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Holby City Comments
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I've had enough
I watch one soap type drama -Holby City. I found it a way to unwind with relatively believable stories. No more. It is at best science fiction, at worst drivel. When will the writers realise they are losing their loyal, long-term viewers?
Old fan 5:42pm Thu 15 Nov
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Totally unrealistic
An incredibly stupid episode. And I fear the story line is not yet over.
Dave 9:07pm Tue 13 Nov
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Pardon me if I thought I was watching an episode of Poirot. Who on earth is seeing to the patients while all this is going on? Last time I heard the NHS was understaffed.
Jlo 9:02pm Tue 13 Nov
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Never thought I'd see a Frankenstein monster in a british nhs hospital. When is he going to return to his crypt? Then we can get back to normality.
gina 10:21pm Fri 12 Oct
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Ditch entire Gaskell arc.
Holby used to be good involving and believable drama. This whole Gaskell story arc is such unutterable garbage. The sooner they can write this completely unbelievable character out of the picture entirely the better. I get "suspension of disbelief" in drama but this is beyond stupid. When did Holby turn into yet another Australian soap?
DaveB 9:39pm Fri 12 Oct
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Good one Jac, you take care of Sasha, we all love him and he needs your help. Dont let him do any thing we will all regret
Jan 8:00pm Tue 2 Oct
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Lock In Syndrom
It must be absolutely horrendous, a real nightmare for the sufferer. This has made me think about a condition I never eally imagined. Too painful to watch so get it done with please
lila 9:07pm Wed 26 Sep
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Stem cell story
Is anyone else bored bored bored of the story behind the stem cell and the professor being rogue? I have watched holby since it first ever started and this is really boring me. Been going for far too long, more like an episode of murder she wrote! Get a grip - how long are you trying to drag out the story? Don't you have any other ideas?
Genna 8:19pm Wed 26 Sep
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Even More Bizarre
Wtf with all the flashbacks? Btw would the young Roxanna have thinning granny hair? Get back to the nice hospital programme about patients on a ward.....that would be a novelty! If not it should be renamed The Holby Doctors of LaLaLand.
gina 4:59pm Wed 19 Sep
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Well what a stupid story line and completely insensitive to anyone who has locked in syndrome. Get back to what Holby does best .
Hazza 9:02am Wed 19 Sep
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Previous comments
I too have watched from the start but gave up a couple of weeks ago when the Sasha storyline started. Surprised his character has lasted so long.
Ex fan 10:51pm Tue 18 Sep
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Going from bad to worse. Have watched this from the start but really!!!! Only decent one in it now is Jack....bring the old cast back before everyone switches off!!!!!
Tyson 9:23pm Tue 18 Sep
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Used to love Holby but tonight’s story where the nutty prof has caused locked-in syndrome on the Doctor was, quite fankly, disturbing and unrealistic. Miss the days of Mo, Eliot, Oliver etc. I’m gutted as it’s one of a few programs I enjoy on TV these days!
Loubee 8:21pm Tue 18 Sep
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Far too complicated and difficult to follow
alemap 8:17pm Tue 18 Sep
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Holby City hits rock bottom
Surely the whole UK will give up watching after tonight’s dreadful episode. Seeing the stream of poor feedback looks like no one is taking comments on board. Bye bye Holby!
CW 8:13pm Tue 18 Sep
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Tonight episode
OMG What a terrible storyline tonight,so boring,who or which doc do that? Get real
T4vuk 8:04pm Tue 18 Sep
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The would be whistleblower is knocked down by a scatty doctor driver. How very convenient for the mad professor. Pardon me if I thought I had been watching Midsomer Murders.
gina 6:02pm Wed 12 Sep
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What is going on? Boring, boring, boring, stem cell storyline and cast! It's terrible. Get back to the wards with the real stories and blow the stem cell lab up.
Susie 8:00am Wed 12 Sep
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Ex fan
Agree. That professor with the experiments looks positively evil too.
gina 3:42pm Wed 5 Sep
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Give up
Been watching from the start but am about to give up. Fed up with Fletch's family storyline as if hospital would allow his children to roam the hospital on weekly basis. Also the experimental ops! Having attended various hospitals Iover the years I have yet to meet anyone I know. But it's a regular occurrence in Holtby. Time to say goodbye.
Ex fan 2:18pm Wed 5 Sep
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Been watching Holby from day one but it is so poor now with the never ending poor story lines and too much emphasis on Gay story lines and extremely poor story lines I can see this being shelved
Puddycat 6:01am Wed 25 Jul
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Find a cure
Does anyone of importance from the show read these comments. Poor Holby is terminally ill. The F1's are awful, The neuro surgeon is awfull and the sidekick is dreadful, such poor acting, and the writing is abyssmal. For goodness sake give it an injection of quality. Bring back Mo, Joseph anyone, but get rid of the limp actors, and get some gritty writers. I could do better.
nurse 10:01pm Tue 3 Jul
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Bored and switched off
Whoever changed writers, get the good ones back. Get rid of the F1's and bring back the top characters. If it continues to be as dull as it is it'll be axed within double-quick time. Watched and enjoyed for years but crap for months now!
Bored fan sign's-off 8:06pm Wed 27 Jun
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Glad jac is back
Stories lines are boring but some of the old cast coming back.do the medical advisors know that f1's are only in departments for 4 months hint hint.
Ingrid2 5:02pm Thu 14 Jun
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Silly stories
Whatever is happening to Holby? Ive switched off again this week. Ridiculous storylines, and those two F1's. Really??? Thank goodness Gaskell isnt in it this week , I would have turned off earlier.
Nannyjack 7:32pm Tue 22 May
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Ditch Holby!
