26 October 2021  | 
Great British Railway Journeys Comments
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Not another
pink shirt presenter. Jobs for the "boys" TV !!!
Campaign4BetterTV 11:13am Fri 26 Mar
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Have mercy
Please, please etc use your air time to broadcast something other than Sweetie Portillo. I hesitate to think what inducements he's offered to the schedulers but really, enough's enough.
simon 7:46pm Fri 22 Jan
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Have mercy
How much longer will we be fed a diet of sweetie Portillo? What inducements id he offering to the programmers?
simon 7:04pm Thu 14 Jan
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Dreadful music
Love Portillos journeys,but oh,the boring music is so off putting...
Rosy 8:44pm Thu 28 Jan
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missing episode
why wasn't the advertised episode on on Wednesday the 27th.january 2016
snowie 4:09pm Thu 28 Jan
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Episode not shown
Why was episode for 27 th jan 2016 not shown and when will it be shown
Kj 9:23am Thu 28 Jan
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Balcombe Tunnel Murder
Really found the part about the railway murder on the train very interesting! Has a book been written about this case
Charles 7:22pm Mon 18 Jan
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Great British Railway Journeys.
I really like Michael Portillo. He always has a smile on his face & it makes me smile too. He knows a lot about the railways almost as much as George Bradshaw. I am sure Mr Portillo must enjoy presenting this great programme more than being in parliament
SueQ1 6:23pm Sun 5 Oct
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A good program.
Informative and well filmed. How can this and the drivel of Eastenders be shown by the same corporation, for that is what it is.
Mr. Nerdo McLeod 4:36pm Thu 28 Aug
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B Whyke
Although l have little time for him politically the program was well presented and interesting and the negative comments were more party political not genuine
B Whyke 7:56pm Thu 15 May
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You will be missing out on places to see and interesting facts. Worth watching IMHO.
bemused 11:27pm Tue 8 Apr
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Portillo acts like an over-excited immature jerk. We couldn't watch any more after 5mins.
spodzone 11:34am Tue 8 Apr
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Production values
The BBC still does this kind of program extremely well. Horizon, Coast, Life on Earth - meticulously researched, well directed and presented, superbly photographed.
Ajahn D 9:33am Sun 2 Feb
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he likes trains up his viaduct
choo choo!
ned 6:32pm Wed 21 Aug
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for God's sake
enough railway programmes
not ' chuffed ' 7:50pm Mon 25 Feb
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private scotish mp,s railway
does anyone no the name of the private scottish railway that joined the main line after an act of parliment thanks
zxr805 12:59pm Tue 5 Feb
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Did I miss something or is it correct that when Mr Portillo went to York, he did not visit or even mention the NATIONAL RAIL MUSEUM there?
trog 6:34pm Mon 28 Jan
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Thank goodness...
Mr Portillo is better at TV presenting than he was at politics - though the railways are the real winners! A very pleasant programme.
Mr Oleo Strut 6:00pm Tue 15 Jan
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Portillo Knows Nothing about Railways
He says that a steam loco designed in the late 1930s evokes the 'victorian era' - what a pratt!
Chuffer 7:59pm Tue 4 Dec
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classical television
a true great - a show that has a gentle relaxed aura that is both informative and interesting - so remote from all the others fronted by celebrity egotists.
doubletake 9:19am Tue 17 Jul
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A treasure of a programme
Michael Portillo is truely wonderful. A gentle, polite and warm programme filled with social history, architecture, wonderful scenery, archived film (a real gem) and interesting stories and interviews. The BBC at it's best and a triumph for Mr Portillo. Please can we have more.
Betty 6:53pm Tue 5 Jun
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Finally, some really Great Britain...
These brief civilised episodes make you long for an extended version - maybe two or three stiched together. What a decent human Mr Portillo is and what a contrast to the insane ravings of, oh, I don't know, how about 'Mr Angry' see below...what a prize berk!
Movie Lover 7:36pm Wed 9 May
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I hope this programme is shown in schools - it covers gently so much - geog, history, economics, politics, social change and more. Thank you Mr P.
Sadie 12:08pm Wed 22 Feb
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A Grand Day Out
Tired of vacuous air-heads? Thumping background music, dizzy camera work and inane presenters who shout complete drivel at you? Welcome to a relaxing day out with Mr Portillo. Wonderful. Just wonderful.
