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Why has it stopped giving house on sky atlantic at 6:00pm???
May 3:50am Boxing Day
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Nick Know-alls is back building another house
Yuck 1:00pm Fri 27 Sep
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Mumbling nasality
declan88 9:47pm Thu 29 Mar
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Was brilliant...
Superb and one of my favourite programs on tv but has let me down the past 2 or 3 series. Thing is american shows which are really impressive don't know when to call it quits, e.g. scrubs, 24, etc etc. Quit while you're ahead and not when the show has been completely killed off
Efcdan92 3:41pm Mon 4 Jul
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Wrong date & time?!
Keep checking Sky2 and at 8pm on Fri 4th it's Road Wars?! When is this episode on????? Help!
House Fan 6:54am Wed 2 Feb
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house, my ars.
damn poop
carl hipperson 3:41pm Boxing Day
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Bring House back to 5!
House was the only show I actually enjoyed on Five. I was so dissappointed when it wasn't on today.
Glyn 3:16pm Tue 10 Aug
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Jimmy Nail
There no faking ascents my friend, his accent is very good for the region he is originating from, on top of that his accent is consistent throughput 7 series a sign of an excellent actor!
Jesse V 1:05pm Wed 21 Jul
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One of the best TV shows out there
This show just makes me laugh so hard! Hugh Laurie is so good in Dr House. His dry humor and sacasm make my Friday!!!
freEerf 1:11am Mon 26 Apr
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Truly Brilliant
I love House! It's a show of sarcasm!
JohnnyDeppLover 6:03pm Wed 27 Jan
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House is Superb!
Hugh Laurie is truly a genious playing this character. I watch as many as I can. Brilliant scripts! All together Cool!!!
No 1 fan 4:24pm Mon 18 Jan
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I often wondered...
I could never get into House. People faking accents generally grates, but I tried it recently and it is a decent program. Wouldn't say it was one of the greats, but definitely better than Eastenders. Pretty formulaic though, although I suppose people like that sort of familiarity and repetition as they can relate to it more.
Jimmy Nail 2:58pm Tue 5 Jan
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Sad times
I love house and used to watch it every week and now they have piut it on sky which I dont have. All the ones on digital are repeats and I want to see the new season. WHY?!
Natalie. 12:25pm Tue 1 Sep
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house looses mind and gets put in a mental hospital in the finale
yy 3:08am Mon 29 Jun
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sky is getting house! i dnt get sky!!!! ahhhh!
lily 7:51pm Fri 22 May
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These two episodes save the entire season 4!
House's Head and Wilson's Heart were the best in the forth season, I think, and saved the entire season.
LukeW 2:02pm Sat 16 May
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Watch House
House Fan 6:40pm Tue 28 Apr
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Thanks for Hugh!
I'm from the U.S. and I have to thank the British for giving us Hugh Laurie! A great actor who brings Dr.House to life. Terrific show and i'm glad to hear that you get it across the pond!
River Shark 9:49pm Thu 19 Mar
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channel five have got the mentalist instead so we wont get house till summer/autumn!!!! i am very upset right now!
Lily 9:05pm Thu 19 Mar
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I miss House!
I totally agree with 'Me', the new team are not as good as the old one but the show is excellent and i cried like a baby at season 4 episode 16, lol. But now i'm desperate to see the next season. Any1 know when thats airing in the UK?
xJx 10:38am Thu 19 Feb
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Best TV of 2008
Our very own Hugh Laurie continues to impress Stateside. Somehow, he manages to make a doctor that’s completely void of bedside manner into a loveable character. It’s still winning awards after five seasons so we’re clearly not the only ones who love this show.
TVGuide 2:08am Sat 20 Dec
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wot is going on! I'm too naive for this world!
mid age mummy types don't pay for stuff like that NO SHE LOOKS LIKE MY MUM! It's too wrong yuk
chez 2:08pm Sun 16 Nov
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NJ was my home
I lived in Lambertville N.J. for many years back from the mid 60's til '73 and I NEVER saw any thing as fine looking as that hospital in Trenton!!!! Glad to see that it has come up in the world. It is only 30mins from Princeton university.
kp 9:18pm Sat 8 Nov
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house episode on line
why do you offer to see the episodes on line when in truth the connection is always broken? Just take the option off of the page.
kp 9:14pm Sat 8 Nov
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house is back in january but i don't no that for sure
amy 2:09pm Sat 4 Oct
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Season 5
Anyone know when season 5 is going to be on 5? Really miss Dr. G House he is fab! I love how even though his original team no longer work for him he still goes to them and the new 'team' uses them to find out how to handle whatever crazy idea house has at the time. Please please tell me when season 5 comes back?1
Desperate for s.5 12:48am Mon 29 Sep
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house =)
house is cool!! if only he was real (im not as sad as i sound, promise!) i missed all the new episodes though, i had to choose between house and heroes.... if only i had sky+1
hmmm 9:58pm Thu 18 Sep
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season 4
has been on tv already but they'll probably repeat it at some point
Dan 5:05pm Wed 17 Sep
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House season
I all I got into house late and having bought the DVD's for series 1-3 want to know when season 4 is going to be on TV, anybody know?
nasher 7:26pm Tue 16 Sep
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Thats ok
good to be of some help!