Totally given up on this now. Used to watch it every week, and record it if I was away. Loved it! But all the good characters have gone and the story lines are so unbelievably boring and dull. Time the BBC ditched Holby altogether!
exholbyfan 11:52am Mon 14 May
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Good this weeks episode
Much better this weeks story line good, to see the favorite stars ,had nearly given up on Holby,been watching for years
Hatter 8:10pm Tue 8 May
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Previous comment
I totally agree. Yet another child actor given an adult roll. It was painful to watch. As if he would be allowed to speak to senior nursing staff the way he did!! And as for doctors etc turning up for work with a hangover!!
Unbelievable 9:25pm Tue 1 May
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Sack the writers bring back old cast
OMG! I've watched holby for years & now finding myself falling asleep whilst it's on, it's absolutely awful, bring back Oliver, Zocia, Elliott, jac etc, sick of it, it's lost its magic
Bored holby fan 7:36pm Tue 1 May
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Off the boil
Used to love watching Holly but the great cast have mostly gone and the storyline has got ridiculous
AB 5:48pm Tue 17 Apr
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Boring far fetched storylines.
Bored of the far fetched story lines especially Mr Gaskells! I used to look forward to watching Holby but now tend to switch over to watch something more entertaining!
Bored 7:51pm Tue 10 Apr
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Started Watching ITV instead
After watching Holby since the beginning and looking forward to the next episode each week I am now completely bored of the Mr Gaskell and his side kick's storyline. BORED BORED BORED Zzzzzzz!!!
Sonny 2014 7:12pm Tue 10 Apr
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Completely baffling!
I have watched Holby for years and on the whole enjoyed it until recently. For the past few months it's got increasing heavy going. Tedious and implausible storylines. I'm actually left completely baffled after the latest episode. What on earth was/is it all about??? This show is in desperate need of new writers/likeable characters/more believable storylines etc. On the verge of giving up on Holby altogether!
Tanna 9:37pm Mon 2 Apr
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Holby City What the hell?
Sack the scriptwriters now. What an insult to our intelligence with the plot lines getting more ridiculous every week. A once great series is now a joke Wake up before you lose all your viewers
Mo 9:29am Wed 28 Mar
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Thought it couldn't get any worse
Having endured an endless stream of increasingly ridiculous events I have to admit defeat and can no longer bear to watch - doctors and nurses who seem to be able to simply leave without giving notice, a surgeon secretly delivering a child in a car park, a steady exodus of the most interesting characters, now completely out of the blue without any pre planning an unnamed unknown patient has every vital organ removed!! I cannot watch any more - I give in - the war on viewers has gained another victim.
ex watcher 8:08pm Tue 27 Mar
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The bloody Oliver valentine saga fgs really ?? Allowed near an operating theatre and getting hold of hospital equipment showing a patients operation and wearing uniform when he is supposed to be a patient himself who writes this tripe this is now beyond boring and ridiculous not watching anymore utter crap!!
Tpoff 7:42pm Tue 27 Mar
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More implausable cr.p!
don'tbelieveallyouread 10:03pm Wed 7 Feb
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Holby City/Casualty
British drama at its best. Superb telly!
Ya 7:05pm Wed 7 Feb
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Stem cell tedium
OK, stem cell stuff amazing. In real life. Don't watch HC for genius BORING operations and deadpan weird doctor. With creepy "wet lab". Getting well boring now and pretty depression tbh. I have a job for all that! It's a soap - need a bit of chemistry between actors and some fun! Going to give it another couple of weeks then I'm off.
Mellyx 12:22am Thu 1 Feb
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Holby City
For goodness sake stop all this violence now in nearly all soaps. Very very boring going back and forth between prison and hospital. Its suppose to be a hospital drama do NOT want to see threatening violence in a prison.
Me 7:31pm Sat 6 Jan
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"The new soap drama. Anything the others can do we can do better" How's that for a spot of advertising??
don'tbelieveallyouread 8:44am Wed 3 Jan
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Ricky/Prison + inmates
Having watched Holby for years I did not like Pre xmas when shootings, deaths & losing very popular actors. Now so boring & uninteresting to watch Ric & inmates & warders & stopped watching near end as so bored. keep switching from prison/Ric then back to Oliver was so tedious! Finished with series!
Betty 9:15pm Tue 2 Jan
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Do they have the same scriptwriters as Corrie and Eastenders? The lunatics are taking over the asylum.
Scary 8:44pm Tue 2 Jan
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Tues 2 december
Now we’re in prison. Ric needs to go. Lots of the good actors now gone or dead. Story writing poor in recent weeks.
Pc 8:23pm Tue 2 Jan
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Thurs night episode
What a load of tripe. The writers need to go a find a job writing garbage for the Labour party press office.
Crn 8:47pm Thu 7 Dec
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Turning off
After watching this programme since it started I'm now switching off as it's joining emmerdale/eastenders and Corrie on the dreadful unbelievable ridiculous storyline bandwagon the writers of this also are infactuated with the gay thing so rip holby you have joined the compost heap!!!
Ughhhhh 5:06pm Tue 17 Oct
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Politically Correct but boring
Face it, the BBC has an agenda to follow with tick boxes for PC stories - this means to Hell with the plot so long as we are forced to watch the requisite politically correct storyline.
Sandy 4:21pm Thu 25 May
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Lord have mercy - ANOTHER weird gay situation!!
Jed 5:38pm Wed 24 May
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hobly city
it is very powerful and it tells people different aspect of the doctors life's and patients as well
R 3:52pm Tue 9 May
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same sex
do we have to put up with this same sex trash, I,ve had enough, where is the off switch
oscar 8:33pm Tue 11 Apr
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