct
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Pierce M. is great.....
...whoever he is, but Piers Morgan is simply the worst. End of.
Shen Beppard 6:14am Tue 11 Sep
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Hes Back
At last, Pierce is back, the programme is useless without him, all we need is Pierce and Susannah, the rest of the crew are a waste of time,
mike m 7:04am Tue 4 Sep
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High Chair
Who is the funny woman who keeps slipping off the cushion
HAHAHA 8:59am Sun 12 Aug
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Garraway and Singh
I couldnt get over the way KG and RS were fawning over Dani Dyer and Jack Fincham on GMB this week. At best they were talking to them as if they were children and at worst as if they were in awe of them! For goodness sake - they went on holiday and are now 'girlfriend and boyfriend' - big deal!!!!
Holrep 7:28am Wed 8 Aug
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Switch Channels
Oh god .. widescreen tv needed . Bulky Holmes
HAHAHA 5:35pm Tue 31 Jul
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