Sheila 10:19am Wed 22 Feb
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Michael Portillo Railway Journeys
Another splendid series! We have learnt much about the Railways, the history, geography and industries affected by them. More please! From the music to the scenery, the commentary and the interest we have once again been delighted by this programme.
Rosy Railway Fan 4:25pm Tue 21 Feb
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Nice one.
A very good way to see our superb countryside and heritage. By rail.
MGJohn 7:01pm Wed 4 Jan
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Portillo rocks
is this a repeat or a new series
nelly 5:19pm Mon 2 Jan
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Does anyone know the name of the Cheshire cheese company in Wrexham please, as I would like to order some online if possible. Many thanks.
anna 12:26pm Wed 13 Jul
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We visited Chester after watching his programme!
I have just had a lovely weekend in Chester on the strength of this programme. What he lacked as an MP we have gained in his informative and interesting programmes. More of the same please!!!
Pottypolly 5:37pm Mon 2 May
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changed channel
Thanks bbc for changing this great program from bbc2 to hd, now no one can see it
Amazed 2:01pm Wed 16 Feb
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messaage from abroad
we love watching your program.we live in israel and watch it on the internet.
raff 6:22am Sun 13 Feb
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What do you mean, Episode 25 of 25
Just when I was enjoying Michael Portillo's easy to listen to narrative. A wonderful way to explore the country. An excellent programme but over far too soon.
Mirfee 7:15pm Fri 4 Feb
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Supper, what supper?
What a fantastic series, we have had to move supper to a later date to ensure we watch these excellent and very informative programmes. 10/10!
Purdus 7:53pm Tue 1 Feb
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Tyndrum goldmine
Good to see Scotgold Resources' mine at Cononish featured tonight. I hope the mine gets planning permission and the go-ahead soon
glenalmond 7:08pm Tue 1 Feb
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TV at its best
We'd love to hate Portillo. but just can't. What a great broadcaster enthusing us with a unique gentle style. This is informative, brilliantly shot and over too quick.
Terence Flanborne 7:02pm Tue 1 Feb
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Michael Portilllo is an enthuiastic and gentle presenter the trains are great beautiful British scenery interesting facts about our history it is a lovely program and my husband and I both love it.
Jennifer 1:45pm Tue 1 Feb
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missing twin
in this episode of Railway Journeys who is the paper expert that looks like Pete Postlewaites twin.
sd 10:04am Wed 26 Jan
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where and when
is this ever going to be shown from start to finish at a set time
rw88 7:54pm Wed 19 Jan
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Great to see the railways
These are great journeys,Iam looking forward to watching all of them
MYLADYDOG1 7:05pm Thu 13 Jan
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actually getting on a train
that is on time, and going where you want would be grate.
get real 9:41pm Mon 10 Jan
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great series
Michael Portillo, a sort of Fred Dibnah after a swiss finishing
johno 6:28pm Mon 10 Jan
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That's immigration for you.
True Blue 11:47am Thu 17 Jun
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Very Good
Really enlightening to see someone on TV with on above average IQ presenting a very enjoyable program. Well done BBC.
Ray Pists 5:34pm Tue 15 Jun
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Very Good
Such a same that Britain has been ruined by immigration.
Packy Stan 11:21pm Sun 13 Jun
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I love a good old train journey as much as the next recovering alcoholic, but this programme was rather tedious. Please pass me the Gin.
Terry Vision 10:03pm Sun 14 Mar
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Why is there nothing good on at the weekend!?
Bobbydazzler 10:19pm Sun 28 Feb
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I mean really, what a load of old poo
poomeister 7:10pm Sun 28 Feb
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Loved it
I liked the music, loved the series and the presenter. Whoever came up with idea from the series brilliant?
ETian 2:36pm Wed 3 Feb
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I never knew Britain was so boring!
Choo Choo! 7:00pm Thu 28 Jan
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Sunday TV?
Why is this scheduled for early weekday evening, it is supremely suited to the Sunday slot. As it is, I always end up seeing bits of it while cooking or eating, which is a pity, as it looks very pleasant, and I would like to be able to hear a little more of Michael Portillo's commentary. It is good to see him as a successful presenter, it means he won't be tempted to stand for Parliament again.
Nottory 6:46pm Tue 26 Jan
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