Lola 8:40pm Fri 12 Sep
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thanks for the advice
Wow Lola, thanks for the advice, i'd never have thought of that.
tilly B 5:38pm Mon 8 Sep
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Better than most
Hugh Laurie makes House worth livng in..without him, his great american accent and killer lines it would be a house of cards...it would tumble down amoung the beautiful sidekicks trying to look great but puzzled/irritated/shocked/ amazed. Not bad for a Cambridge rower!
Prince George the thickie 9:50pm Tue 2 Sep
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Tilly is silly
i think house is amazing...if you don't like the show, heres an idea- dont watch it!
Lola 1:07pm Sat 30 Aug
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frodo is right!
I think Frodo is right. House is just another bog standard american "drama" that is designed for people with average intelligence who think they are in some exclusive club of telly smarts.
tilly B 7:35pm Thu 28 Aug
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flight of frodo is silly!
her/his comment is silly, house is amazing, who cares if the writers came up with his character by elimination...what the hell?!
Lola 4:25pm Wed 27 Aug
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What an idiotic comment the one below is! Okay, so that might of happened, the chances that it did are so unfavourable that you simply wasted your time writing all that. Dear me.
Nickname 2:39am Sat 23 Aug
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house of pain
the show is not that bad, but the premise is simply the result of a script writers game of elimination. the thinking went something like this... OK so we need a new medical drama for our network. The central character has to be distinctive. Ok how about young, a teenage doctor, no been done with Dougie H. Ok how about a women? no plenty of dramas with female leads, well if it's a man we've got to make him distinctive. great, but how? How about a genius, yeah a genius, but with a weaknesses, yeah thats great. lets make him blind, no that won't work. deaf? no can see the ratings go down and Americans don't like to see that sort of thing. OK, lets make him mildly disabled, yeah, what about a limp, that won't offend anyone, that'll be fine, great and his got to be grouchy, yeah thats great, a genus doctor with a limp who's grouchy, I don't think anyone else has done that combination yet.
flight of frodo 5:56pm Mon 18 Aug
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House = Holmes
Its true House is "based" on Holmes. Creator David Shore has said so in the past in interviews. As for who is Moriarty, that was the name of the man who shot House at the end of season 2. Though he was never named out loud the name on his Medical chart is Moriarty. Also Wilson is clear Watson.
Reonack 5:32pm Sun 17 Aug
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I think that Chase, Cameron and Foreman were better than the new team but i love the show
Me 4:15pm Thu 14 Aug
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Greg House md
You would think a bigger channel would have picked up such a genius show.
House 4:39pm Sun 3 Aug
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mani 4:47pm Sun 20 Jul
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I thort...
that the new doctors were good i especially like 13 and the season finale was AMAZING
Oona 7:52pm Sat 19 Jul
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House is absolutely amazing. Im not a fan of the new doctors they brought in, but House still rocks!
Grant 7:06pm Fri 11 Jul
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House rawks! Amazing that I enjoy it even when I don't know what they're on about half the time :D
wooter 1:16pm Thu 10 Jul
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Our house
In the middle of dah street.. SING ALONG!
I read the Daily FAIL 9:27pm Thu 3 Jul
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House = Holmes
He also has the same address!
McDonalds McMuffin 8:38pm Thu 3 Jul
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Is your House a Ho(l)me ...
I read somewhere recently that it's called "House" by the producer(s) because the show's stories are based on the same mystery-suspense genre as good old Sherlock Holmes (ie "home(s)" == "house"). Kind of a tribute to Sir Arthur Conan Doyle. The bad guys in this case are the illnesses/infections or whatever. Holmes played the violin ... House plays the piano. Not sure who is supposed to be the equivalent of "Moriarty" though .... And you can take your pick as to who's Dr. Watson .....
Sherlock House 5:12pm Thu 3 Jul
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Fred Forsythe...
Have you ever watched this? It is because the doctor is named Gregory House! I think House is amazing... It is witty and I love Hugh Laurie's dry humour. Go House!
Beth x 8:08pm Thu 26 Jun
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Why is the show called House? I do not understand. They surly work in a hospital. Why, therefore, is it not called Hospital? Please, i need to know!
Fred Forsythe 9:25am Thu 26 Jun
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Lisa Edelstein lapdancing...
yes, in the last two episodes !
boomba 3:48am Thu 26 Jun
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