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Brilliant series
Pleased to see heartbeat from the start but I do miss the 6pm slot
Stargazer 6:09pm Thu 22 Apr
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18.00 no more
Why has heartbeat disappeared from the main 6 oclock tea time slot????? Please someone enlighten me.
Fluffton 12:14pm Fri 12 Mar
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The early series were much better as the producers were still using the Nicolas Rhea books.
Germinator 9:03pm Tue 9 Mar
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So much violence even in those Halcyon days
mud 7:13am Tue 5 Jan
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Happier days
when TV was worth turning on and even watching occasionally!
Fed Up Viewer 11:39am Fri 10 Jul
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Authenticity of Dialogue
No evidence of wrong-doing; client confidentiality; sorry for your loss. These 3 phrases were not in use in the UK until around 10-15 years ago so they wouldn't have been used by Heartbeat characters. The effect they have is to distract from the story. Would it be possible for scriptwriters to check authenticity of their dialogue?
ladydale 6:11pm Mon 21 May
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You go back intime sometimes,why cant you go back to the very begining?
jabberlite 12:40pm Sat 3 Feb
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What should they be displaying?
Confused 10:11pm Fri 3 Mar
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MOUSE 9060 4:17pm Fri 3 Mar
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Sergeant Miller
Could someone explain why Sergeant Miller is played by the same actor who led a protest in one episode back in the days o=f Nick Berry
Marina 8:26am Wed 1 Mar
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Where is today's episode
Heartbeat is part of my daily routine. Suddenly Phil has great trauma and robs life is murdered and heartbeat disappears off the screen!
Gina 1:42pm Fri 16 Dec
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Why has the time changed?
I start my evening with Heartbeat. Why has it suddenly moved from the 6pm slot?
Saddened viewer 6:16pm Thu 15 Dec
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Child abduction
Stranger takes a little girl from her bed gagged and blindfolded. A bit extreem for a programme that usually borders on then ridiculous with the likes of the clown David.
once more 6:47pm Thu 9 Jun
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Could it be because a vicar was growing hash. Mind I am only guessing.....
once more 1:30pm Tue 15 Mar
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heartbeat my favourite
I purchased from Amazon series 1 to 18 very expensive but have watched in my leisure so fabulous but 18 finishes without an ending.
anneke 7:45am Tue 8 Dec
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In the last ever episode, it was said that Alf was a Para in WW2 but in an earlier series, it was said that he was a Commando.
CPv2 7:53am Fri 11 Sep
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Please bring back heartbeat as l watch all the time .probably watched the same episodes about four times. Its a comfort thing for me.Vicki
vic 6:08pm Fri 14 Nov
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Heartbeat Series 18 starts today
At last we can continue where we left off months ago.
heartbeat_fan 9:25am Mon 13 Oct
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All programmes
Why can't we see from series 1 to series 18 - it's such a good program thank goodness it's on everyday. Please bring it back iitv.
Jacks 8:27pm Fri 21 Mar
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When ?
When are we going to get some answers ?
Grover 4:55pm Sat 15 Mar
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Series 18 - Answers please!
I've been watching series 17 on Sky channel 119 which ended about 2 months ago. Its now gone back to series 11. Does anyone know if Sky or ITV3 plan to show series 18 and if so when?
Gina 8:32pm Mon 10 Mar
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Episodes out of sync
I had to buy series 18 as i was disappointed it was never shown on ITV3 we are currently watching series 11 mon-fri and series 12 sunday mornings series 11 stops on wednesday then series 12 starts on Thursday?! Very strange?!!
Welshy 7:19am Sat 8 Mar
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I bet . ...
ITV3 have lost millions of viewers because they have made a big mistake not showing series 18. I for one have switched off!!!
Grover 3:53pm Wed 26 Feb
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ITV cut
We have been watching FTA Itv3 for several years while living in German. We used to live in England previously. Now with the new satellite settings we can now no longer get ITV channels. We would happily pay for ITV channels. When will this go international. We have having serious Heartbeat withdrawals!
FTA bring back Heartbeat 4:26pm Sun 23 Feb
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Answer please
How about an answer? When will series 18 be on??
laney b 5:27pm Sat 22 Feb
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What a muddle.
