12 May 2021  | 
Holby City Comments
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Worse as time goes on
Used to be interesting, each week a new condition or illness making the public aware it exists and a little of the characters now its all intrigue and surgoens sabotaging patients. A few ward orderlys would be more like real life, as there are hardly any real nurses on real wards.
Witchone 10:22pm Thu 15 Apr
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Bring back some joy
I’m not sure if there are new writers but Holby is now so glum. Everyone is grieving arguing or nasty with terribly sad storylines. Please bring back some joy and some good news stories. I’ve watched Holby from the start but I’ve not enjoyed it for some months.
Lisa Bexley 11:27pm Wed 3 Mar
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Not really understanding why masks are not worn at all times, held in hands, touched etc. in what is suppose to be a hospital setting during the Covid 19 pandemic?
Donning and doffing 10:13pm Tue 26 Jan
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Psycho doctor
You are betraying a dangers psycho doctor when patients are going into operations having watching your program. This is not only sickening but total disregard for your viewers. It needs to end now.
Monty 8:30pm Tue 28 Jul
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Please tell me where there is a hospital that has dramatic episodes every day about its staff. To think the 30 years I worked in one was spent looking after the sick while our lives were so mundane and boring ..........cue the violins!
jenB 10:18am Wed 12 Jun
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Pathetic drivel
The writers have obviously lost the plot completely. The current story line is pathetic. Dom and his story are unbelievable! I can't watch it anymore.
Disappointed 7:35pm Tue 11 Jun
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Mummies boy
Holby is supposed to be about a hospital not about one character and his unrealistic life. Enough of Dom,Mummy 1 and Mummy 2 and the wooden top boyfriend. A long break for them please.
Mo 7:40am Sat 8 Jun
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Dom character
Totally unconvincing doctor. Acts likes petulant child!
jenB 11:09pm Tue 4 Jun
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Previous Comment
I agree.I stopped watching Casualy a few years ago because of the storylines.
A.P. 9:52pm Tue 4 Jun
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I watched this programme for many years but it is now unwatchable. I am sick and tired of Dominic and the story lines about his pathetic love life. It used to be brilliant and Casualty is so much better now. Sack the story writer and get rid of Dom, please.
SueW 7:58pm Tue 4 Jun
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This programme has turned into the Dom show every bloody week it's him or his real mother is there any other actors on this show?
Lisa 7:02pm Tue 4 Jun
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Toe Curling
After watching for over 20 years I can no longer watch the drivel of ridiculous storylines and am utterly sick of Dominic. The actors are demeaning themselves. Change the scriptwriter immediately please and bring the old Holby back!
Joan B 10:03am Fri 31 May
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Can we please have a break from Dominic centred story lines please? There have been soooo many and there are far more interesting characters (Jac Naylor for one).
SooBroo 11:42am Tue 28 May
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Lee Mead
He is a terrible actor, wooden and unconvincing. Thought we had seen the back of him.
jenB 7:31pm Tue 14 May
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why advertise it at 8 pm, when it doesn't start until 3 minutes past
oscar 7:06pm Tue 14 May
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Bare below elbows
Not sure who the medical advisers are but tonight's episode sees Rick Griffin tending a patient in a suit jacket. Gold standard infection and prevention practice is for all clinicians to adopt bare below elbows principles. This is basic practice Holby City please get it right!!
Annon 11:00pm Tue 7 May
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Please stop this sulking story it’s pathetic. In fact most of them should be thought over again before putting us through watching it.
Nan40 8:38pm Tue 23 Apr
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Prev comm
I have the same thoughts. He is like a petulant child and nothing like a trained medic. He always sulks and stomps about. Carol his non- biological mother is away with the fairies too! Fairies oops.
jenB 8:26pm Tue 23 Apr
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spoilt child
dominic storyline is once again a miserable tale. He is the only one in the universe and everyone should see how important he is. The script writer is insistent on keeping this miserable character on going. In a normal working environment he would have been shown the door by now.
p.off 7:39pm Tue 23 Apr
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Should surgeons be talking about personal stuff or anything while they are in the middle of operating. Oh dear hit a blood vessel again....panic stations!
mazza 8:49pm Wed 20 Mar
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Holby city
Very poor in the last year unbelievable story lines too much personnel lives issues becoming boring
Granville 10:28am Thu 7 Feb
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What a waste of time. Too many patients known to the doctors and as for Sacha!! Would you really put your life in his hands. Gave up after ten minutes. Used to love this show but no more
Pathetic 5:44pm Sat 5 Jan
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Want to say how much my husband and I enjoyed tonight's episode. Brilliant storylines, brilliant acting - thank you.
Lyninstraiton 11:55pm Wed 2 Jan
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Do they have the same scriptwriters as Corrie and Eastenders? The lunatics are taking over the asylum.
Scary 8:44pm Tue 2 Jan
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Thurs night episode
What a load of tripe. The writers need to go a find a job writing garbage for the Labour party press office.
Crn 8:47pm Thu 7 Dec
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love the Holby, please could you let me know where Sasha Levy gets his shirt from in particular the father Christmas please?
Hayward 9:34pm Mon 28 Dec
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I also have watched it from day one. The story lines then were fab but 2night I'm watching Football . Stupid storys terrible acting . Never thought I would say enough is enough
Tammycat 7:42pm Tue 9 Dec
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Is anyone listening?
Reading through months of comments about the poor state of Holby City ( once a favourite), nothing seems to changing for the better.Either improve or put it out of its misery. Dreadful acting, story lines and characters.
Lizzymint 9:04am Thu 9 Oct
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Two different programmes
what a bad show this week. Appalling directing and even worse sound recording. It's as if there are two different shows; one with reasonable storylines and acceptable acting. The other was this week. Bad bad bad. Overacted and pantomemic. What a shame.
Cantliz 4:29pm Wed 8 Oct
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jamjarjan 1
You would be surprised how health professionals interact with each other..........doctors are no longer gods!
ria b 8:50am Wed 8 Oct
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Professor Hope
Does anyone else notice how absolutely impossible a top professor would lower himself chatting to a nurse about a new project
jamjarjan1 8:35pm Tue 7 Oct
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SOS - please save holby!
Long time viewers about to give up - transfusion of new writer urgently needed - life support for Digby & co should be turned off. Hannsen, Spence, Malik & Chantelle sadly missed.
Valerie K 11:01am Sun 7 Sep
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The Essie Storyline
Is completely ridiculous. COMPLETELY ridiculous. If Sacha doesn't mind dating her, why on god's green earth would his kids have a problem with it.
Donna 4:22pm Thu 21 Aug
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Helen Flanagan
PLEASE NO she was awful in Corrie now I have to watch her mingling with the likes of Connie and Jac, horrible over acting spoilt brat
jamjarjan 4:05pm Fri 15 Aug
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constant bickering
If I ever find myself on a ward where the staff are forever at each others throats at the bedside then please put me out of my misery now!
ria b 10:47pm Tue 5 Aug
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Seriously considering giving up watching
When you get into a TV show you begin to care about the characters. None of them now stand a chance. Looming tragedy, doomed relationships and personal and professional disaster. All downs, no ups. Spare yourselves.
SRP 10:20pm Tue 5 Aug
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Every week the same thing-Doctors and Nurses sex lives. Last nights show was going too far. If this is to continue it should be show after the watershed. Also a doctor behaving in the way Dr Tressler did dancing around at a patients bedside he would be dismissed. How are they supposed to concentrate on saving lives with their personal issues going on all the time
unbelievable 2:17pm Thu 3 Jul
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i can not believe how much Holby City has gone down hill this past year, i have loved and watched it for years apart from the old characters the new ones are boring and story lines weak, i am enjoying Casualty more now especially since Connie has returned the characters are much stronger and still a medical drama Holby is now a soap,with unbelievable characters. Please change your writers and maybe cross over Connie a few times after all she had some story lines still open with Jac and Elliot,and Spence i know he is coming back but only for a few weeks so he can say goodbye.
Ria 12:34pm Thu 3 Jul
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Have been watching holby for a long time and I am now at the stage of take it or leave it. The new docs are so unbelievable, I am glad I don't have to go there for treatment. It's a medical drama not a love story. Please up your game
Last chance 12:46am Sat 28 Jun
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I hAve watched Holby for many years and loved it. However now storylines are now ridiculous and none of the actors have any charisma., especially Mo and the Scottish nurse. I have stopped watching. Bring back Connie!
Moni 3:16pm Tue 10 Jun
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Boring Holby
PLEASE bring back Guy Henry and Hari Dhillon . Needs more gravitas rather than frivolous plots
Melvyn84 8:15pm Tue 3 Jun
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Holby is crap now
I have watched Holby since it started and enjoyed it until this year. The characters and story lines are really poor I am not going to watch or record any more eposides. Feel like I've lost a good friend!!
Mooty 11:57pm Fri 9 May
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What a delight to have her back, she is, to me, absolutely stunning, please keep her.
Jan 7:39pm Tue 6 May
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Please Up Your Game
Jesse looks promising. Bring back Michael Spence! And Mr T! Oust Dominic, please. And what is with the ridiculous storyline with Jonny and Jac? Jonny used to be a good character and now we're supposed to believe he fell in love with Bonnie (no chemistry translated to screen), was to marry her and then she died (and we are supposed to believe the grief?!) The audience didn't care about Bonnie because she was written as a poor plot contrivance.
Loyal but Losing Faith 4:51pm Fri 2 May
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New cast members
Sorry to say but Holby City is now so boring with all these young irritating characters. I used to love watching it but now can't be bothered. Please bring in some strong older interesting characters to bring this once excellent program back to life!!
Flo 8:55pm Thu 1 May
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What on Earth?
What on earth is happening to Holby ? Please more plausible plots and also no more psycho staff..
MagsC 2:29pm Tue 29 Apr
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Joe MacFadden
I love Holby homever I'm afraid I can't 'warm' to Joe MacFadden's character 'Raf.' To be honest he's not a very good actor!. I cringe at his performance!
Trisha 9:11am Wed 16 Apr
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Holby needs a spell in ICU
Very disappointed with my favourite programme. Implausible plots and shallow characters at the moment. Bring back Hanssen and Spence - pay Guy Henry and Hari Dhillon whatever they want. Ditch Dominic and Guy and take the long game in building up Harry, Zosia and Arthur. Jac and elliot still great. Make the best use of them!
Holbyfan 5:38pm Tue 15 Apr
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I only started watching Holby a few months ago and am addicted. I did like Henrik but the current cast are fabulous and I love Zosia and Digby, I like Adele and Mo's relationship. Can't imagine what else to see on Tuesday nights.
Cloudbaby 11:23am Mon 7 Apr
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What has happened to Holby?
Have been A keen regular watcher of Holby City, but I am sorry, the story lines are becoming implausible and unbelievable. Staff having personal debates and arguments in front of patients would not happen. Along with the operation on the future brother in law in a matter of half a day was so unbelievable and again would not happen in today's NHS. Don't think I will want to watch Holby again.
Seabird 7:20pm Sun 6 Apr
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