From series 17 and now back to series 11. What is ITV3 playing at? This is most confusing. I have now switched over to BBC out of principle.
Rio 1:11pm Thu 20 Feb
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Odd selection system
Why have you gone back to old programs, many series back from the last?? Very disappointed
Let down Fan 6:28pm Wed 12 Feb
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18 follows 17
giv us series 18 you dip sticks
kk 1:57pm Tue 11 Feb
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Let down
We saw the last episode of Series 17 yesterday but today we've flipped back again to a Mike Bradley episode. Why doesn't ITV3 get its act together?
Eric 2:00pm Fri 7 Feb
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bellamy,s death changed?????
annie 5:43pm Tue 14 Jan
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and back we go
series 11. Again
Brave New world 12:11pm Fri 20 Dec
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Nice to see Itv3 going with series 16 to the end - hope they will complete with series 17 soon. It would be great to see it back.
Kevster 7:09pm Tue 17 Dec
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Oh please keep heartbeat going we love it makes our evening!
ani 10:23pm Thu 28 Nov
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Auntie Peggy
Has Gwen Taylor really got awful yellow teeth or is it for effect.
jamjarjan 1:14pm Thu 14 Nov
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Maureen O Brian was cute as Mrs Poole on that episode. Y'know, she used to be on Dr Who, in the 60's.
borgduck 10:58am Sun 14 Jul
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STEVE 9:34pm Sat 13 Jul
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Sheridan Smith
I was puzzled as to how Sheridan Smith could appear in a series made in the sixties when she wasn't born until 1981! But I've decided it couldn't have actually been made in the sixties.
C.J. 8:32pm Mon 29 Apr
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anywhere subtitles?
Heye. Does DVd has subtitles? I 'm looking for my nun with hearing problems.
alton_dc 10:58am Sun 14 Apr
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What happened to series 16
I don't know if this is relevent but Series 16-18 have not yet been prepared for dvd. Copyright issues maybe? Don't know why they're showing Series 8 though.
AlSheffield 5:23pm Fri 1 Mar
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series 16
why has heartbeat gone back to series 8 ?ive watched every episide since itv 3 started showing it a lot of other people are wondering the same
gaz 11:53am Fri 1 Mar
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Series 15 ends followed by series 8??
Like the two previous reviews I too was looking forward to the start of series 16. Can anyone from ITV explain please?
PC 273 10:14pm Wed 20 Feb
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what are you playing at !!!!
Where is season 16 16 comes after 15 not 8 what are you doing ahhhh
christa 9:29pm Tue 12 Feb
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Oh no not again!!
Yesterday season 15 episode 26 Today season 8 episode 1. (bangs head on wall)...lol
Whatsgoinon 5:52pm Tue 12 Feb
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the best tv show on itv
I have watch heartbeat since it started in 1992 -2010 I was 3 years old then I have never missed a EP I still watch it the 3 times when it is on itv3 monday-Friday and the 2 times when it is on Sunday morning on itv3 I am upset you don,t get it on a Sunday night any more I hope they bring out all 18 series on DVD.
chisholm 10:36pm Sat 25 Feb
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SERIES not season
We're not american.
Susan 1:22pm Fri 6 Jan
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great programme,sadly missed.
devonmag 1:24am Thu 8 Dec
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Season 13 Episode 25 Little Angel
What happened? one minute it was Season 13 Episode 25 Little Angel, than next day it's gone back to show season 1 episode 1??????????WHY?
Whatsgoinon 4:11pm Tue 22 Nov
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power of god
last week fiona weston died of heart probs today she's back with a headache well done itv or god
kontiki 7:12pm Mon 28 Mar
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Breynia -yes - all you have to do is put the subtitles on - and it tells you the name of every song - even on the adverts .
Les 2:48pm Thu 3 Feb
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every one needs a heartbeat
watch this programme on virgin thankfully they keep the repeats going sunday night isnt worth watching hope they rekindle this when money will be available thanks to the heartbeat actors for years of pleasure
petsie boy 221155 12:13am Sat 16 Oct
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